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2019-05-23  Ashley Yakeleyfixes for #81 and #111
2019-05-22  Ashley Yakeleyuse latest hindent
2019-05-21  Ashley Yakeleyhindent: clean up
2019-05-21  Ashley Yakeleyformat everything with hindent
2019-03-15  Ashley YakeleyDocumentation about Read/Show instances of TimeZone...
2019-03-15  Ashley YakeleyDocument lack of "instance Eq ZonedTime" (#109)
2019-03-15  Ashley YakeleyClean up documentation
2019-03-15  Ashley YakeleyMerge pull request #112 from theindigamer/add-small...
2019-03-15  Ashley YakeleyMerge pull request #108 from nh2/issue-106-docs-add...
2019-03-15  Ashley YakeleyMerge pull request #105 from nh2/patch-1
2019-02-10  theindigamerAdd small example to documentation for NominalDiffTime.
2018-11-22  Niklas Hambüchenhaddocks: Example how to obtain POSIX int timestamps...
2018-10-05  Niklas HambüchenPOSIX: Fix haddock links
2018-08-01  Ashley Yakeleyfix a GHC version check
2018-08-01  Ashley Yakeleyget building with earlier GHC versions
2018-08-01  Ashley YakeleyGet building with lts-12
2018-07-31  Ashley YakeleyMerge branch 'master' of
2018-07-31  Ashley Yakeleymark additional @since
2018-07-31  Ashley YakeleyMerge pull request #103 from bgamari/master
2018-07-31  Ashley YakeleyMerge pull request #102 from mgsloan/patch-1
2018-07-31  Ben GamariCompatibility with GHC 8.6.1
2018-07-28  Michael SloanAdd 'since' haddock annotations to seconds <-> NominalD...
2018-05-27  Ashley YakeleyMerge pull request #96 from ttuegel/data-instances
2018-05-27  Thomas TuegelCalendarDiffTime: derive Data and Typeable
2018-05-27  Thomas TuegelCalendarDiffDays: derive Data and Typeable
2018-02-26  Ashley YakeleyData.Time.Format.Internal, exposing FormatTime and...
2018-02-26  Ashley YakeleyAdd secondsToNominalDiffTime and nominalDiffTimeToSecon...
2018-02-26  Ashley Yakeleyremove cruft for Hugs and GHC < 7.8, which we don't...
2018-01-25  Ashley YakeleyISO8601: improve haddock
2018-01-25  Ashley YakeleyISO 8601: fix timeOffsetFormat bug, also more tests...
2018-01-24  Ashley YakeleyData.Format: slight doc change
2018-01-24  Ashley YakeleyISO 8601: add ISO8601 class for common formats
2018-01-24  Ashley YakeleyIOS 8601: add zonedTimeFormat and utcTimeFormat; more...
2018-01-24  Ashley Yakeleyfix build errors
2018-01-24  Ashley Yakeleyfix build warning
2018-01-24  Ashley YakeleyISO 8601 for CalendarDiffTime: tests, bug fix (#40)
2018-01-24  Ashley Yakeleynew module for ISO 8601 format (#40)
2018-01-19  Ashley Yakeleyformatting/parsing time differences: swap upper/lower...
2018-01-19  Ashley Yakeleyremove old haddock cruft
2018-01-19  Ashley Yakeleyfix build for GHC 7.8
2018-01-18  Ashley YakeleyformatTime: fix haddock
2018-01-18  Ashley Yakeleyhide members of FormatTime and ParseTime classes;
2018-01-16  Ashley YakeleyFormat: fix haddock
2018-01-16  Ashley Yakeleyrename CalenderDiffDays and CalendarDiffTime fields
2018-01-16  Ashley Yakeleyformatting: diff types (NominalDiffTime, DiffTime,...
2018-01-16  Ashley YakeleyAdd types to "Quick Start" haddock (#82), fix some...
2018-01-15  Ashley Yakeleynew CalendarDiffTime type, with Show and Read for ISO...
2018-01-15  Ashley YakeleyCalendarDiffDays: Read and Show haddock
2018-01-15  Ashley Yakeleyinstance Read CalendarDiffDays
2018-01-15  Ashley Yakeleynew conversion functions timeToDaysAndTimeOfDay & daysA...
