Some more functions, and docs
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2008-03-10  iavor.diatchkiyet another wibble on the tests
2008-03-09  iavor.diatchkiYet another fix...
2008-03-09  iavor.diatchkiAn alternative fix for the "out of stack" problem
2008-03-09  iavor.diatchkiClean up test, provide a temp. solution to the "out...
2008-02-28  Eric MertensAdd comment to ByteString module and add an exhaustive...
2008-02-26  iavor.diatchkiAdd the very simple test program
2007-07-10  emertenstests/Tests.hs: define main to run HUnit tests
2007-07-09  emertenstests/Tests.hs: add test_1
2007-07-09  emertensFinished all 5 tests
2007-07-09  emertensFirst 4 UTF-8-test.txt tests in hunit
2007-07-07  Don Stewarttime decoding time too
2007-07-07  Don Stewartbenchmark GHC's decoder against ours
2007-07-07  Don Stewarttidy up test suite a bit
2007-07-06  emertenstests/tests.hs: updates tests to compile
2007-07-06  emertenstests/tests.hs: intial import