format everything with hindent
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2019-05-21  Ashley Yakeleyformat everything with hindent
2019-03-15  Ashley YakeleyDocumentation about Read/Show instances of TimeZone...
2019-03-15  Ashley YakeleyDocument lack of "instance Eq ZonedTime" (#109)
2018-08-01  Ashley Yakeleyfix a GHC version check
2018-08-01  Ashley Yakeleyget building with earlier GHC versions
2018-08-01  Ashley YakeleyGet building with lts-12
2018-07-31  Ashley YakeleyMerge branch 'master' of
2018-07-31  Ashley Yakeleymark additional @since
2018-07-31  Ashley YakeleyMerge pull request #103 from bgamari/master
2018-07-31  Ben GamariCompatibility with GHC 8.6.1
2018-05-27  Ashley YakeleyMerge pull request #96 from ttuegel/data-instances
2018-05-27  Thomas TuegelCalendarDiffTime: derive Data and Typeable
2018-02-26  Ashley Yakeleyremove cruft for Hugs and GHC < 7.8, which we don't...
2018-01-24  Ashley YakeleyISO 8601 for CalendarDiffTime: tests, bug fix (#40)
2018-01-24  Ashley Yakeleynew module for ISO 8601 format (#40)
2018-01-19  Ashley Yakeleyremove old haddock cruft
2018-01-16  Ashley Yakeleyrename CalenderDiffDays and CalendarDiffTime fields
2018-01-16  Ashley YakeleyAdd types to "Quick Start" haddock (#82), fix some...
2018-01-15  Ashley Yakeleynew CalendarDiffTime type, with Show and Read for ISO...
2018-01-15  Ashley Yakeleynew conversion functions timeToDaysAndTimeOfDay & daysA...
2018-01-13  Ashley Yakeleynew addLocalTime, diffLocalTime
2018-01-11  Ashley Yakeleyformatting: %Ez and %EZ for ±HH:MM format (#52)
2017-03-10  Ashley Yakeleytest unix: fix time-zone test
2017-03-10  Ashley Yakeleyget building on 32-bit
2017-02-21  Ben GamariMerge orphan commit into branch 'upstream/master'
2017-02-14  Ashley Yakeleyfix type of exposed function timeZoneOffsetString'
2017-02-14  Ashley YakeleyUpdate haddock
2017-02-08  Ashley YakeleyMerge branch 'master' into format-widths
2017-02-08  Ashley Yakeleytest: formatting widths: fix most tests
2016-12-24  Ashley Yakeleyrename internal LocalTime modules
2016-12-24  Ashley Yakeleyrename RawTime to SystemTime
2016-12-24  Ashley Yakeleyrename internal Clock modules
2016-12-19  Ashley Yakeleyrename some modules
2016-12-19  Ashley YakeleyMerge branch 'update'
2016-12-18  Ashley Yakeleyadded RawTime; restored old POSIXTime
2016-12-13  Ashley Yakeleyfaster getCurrentTimeZone
2016-12-07  Ashley YakeleyRewrite NFData instances using rnf posix-perf
2016-12-06  Ashley YakeleyChange type of POSIX time for performance improvement
2015-08-23  Ashley YakeleyMerge pull request #35 from bergmark/ghc70
2015-07-13  Adam BergmarkFix compilation on GHC 7.0 by not using Trustworthy
2015-05-31  Ashley YakeleyMerge pull request #26 from gbaz/instances
2015-05-22  Gershomensure read instances for additional types -- TimeZone...
2015-05-09  Ashley YakeleyMerge pull request #20 from erikd/master
2015-03-11  U-CIQDEV\gbazermanEnsure Read/Show instances are always provided with...
2015-02-21  Ashley Yakeleyinstance Show UniversalTime
2015-02-21  Ashley Yakeleydocument orphan Read instances
2014-12-23  Ashley YakeleyMerge pull request #19 from erikd/master
2014-12-23  Erik de Castro LopoDe-tabify all Haskell source files.
2014-11-21  Ashley YakeleyMerge pull request #12 from dterei/base48-foreign-fix
2014-11-21  David Tereifix deprecation of base 4.8
2014-08-18  Ashley Yakeleymove lib/test sources to separate directories