Removed the cautionary paragraph
[packages/time.git] / lib / Data / Time / Format / Parse.hs
2018-01-08  Saurabh NandaRemoved the cautionary paragraph
2018-01-07  Saurabh NandaAdded cautionary note against using parseTimeM in Eithe...
2018-01-04  Saurabh NandaAdded an example for parseTimeM
2017-03-11  Ashley YakeleyUse floor instead of truncate
2017-02-21  Ben GamariMerge orphan commit into branch 'upstream/master'
2017-02-14  Ashley YakeleyUpdate haddock
2017-02-08  Ashley YakeleyMerge branch 'master' into format-widths
2017-02-08  Ashley Yakeleydocument formatting padding widths change
2016-12-24  Ashley Yakeleyrename internal LocalTime modules
2016-12-24  Ashley Yakeleyrename internal Clock modules
2016-12-19  Ashley Yakeleyrename some modules
2015-12-20  Ashley YakeleyMerge pull request #42 from hvr/pr/ghc-78-fix
2015-12-20  Herbert Valerio... Restore compat for GHC 7.8
2015-12-20  Ashley Yakeleyremove trailing space
2015-12-20  Ashley Yakeleymake parsing reject invalid dates and the like
2015-05-31  Ashley YakeleyMerge pull request #26 from gbaz/instances
2015-05-22  Gershomensure read instances for additional types -- TimeZone...
2015-05-09  Ashley YakeleyMerge pull request #20 from erikd/master
2015-03-11  U-CIQDEV\gbazermanEnsure Read/Show instances are always provided with...
2015-02-21  Ashley Yakeleyinstance FormatTime UniversalTime; instance ParseTime...
2014-09-02  Ashley Yakeleyparse single-letter "military" time zones; test parsing...
2014-08-25  Ashley Yakeleyallow user control of parsing of time-zone names
2014-08-24  Ashley Yakeleyremove dependency on old-locale
2014-08-18  Ashley Yakeley.Format.Parse: fix spaces parsing
2014-08-18  Ashley Yakeley.Format.Parse: be cleverer about skipping spaces
2014-08-18  Ashley Yakeleymove lib/test sources to separate directories