format everything with hindent
[packages/time.git] / lib / Data / Time / Calendar / JulianYearDay.hs
2019-05-21  Ashley Yakeleyformat everything with hindent
2018-01-19  Ashley Yakeleyremove old haddock cruft
2017-02-21  Ben GamariMerge orphan commit into branch 'upstream/master'
2017-02-14  Ashley YakeleyUpdate haddock
2017-02-08  Ashley YakeleyMerge branch 'master' into format-widths
2017-02-08  Ashley Yakeleytest: formatting widths: fix most tests
2014-12-23  Ashley YakeleyMerge pull request #19 from erikd/master
2014-12-23  Erik de Castro LopoDe-tabify all Haskell source files.
2014-08-18  Ashley Yakeleymove lib/test sources to separate directories