hide members of FormatTime and ParseTime classes;
[packages/time.git] / time.cabal
2018-01-18  Ashley Yakeleyhide members of FormatTime and ParseTime classes;
2018-01-15  Ashley Yakeleynew CalendarDiffTime type, with Show and Read for ISO...
2018-01-15  Ashley Yakeleynew conversion functions timeToDaysAndTimeOfDay & daysA...
2018-01-13  Ashley Yakeleyrename CalendarDuration to CalendarDiffDays
2018-01-12  Ashley Yakeleynew CalendarDuration type (for #40)
2018-01-10  Ashley Yakeleymake Week a private module
2018-01-10  Ashley Yakeleynew Data.Week module with DayOfWeek type (#69)
2018-01-09  Ashley Yakeleyversion 1.9
2018-01-08  Ashley YakeleyMerge pull request #78 from saurabhnanda/patch-1
2018-01-07  Ashley Yakeleyupdate version and Checklist
2017-08-04  Ashley YakeleyVersion, and changelog
2017-08-03  Ashley Yakeleytime.cabal: fix for latest "cabal check"
2017-05-13  Ashley Yakeleyversion
2017-03-11  Ashley YakeleyUse floor instead of truncate
2017-03-11  Ashley Yakeleytest: remove unnecessary pragmas
2017-03-10  Ashley YakeleyUpdate version to; update Checklist
2017-02-21  Ben GamariMerge orphan commit into branch 'upstream/master'
2017-02-04  Ashley Yakeleytest: prevent building unix on Windows
2017-02-04  Ashley Yakeleytest: move Unix formatting comparison tests to test...
2017-02-03  Ashley Yakeleytest: cabal: fix flag
2017-02-03  Ashley Yakeleytest: don't build test-unix on Windows
2017-02-03  Ashley Yakeleytest: separate Unix-specific test stanza
2017-02-03  Ashley Yakeleytest: minor clean-up
2017-02-03  Ashley Yakeleytest: reorganise module hierarchy
2017-01-19  Ashley Yakeleytest: switch from test-framework to tasty
2016-12-24  Ashley Yakeleyrename internal LocalTime modules
2016-12-24  Ashley Yakeleyrename GetTime module to SystemTime
2016-12-24  Ashley Yakeleyadd utcToSystemTime; add tests
2016-12-24  Ashley Yakeleyrename RawTime to SystemTime
2016-12-24  Ashley Yakeleyrename internal Clock modules
2016-12-23  Ashley Yakeleyput package in Time category
2016-12-23  Ashley YakeleyAlign modules/API with 1.7
2016-12-19  Ashley Yakeleyrename some modules
2016-12-19  Ashley YakeleyMerge branch 'update'
2016-12-19  Ashley YakeleySet version to
2016-12-19  Ashley YakeleyRemove useless version bounds on time
2016-12-18  Ashley Yakeleyadded RawTime; restored old POSIXTime
2016-12-14  Ashley Yakeleyadd clockResolution
2016-12-14  Ashley YakeleyMove getPOSIXTime to new module; support other clocks...
2016-12-14  Ashley YakeleyMerge pull request #58 from ezyang/master
2016-12-13  Edward Z. YangRemove useless version bound on time.
