2018-09-19  Kubo Kovacfix text-tests.cabal
2018-08-28  Michael SnoymanExtend tutf8_err testcases to cover ab90c65cdb
2018-08-28  Herbert Valerio... Add Haddock string to `formatRealFloat`
2018-08-28  Herbert Valerio... Temporary workaround for gh-231
2018-08-28  Herbert Valerio... Reduce amount of CPP by removing redundant HAVE_DEEPSEQ...
2018-08-28  Herbert Valerio... Finalise for text- release
2018-08-27  Herbert Valerio... Merge pull request #229 from bgamari/fix-T227
2018-08-22  Ben GamariFix associativity of size in caseConvert
2018-08-22  Ben GamariAdd a regression test for #221
2018-08-22  Ben GamariFusion.Common: Fix take/drop's treatment of negative...
2018-08-22  Ben GamariFusion.Size: Assert that n >= 0
2018-08-22  Ben GamariAdd regression test for #227
2018-08-22  Ben Gamaricabal.project: Add benchmarks/
2018-08-22  Ben Gamaritravis: Disable tests in 8.4.3 configuration
2018-08-22  Ben GamariRegenerate travis.yml
2018-08-22  Ben Gamaricabal: Tested-with GHC 8.4.3 and 8.6.1
2018-08-01  Herbert Valerio... Add changelog entry for #223 / #226
2018-08-01  Tamar Christinatext: Fix termination condition for file reads.
2018-03-04  Herbert Valerio... drop redundant bug-reports: field
2017-12-29  Herbert Valerio... Make `decodeUtf8With` fail explicitly for non-BMP repl...
2017-12-27  Herbert Valerio... Remove `Stability: experimental` header from non-intern...
2017-12-27  Herbert Valerio... More haddock cleanups
2017-12-27  Herbert Valerio... Update changelog & fix version-headings
2017-12-27  Herbert Valerio... Fix broken named-chunk haddock reference
2017-12-27  Kubo Kovacimprove Makefile for getting test-data
2017-12-27  Herbert Valerio... Update cabal file for text-benchmarks
2017-12-27  Herbert Valerio... Convert Data.Text examples into machine-verifiable...
2017-12-27  Herbert Valerio... Update .gitignore to account for cabal new-build
2017-12-27  Herbert Valerio... Silence a few `cabal check` warnings/errors
2017-12-27  Alex LiewAdd examples to Data.Text transformations (#136)
2017-12-27  Herbert Valerio... Update text.cabal file & README
2017-12-27  Herbert Valerio... Reword docs to mention which exception is thrown
2017-12-27  rightfoldDocument that Data.Text.IO throws on decoding failure
2017-12-23  Herbert Valerio... Add `@since 1.2.2.*` annotations
2017-12-23  Herbert Valerio... Add `@since 1.2.1.*` annotations
2017-12-23  Herbert Valerio... Add `@since 1.2.0.*` annotations
2017-12-23  Herbert Valerio... Add `@since 1.1.1.*` annotations
2017-12-23  Herbert Valerio... Add `@since` annotations
2017-12-23  Herbert Valerio... Add `@since` annotations
2017-12-17  Herbert Valerio... Silence a couple warnings
2017-12-17  Herbert Valerio... Add `@since` annotations for `unsnoc` (from gh-173)
2017-12-17  Herbert Valerio... Add more changelog entries for 1.2.3
2017-12-17  Herbert Valerio... Update GHC 8.2.1 -> GHC 8.2.2 in CI
2017-12-16  Herbert Valerio... Merge pull request #200
2017-12-16  Ben GamariFix size hints
2017-10-29  Ben GamariSome haddock formatting fixes
2017-10-29  Kubo Kovacfix github links in README
2017-10-09  Ben GamariBe more precise about meaning of "character"
2017-10-09  Ben GamariEnable optimization when compiling testsuite
2017-10-09  Ben GamariAdd regression test for #197
2017-09-29  Herbert Valerio... Use lower upper bound for pre-allocation in `encodeUtf8`
2017-09-21  Herbert Valerio... Make compatible with upcoming Prelude.<> export in...
