2019-05-29  arata, mizukiAdd argument haddock for `copy` and `move` (#247) master
2019-05-17  Ryan ScottAllow building with semigroups-0.19 (#246)
2019-04-30  Carter Tazio... relax bounds and do the ryan style fix so that older...
2019-04-18  Carter Tazio... make semantics consistent for monad Fail on boxed vectors
2019-04-18  Carter Tazio... cleaning up redundant import warnings warning-prune
2019-04-18  Carter Tazio... remove auto formatting of imports
2019-04-08  Ryan ScottAdapt to MonadFail-related changes in base-4.13
2019-03-20  Ryan ScottMore Travis fixes
2019-03-20  Ryan ScottUpdate .travis.yml
2019-02-14  Ryan ScottClean up benchmark code slightly with criterion-1.5...
2019-01-14  Matt PeddieAdd NFData1 instances for vector types. (#233)
2018-12-28  ratijasDOC: fix typo (#234)
2018-12-10  AndreasPKUpdate vector-benchmarks. (#219)
2018-11-08  Hans-Peter... Document all instances of `slice` properly (#227)
2018-10-27  idontgetoutmuchFix incorrect coercion
2018-10-09  recursion-ninjaImproving efficiency & compatibility of traverse implem...
2018-07-18  Ryan ScottAugment changelog
2018-07-10  Ryan ScottAllow base-4.12
2018-07-01  Ryan ScottTravis tweaks
2018-07-01  Ryan ScottTravis: Use GHC 8.6.1
2018-06-03  Ryan ScottUse GHC 8.4.3 on Travis
2018-04-20  Ryan ScottUse GHC 8.4.2 on Travis
2018-04-04  Andy MorrisAdd new Data instances for immutable vectors (#205)
2018-03-08  Ryan ScottFully enable GHC 8.4.1 on Travis
2018-03-08  Ryan ScottAllow QuickCheck-2.11
2018-02-12  Aleksey KhudyakovAdd unboxed instances for all remaining base data types...
2018-01-30  tom-bopFix typo ("permtuation"->"permutation") (#201)
2018-01-22  Ryan ScottTry only using TESTTARGETS
2018-01-21  Ryan ScottDon't pass TESTTARGETS to --disable-tests
2018-01-21  Ryan ScottAt least run -O0 tests on problematic GHCs
2018-01-19  Markus HauckAdd argument haddock for `move` (#190)
2018-01-18  Andrés Sicard... Bumped upper version bound for base. (#197)
2018-01-18  Ryan ScottUpgrade multi-ghc-travis–generated .travis.yml to use...
2017-12-29  Bertram Felgenhauerfix typo in construct[r]N examples (#193)
2017-10-05  Fumiaki KinoshitaAdd Unbox instances for Identity and Const (#185)
2017-08-20  M Farkas-Dyckmake Data.Vector.Generic.Base.Mutable injective (#160)
2017-07-23  dolioMerge pull request #180 from basile-henry/master
2017-07-21  Basile HenryFix maxIndexBy to be similar to maximumBy in the EQ...
2017-07-21  Basile HenryTest maximumBy, minimumBy, maxIndexBy, and minIndexBy
2017-07-17  Basile HenryFix maximumBy comparison
2017-07-04  dolioMerge pull request #176 from andrewthad/partitionWith
2017-06-18  Andrew Martinadd more build tool artifacts to gitignore (#177)
2017-06-17  Andrew Martinadd tests for partitionWith and export it from Data...
2017-06-16  Andrew MartinImplement partitionWith
2017-05-03  dolioMerge pull request #168 from mihaimaruseac/patch-1
2017-05-01  Mihai MaruseacRemove the error, make the division be at least a divis...
2017-05-01  Mihai MaruseacSolve #167
2017-04-19  dolioMerge pull request #161 from erikd/master
2017-04-05  Erik de Castro... Make it build with ghc 8.2
2017-03-13  Dan DoelBump version and document changes
2017-02-25  Ryan ScottInclude modules that test-suites depend on in other...
2017-02-18  dolioMerge pull request #155 from takano-akio/inline-length
2017-02-17  Takano AkioMake sure that 'length' can be inlined (Fixes #97)
2017-01-07  dolioMerge pull request #151 from dolio/master
2017-01-07  Dan DoelMore changelog
2017-01-07  Dan DoelMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2017-01-07  dolioMerge pull request #150 from IQHQ/master
2017-01-07  dolioMerge pull request #149 from phadej/lifted
2017-01-05  Oliver BuntingRemoves RealFloat type constraint from Complex instance...
2017-01-04  Oleg GrenrusUpdate changelog
2017-01-04  Oleg GrenrusAdd Show1 and Read1 Vector instances
2017-01-04  Oleg GrenrusAdd Data.Vector.Generic.eqBy and cmpBy
2017-01-04  Oleg GrenrusAdd Eq1 and Ord1 Vector
2017-01-03  Dan DoelAdd 0.12 changelong
2016-12-18  Dan DoelCorrect tested-with list
2016-10-02  dolioMerge pull request #136 from dolio/master gh142
2016-08-28  Dan DoelModify GenUnboxTuple to not generate warnings
2016-08-28  Dan DoelAdd basicInitialize to GenUnboxTuple
2016-08-17  Ryan ScottRevert "Correct semigroups conditional version bounds...
2016-08-16  Ryan ScottCorrect semigroups conditional version bounds (#134)
2016-08-11  dolioMerge pull request #131 from sergv/unit-tests-for-alignment
2016-07-29  dolioMerge pull request #130 from Shimuuar/uniq
2016-07-28  Sergey VinokurovAdd unit tests for alignment of storable vectors
2016-07-28  Alexey KhudyakovAdd test
2016-07-28  Alexey KhudyakovAdd uniq function
2016-07-28  Dan DoelIncrement major version
2016-07-28  Dan DoelMerge pull request #53: Replace macros with ConstraintKinds
2016-07-28  Dan DoelFix conflicts in pull request #53
2016-07-28  dolioMerge pull request #41 from Shimuuar/iterate-unfold
2016-07-28  dolioMerge pull request #129 from fhaust/monadzip
2016-07-26  Florian Hofmannadded missing imports
2016-07-26  Florian Hofmannfixed tests, added more version guards
2016-07-25  Alexey KhudyakovAdd tests for unfoldr{N,NM}
2016-07-25  Alexey KhudyakovEnable tests for unfoldr,unfoldrM
2016-07-25  Alexey KhudyakovAdd tests for iterateM and unfoldrM
2016-07-25  Alexey KhudyakovAdd monadic variant for unfoldr
2016-07-25  Alexey KhudyakovAdd monadic variant of iterate
2016-07-25  Florian Hofmannadded MonadZip Vector instance and base version guard
2016-07-25  dolioMerge pull request #128 from dolio/master
2016-07-25  Dan DoelAdd a Wall flag to enable all warnings, if desired
2016-07-24  Dan DoelMerge pull request #90: Document mutable-copy's arguments
2016-07-24  Dan DoelFix conflict in Storable module
2016-07-24  dolioMerge pull request #127 from dolio/master
2016-07-24  Dan DoelFlip test run condition
2016-07-24  Dan DoelMissed a spot for disabling tests
2016-07-24  Dan DoelTry disabling tests on 7.10.3 (takes too long to build)
2016-07-24  Dan DoelEnable tests now that they should be fixed.
2016-07-24  Dan DoelMerge branch 'master' into new_travis
2016-07-24  dolioMerge pull request #125 from dolio/master
2016-07-24  Dan DoelFixed indexed scanrs