2016-12-06  Ashley Yakeleyset version to 1.8
2016-12-06  Ashley YakeleyReplace benchmark stanza with separate time-bench package
2016-11-28  winterland1989add bench, improve getCurrentTime
2016-11-19  Ashley Yakeleyset version to 1.7; changelog
2016-11-19  Ashley Yakeleytests for leap-second conversion
2016-11-14  Ashley YakeleyBetter leap-second handling
2016-05-05  Herbert Valerio... Add Travis-CI job config
2016-04-23  Ashley Yakeleyversion
2015-12-20  Ashley YakeleyMerge pull request #42 from hvr/pr/ghc-78-fix
2015-12-20  Herbert Valerio... Restore compat for GHC 7.8
2015-12-20  Ashley Yakeleyadded changelog.md time-1.6-release
2015-12-20  Ashley Yakeleybump version
2015-12-20  Ashley Yakeleyfix bug in fromSundayStartWeekValid, with tests
2015-08-23  Ashley YakeleyMerge pull request #35 from bergmark/ghc70
2015-08-23  Ashley YakeleyMerge pull request #38 from redneb/clock_gettime
2015-08-23  Marios Titasuse clock_gettime to implement getPOSIXTime if available
2015-07-13  Adam BergmarkFix compilation on GHC 7.0 by not using Trustworthy
2015-05-31  Ashley YakeleyTest.TestTimeZone was missing in time.cabal, added
2015-05-31  Ashley YakeleyMerge pull request #26 from gbaz/instances
2015-05-31  Ashley Yakeleybump version
2015-05-31  Ashley Yakeleybump version
2015-05-31  Ashley Yakeleyclean up .cabal
2015-05-09  Ashley YakeleyMerge pull request #20 from erikd/master
2015-05-09  Ashley YakeleyMerge pull request #32 from bergmark/patch-1
2015-05-02  Adam BergmarkLoosen required cabal-version
2014-12-23  Ashley YakeleyMerge pull request #19 from erikd/master
2014-12-23  Erik de Castro LopoDe-tabify all Haskell source files.
2014-12-13  Ashley Yakeleyversion time-
2014-09-08  Ashley YakeleyAdded bug-reports line to time.cabal
2014-09-02  Ashley Yakeleyparse single-letter "military" time zones; test parsing...
2014-08-25  Ashley Yakeleyremove System.Locale
2014-08-24  Ashley Yakeleyremove dependency on old-locale
2014-08-18  Ashley Yakeleyfurther file moves and .cabal fixes
2014-08-18  Ashley Yakeleymove lib/test sources to separate directories
2014-08-10  Ashley YakeleyData.Time.Format.Parse re-exports System.Locale. Bump...
2014-07-20  Ashley Yakeleytime.cabal: note homepage and source-repository
2014-07-20  Ashley Yakeleyuse latest test library
2014-07-19  Ashley Yakeleytzset regardless of HAVE_LOCALTIME_R
2014-03-03  Ashley Yakeleyversion 1.4.2; improve Makefile
2014-02-13  omariChanges for Safe Haskell
2013-06-14  oconnorrRegression test for getTimeZone.
2013-06-10  oconnorrMake getTimeZone cross-platform consistent by always...
2012-11-25  Ashley Yakeleymore fixing of time.cabal
2012-11-25  Ashley Yakeleyfix time.cabal
2012-11-15  Ashley Yakeleyfix up test infrastructure
2012-10-29  Ashley Yakeleyclean up cabal
2012-10-21  Ashley Yakeleyget working with Cabal 1.16; fix up build process
2012-09-13  blackredtreerevamped tests to use the new cabal testing interface
2011-10-31  Ashley YakeleyRULES for realToFrac, for speed, contributed by Liyang...
2011-09-13  Ashley Yakeleyremove upper bound on deepseq dependency
2011-09-12  Ashley YakeleyNFData instances, contributed by Herbert Valerio Riedel...
2011-08-10  Ashley Yakeleyversion 1.3: instance RealFrac DiffTime
2011-05-11  Ashley Yakeleyversion
2011-02-03  Ashley Yakeleyfix parse "undefined" bug; added TestParseTime into...
2010-06-22  Ashley Yakeleyversion is more appropriate than 1.2.1.
2010-06-21  Ashley Yakeleyset version to 1.2.1
2010-04-27  Ashley Yakeleyinclude test files in package
2010-04-11  Ashley Yakeley1.2.0.1, include missing HsConfigure in sdist
2010-04-11  Ashley Yakeleyget working with both GHC 6.10 and 6.12