2005-04-14  ashleyconvert to Cabal
2005-04-14  ashleyMakefile to clean properly
2005-04-12  ashleyuse correct time C header
2005-04-12  ashleyfix Enums to conform with Haskell 98 (and GHC 6.4)
2005-03-21  Ashley YakeleygetCurrentTimezone, with test
2005-03-21  Ashley Yakeleyuse realToFrac
2005-03-09  Ashley Yakeleynew Data.Fixed module with test, move System.Time....
2005-03-08  Ashley Yakeleyremove -fglasgow-exts, add -Wall -Werror to all library...
2005-03-07  Ashley Yakeleyclean up Makefile
2005-03-07  Ashley YakeleyUT1 calendar functions, with test
2005-03-04  Ashley Yakeleymore calendar functions, plus test for UTC - Calendar...
2005-03-02  Ashley Yakeleyadd dayToCalendar function, with test
2005-03-02  Ashley Yakeleymore haddock comments, timezone conversion functions
2005-03-02  Ashley Yakeleyget Calendar to compile, make TestTime a proper test...
2005-02-23  Ashley Yakeleyclean up Makefile
2005-02-23  Ashley Yakeleyget TAI to compile
2005-02-23  Ashley Yakeleyexport addUTCTime and diffUTCTime
2005-02-23  Ashley Yakeleymake diff times instances of Num
2005-02-23  Ashley Yakeleyinitial revision, including draft of Clock and outlines...