Version bump 0.3.2
[packages/utf8-string.git] / utf8-string.cabal
2008-11-04  Eric MertensVersion bump 0.3.2 v0.3.2
2008-08-11  Eric Mertensupdate homepage in cabal file
2008-07-01  Don StewartPort to small-base v0.3.1.1
2008-03-09  iavor.diatchkiExpose Data.String.UTF8
2008-03-08  iavor.diatchkifix broken cabal file
2008-03-08  iavor.diatchkiAdd the generic decoding for Strict Lazy and list based...
2008-03-07  Eric MertensAdd Data.ByteString.Lazy.UTF8
2008-02-28  Eric Mertensmerge patch v0.3
2008-02-28  Eric MertensMake cabal file hackage compatible
2008-02-28  Don Stewartmore precise cabal file
2008-02-25  iavor.diatchkiUpdate cabal file: bumps version to 0.3, adds a depende...
2007-09-19  Eric Mertensbump version 0.2 v0.2
2007-07-07  Don Stewartelaborate .cabal file with missing fields
2007-07-06  emertensutf8-string.cabal: update format and license
2007-07-06  emertensChange namespaces and add more IO functions