2017-08-16  Ryan ScottAdd more GHC-generated directories to .gitignore
2017-08-12  Herbert Valerio... Fix -Wunused-variable warning in cbits
2017-08-12  Herbert Valerio... Add Travis CI job
2017-08-12  Ryan ScottFix GNUmakefile capitalization
2017-08-08  Bryan O'SullivanAdd benchmarks for gh-165
2017-08-08  Bryan O'SullivanMerge pull request #182 from kuk0/decode
2017-08-08  Bryan O'SullivanMerge pull request #189 from duog/master
2017-08-08  Bryan O'SullivanUpdate GitHub pointers
2017-08-01  Doug WilsonUpdate .gitignore
2017-07-05  Kubo Kovacadd an extra test that correct utf8 doesn't disappear
2017-07-05  Kubo Kovacfix utf8 error recovery for stream decoding
2017-07-05  Kubo Kovacfix utf8 error recovery
2017-06-27  Bryan O'SullivanAdd unsnoc to changelog
2017-06-27  Bryan O'SullivanMerge
2017-06-27  Bryan O'SullivanMerge pull request #173 from betaveros/add-unsnoc
2017-06-27  Bryan O'SullivanMerge
2017-06-27  Bryan O'SullivanMerge pull request #185 from steshaw/master
2017-06-27  Bryan O'SullivanBump version to (and release notes)
2017-06-27  Bryan O'SullivanDrop junk
2017-06-26  Bryan O'SullivanMake strict takeWhileEnd_null test faster
2017-06-26  Bryan O'SullivanAdd a null-correcntess test for strict takeWhileEnd...
2017-06-17  Steven ShawData.Text.Lazy.cons is O(1) rather than O(n).
2017-05-22  Bryan O'SullivanUpdate CaseMapping.hs to Unicode 9.0.0
2017-05-21  Bryan O'SullivanAdded tag for changeset d72c634a91ff
2017-05-21  Bryan O'SullivanUpdate changelog
2017-05-21  Bryan O'SullivanBump version
2017-05-21  Bryan O'SullivanMore Unicode education by test fixing
2017-05-21  Bryan O'SullivanUse === more widely in tests
2017-05-21  Bryan O'SullivanMake the Arbitrary instance for Text generate full...
2017-05-21  Bryan O'SullivanTest-driven Unicode education: fixed a fun test bug
2017-05-21  Bryan O'SullivanMake a previously-failing test more easily debuggable
2017-05-21  Bryan O'SullivanWow, typo(s) of the week! Or do I mean the decade?
2017-05-21  Bryan O'SullivanBump dependency on quickcheck-unicode package
2017-05-21  Bryan O'SullivanMerge pull request #177 from kuk0/takeEnd
2017-05-03  Kubo Kovacfix takeEnd and dropEnd - issue #176
2017-03-07  Brian ChenAdd `unsnoc` to Data.Text and Data.Text.Lazy
2016-12-07  Bryan O'SullivanFix Unicode-version-dependent bug in new toTitle test
2016-12-07  Bryan O'SullivanMerge pull request #169 from alskipp/toTitleTest
2016-12-06  al_skippAdded additional test for toTitle
2016-12-06  Bryan O'SullivanUpdate changelog
2016-12-06  Bryan O'SullivanMerge
2016-12-06  Bryan O'SullivanAttempt to fix test build with GHC <= 7.6
2016-12-06  Bryan O'SullivanMerge pull request #166 from HuwCampbell/master
2016-12-06  Bryan O'SullivanMerge pull request #168 from alskipp/toTitle
2016-12-02  al_skippImprovements to `toTitle` functionality
2016-12-02  al_skippAdded property test for `toTitle`
2016-10-11  Huw CampbellCorrect docs for Data.Text(.Lazy).Read hexadecimal
2016-08-18  Bryan O'SullivanMerge pull request #162 from andrewthad/master