Use Safe Haskell for GHC >= 7.2
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2011-08-03  David TereiUse Safe Haskell for GHC >= 7.2
2010-04-03  Eelis van der WeegenExpose Char->[Word8] encode function.
2010-01-12  Uwe HollerbachDocumentation fixes
2009-11-16  Reinier LamersCheck upper code point limit when decoding 4-byte UTF...
2009-06-12  Eric MertensSupply missing headers for source files
2009-03-05  Sigbjorn Finne2nd try, added isUTF8Encoded predicate + utf8Encode...
2009-03-03  Sigbjorn Finneadded isUTF8Encoded predicate + utf8Encode to avoid...
2009-01-21  Eric Mertensghc 6.6 compatibility v0.3.4
2008-03-10  iavor.diatchkiUse specialized drop to avoid olding on to the beginnin...
2008-03-10  iavor.diatchkiSome more functions, and docs
2008-03-08  iavor.diatchkiSwitch another SPECIALIZE to INLINE
2008-03-08  iavor.diatchkibugfix: was using the wrongSplitAT
2008-03-08  iavor.diatchkiReplace some specialize pragmas with inlines
2008-03-08  iavor.diatchkiAdd the generic decoding for Strict Lazy and list based...
2008-02-22  iavor.diacthkiSpeed up 2 byte sequences a little.
2007-07-12  emertensCodec/Binary/UTF8/String: encodeString, decodeString
2007-07-07  Don Stewartwibble 0.1
2007-07-07  Don StewartMerge change
2007-07-06  emertensCodec/Binary/UTF8/String: encode: don't test values...
2007-07-07  Don Stewartcomments
2007-07-07  Don Stewart-Wall police, fix defaulting to Integer
2007-07-06  emertensChange namespaces and add more IO functions