remove mention of Control.Monad.IO.Class (now in base)
[packages/transformers.git] / Control /
2017-02-17  Ross Patersondeprecate Control.Monad.Trans.List
2017-02-17  Ross Patersonadd SelectT monad transformer
2017-02-16  Ross Patersonmake runAccumT a separate function
2017-02-16  Ross Patersonadd INLINE pragma
2017-02-16  Ross Patersonadd elimLift, suggested by Baldur Blöndal
2017-02-06  Ross Patersondefine (*>) = (>>) for both StateT's (#33)
2017-02-05  Ross Patersonadd eitherToErrors (#35)
2016-11-06  Ross Patersonspecialized null and length methods where possible
2016-10-19  Ross Patersonspecialize methods for ReaderT
2016-04-28  Ross Patersonsimplify return defn; consistent lazy matching; whitespace
2016-04-27  Ross Patersonrename monad transformations for consistency, and gener...
2016-04-26  nickolay.kudasovFix export list and warnings
2016-04-26  nickolay.kudasovAdd AccumT monad transformer (see #24)
2016-02-16  Ross Patersonadd INLINE pragmas
2016-02-11  Ross Patersonre-instate orphan instances Alternative (Either e)...
2016-02-11  Ross Patersondocument unusualness of contT
2016-02-11  Ross Patersondocument lift as a natural transformation in the catego...
2016-01-17  Ross PatersonRequire GHC >= 7.6 for PolyKinds (fixes #20)
2015-12-16  Ross Patersonmore uniform treatment of Read1/Show1/Read2/Show2
2015-12-16  Ross PatersonChange definitions of Read1 and Show1 to allow correct...
2015-11-25  Ross Patersonadd MonadFail instance for ContT
2015-11-25  Ross Patersonre-order methods for consistency
2015-11-24  hvrAdd `MonadFail` instances
2015-11-24  hvrCanonicalise Monad instances
2015-10-28 base bounds (for real), backport Monoid Identity...
2015-10-10 `base` lower version bounds for GHC 8.0 (it will...
2015-09-27  Ross Patersonconditionally re-instate orphan instances in Control...
2015-09-27  Ross Patersondocumentation tweak
2014-08-27  samcaldwellFix the last MonadTrans example to use IO instead of []
2015-08-15 Control.Monad.IO.Class conditionally exposed
2015-07-03  Ross Patersonfix warning
2015-06-30 build on GHC < 7.10
2015-06-21  Ross Patersonexpand definitions of Applicative and Alternative metho...
2015-06-13 use of PolyKinds
2015-05-21 modules as Safe
2015-04-24  Ross Patersonremove orphan instances from deprecated Control.Monad...
2015-04-24  Ross Patersonremove MonadZip instance from deprecated module
2015-04-23  Ross Patersonbump test for AutoDeriveTypeable to GHC 7.10, since...
2015-04-13 instaces, base- compatibility with...
2015-03-25  Ross Patersonfix warnings
2015-03-25  Ross Patersonswitch liftings of Prelude classes to use explicit...
2015-03-24  Ross Patersonfix foldr1/foldl1 for Backwards (spotted by Ryan Scott)
2015-03-08  Ross Patersonupdate email address
2015-01-20  Ross Patersontweak documentation of uniformity of liftings
2015-01-20  Ross Patersondocument uniformity conditions for lifting of operations
2015-01-08  Ross Patersonfix unused binding warning
2015-01-08  Ross Patersonremove redundant constraints
2015-01-08  Ross Patersonexpand tabs
2015-01-08  Ross Patersonfix typo in doc comment
2014-11-09  Ross Patersondefer AutoDeriveTypeable to GHC-7.10
2014-11-09  Ross Patersonadd mapLift and runErrors to Control.Applicative.Lift...
2014-08-31  Ross Patersonmfix on ExceptT and MaybeT: expand messages, consistent...
2014-08-30  Ross Patersonconsistent format for header comments
2014-08-30  Ross Patersonadd AutoDeriveTypeable for GHC >= 7.8
2014-05-06  Ross Patersonrevert to record syntax for newtypes until next major...
2014-05-05  Ross Patersonsimplify labelling example in state docs
2014-05-05  Ross Patersondoc tweaks: add example of lazy state monad, reorder...
2014-05-02  Ross Patersonchange Alternative instance for ExceptT to combine...
2014-04-30  Ross Patersonadd not on state strictness
2014-04-27  Ross Patersonadd modify', a strict version of modify
2014-04-26  Ross Patersonfix warning on strict writer
2014-04-26  Ross Patersonswitch doc examples from Error to Except
2014-04-25  Ross Patersonadd warning about strict writer
2014-04-25  Ross Patersonfix doc typos
2014-04-19  Ross Patersoncorrect CallCC signature
2014-04-19  Ross Patersonadd instance Alternative IO
2014-02-25  Ross Patersonadd ExceptT transformer and deprecate ErrorT
2014-02-25  Ross Patersonnotes on strict monads
2013-08-23  Ross Patersonfix typo
2013-08-23  Ross Patersondoc updates for MonadTrans
2013-08-22  Ross Patersontweak spacing for consistency
2013-08-14  Ross Patersonrevise MaybeT docs to speak of exiting rather than...
2013-06-18  Ross Patersontweak formatting for consistency
2013-05-27  Ross PatersonRead instances
2013-05-26  Ross Patersoneliminate record syntax for newtypes, for simpler Show...
2013-05-26  Ross Patersondocument conventions
2013-05-23  Ross Patersonformat boring instances more concisely
2013-05-23  Ross Patersonadd Eq, Ord and Show instances where possible
2013-05-23  Ross Patersonadd delimited continuations
2013-05-21  Ross Patersonstop importing Control.Monad.Instances for base >= 4.6
2012-12-09  Ross Patersonremove accidental leakage
2012-12-07  Ross Patersonadd missing file Control/Monad/Signatures.hs
2012-06-28  Ross Patersonturn off orphan warnings for Control.Monad.Trans.Error
2012-06-28  Ross Patersonavoid shadowing
2012-06-23  Ross Patersonremove superfluous imports
2012-05-23  Ross Patersonuniform formatting (no functional change)
2012-05-01  Ross Patersonintroduce type synonyms for signatures of complex opera...
2012-05-01  Ross Paterson3-layer example
2012-03-08  Ross Patersonexpand definitions of censor, gets, listens and modify...
2012-03-08  Ross Patersondoc tweaks
2012-03-04  Ross Patersonupdate doc comments
2012-02-18  Ross Patersonrename Fallback as Lift
2012-02-18  Ross Patersonidentify reader and asks
2012-01-25  Ross Patersonidentify reader and asks
2012-01-25  Ross Patersongeneralized state, reader and writer constructor functions
2012-01-25  Ross Patersonbackwards compatibility
2011-08-13  Ross Patersonfix typo reported by Patrick Palka
2011-07-23  Ross Patersonadd Fallback transformer, a generalization of Errors
2011-07-23  Ross Patersonadd Backwards/Reverse suggested by Russell O'Connor
2011-06-23  Ross Patersonfix typo reported by Yitzchak Gale