2018-01-13  Ashley Yakeleyrename CalendarDuration to CalendarDiffDays
2018-01-13  Ashley Yakeleynew addLocalTime, diffLocalTime
2018-01-12  Ashley Yakeleystack.yaml: add command-line options and more warnings.
2018-01-12  Ashley Yakeleynew CalendarDuration type (for #40)
2018-01-11  Ashley Yakeleyformatting: %Ez and %EZ for ±HH:MM format (#52)
2018-01-10  Ashley Yakeleyparsing: reject invalid hour/minute/second specifiers...
2018-01-10  Ashley Yakeleyparsing: reject invalid (and empty) time-zones with...
2018-01-10  Ashley Yakeleyinstance FormatTime DayOfWeek (with test)
2018-01-10  Ashley Yakeleyhaddock: instance Enum DayOfWeek: fix
2018-01-10  Ashley Yakeleymake Week a private module
2018-01-10  Ashley Yakeleynew Data.Week module with DayOfWeek type (#69)
2018-01-09  Ashley YakeleyparseTimeM: use MonadFail where possible (#79)
2018-01-08  Ashley Yakeleydoc: parseTimeM: correct example
2018-01-08  Ashley YakeleyMerge pull request #78 from saurabhnanda/patch-1
2018-01-08  Saurabh NandaRemoved the cautionary paragraph
2018-01-07  Ashley Yakeleyfix show minBound (issue #77)
2018-01-07  Saurabh NandaAdded cautionary note against using parseTimeM in Eithe...
2018-01-04  Saurabh NandaAdded an example for parseTimeM
2017-08-04  Ashley YakeleyQuick start documentation
2017-05-13  Ashley YakeleyFormat: update comment on %Q specifier
2017-05-13  Ashley YakeleyMerge branch 'master' of
2017-05-13  Ashley Yakeleyfix format behaviour of %Q
2017-04-30  Ben GamariFix #ifdef
2017-04-06  Ashley YakeleyMerge pull request #71 from bgamari/master
2017-04-05  Gabor Greiftest using "#ifdef" for HAVE_CLOCK_GETTIME
2017-03-11  Ashley YakeleyUse floor instead of truncate
2017-03-10  Ashley Yakeleytest unix: fix time-zone test
2017-03-10  Ashley Yakeleyget building on 32-bit
2017-02-21  Ben GamariMerge orphan commit into branch 'upstream/master'
2017-02-14  Ashley Yakeleyfix type of exposed function timeZoneOffsetString'
2017-02-14  Ashley YakeleyUpdate haddock
2017-02-08  Ashley Yakeleyformat widths: fix %q and %Q specifiers, with tests format-widths
2017-02-08  Ashley YakeleyMerge branch 'master' into format-widths
2017-02-08  Ashley Yakeleydocument formatting padding widths change
2017-02-08  Ashley Yakeleytest: formatting widths: fix most tests
2017-02-06  Ashley YakeleyMerge branch 'master' into format-widths
2017-02-06  Ashley YakeleyFormat: widths for format specifiers
2017-02-05  Ashley YakeleyFix SystemTime on Windows
2017-01-16  Ashley Yakeleyget building with GHC 7.8
2017-01-16  Ashley YakeleySystemTime: -fno-warn-trustworthy-safe
2017-01-16  Ashley YakeleySystemTime: fix for Win32
2017-01-16  Ashley YakeleySystemTime: fix for Win32
2017-01-15  Ashley Yakeleyhaddock for Data.Time.Clock.System
2017-01-15  Ashley Yakeleyrename unixEpochDay to systemEpochDay
2016-12-24  Ashley Yakeleyrename internal LocalTime modules
2016-12-24  Ashley Yakeleyget TAI clock working
2016-12-24  Ashley Yakeleyrename GetTime module to SystemTime
2016-12-24  Ashley Yakeleyadd utcToSystemTime; add tests
2016-12-24  Ashley Yakeleyrename RawTime to SystemTime
2016-12-24  Ashley Yakeleyrename internal Clock modules