Merge branch 'master' into feature-new-bytestring-builder
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2013-11-21  Simon MeierMerge branch 'master' into feature-new-bytestring-builder
2013-11-21  Simon MeierMerge branch 'master' of
2013-11-06  Herbert Valerio... Drop support for GHCs older than GHC 6.12
2013-10-12  Bryan O'SullivanMerge pull request #56 from staffehn/patch-1
2013-09-30  staffehnfixed doc for Data.Text.Unsafe.unsafeTail
2013-09-23  Bryan O'SullivanPresent undecoded bytestring when streaming
2013-09-22  Bryan O'SullivanMake older Num classes happy
2013-09-22  Bryan O'SullivanFlesh out the stream decoding API a bit
2013-09-22  Bryan O'SullivanFix tiny typos
2013-09-22  Bryan O'SullivanMake incremental decoding types clearer
2013-09-22  Bryan O'SullivanDrop a magic number
2013-09-22  Bryan O'SullivanMerge pull request #55 from bgamari/incremental
2013-09-22  Bryan O'SullivanImplement peekCStringLen and withCStringLen (gh-32)
2013-09-22  Ben GamariAdd support for incremental decoding
2013-09-21  Bryan O'SullivanFix build with cabal-install 1.18
2013-09-21  Bryan O'SullivanMerge pull request #50 from gridaphobe/master
2013-09-21  Bryan O'SullivanMerge pull request #51 from scslab/trust
2013-09-21  Bryan O'SullivanMerge pull request #52 from michaelt/patch-1
2013-07-17  Michael Thompsoncomment on mappending Builders improved with mention...
2013-07-15  David TereiAdd trustworthy to builder modules.
2013-06-11  Eric Seidelfix mapAccumL when `f` maps Chars that fit in a single...
2013-04-21  Bryan O'SullivanDrop restreamUtf8 function that is no longer used ...
2013-04-21  Bryan O'SullivanFix printing of hex Integers (hg-47)
2013-04-21  Bryan O'SullivanReplace the few last uses of div with quot
2013-03-20  Bryan O'SullivanUndo an overflow bug I introduced with quotRem
2013-03-20  Bryan O'SullivanHandle Int8 overflow
2013-03-20  Bryan O'SullivanShave off another 6ns for negative integers with quotRem
2013-03-20  Bryan O'SullivanReplace uses of quot and rem with quotRem
2013-03-20  Bryan O'SullivanMerge
2013-03-20  Bryan O'SullivanBackport integer builder benchmarks
2013-03-20  Bryan O'SullivanSwitch to a faster decimal algorithm
2013-03-20  Bryan O'SullivanBacked out changeset bb9a0e19421e, since it was slow
2013-03-20  Bryan O'SullivanA more straightforward (and slower) countDigits
2013-03-20  Bryan O'SullivanReplace countDigits with a faster, more complex version
2013-03-20  Bryan O'SullivanReplace a use of div with quot
2013-03-19  Bryan O'SullivanUpdate some comments and whitespace
2013-03-19  Bryan O'SullivanCast to widest fixed integer to avoid truncation trouble
2013-03-19  Bryan O'SullivanWrite straight into the dest buffer
2013-03-19  Bryan O'SullivanFloat ensureFree way out
2013-03-19  Bryan O'SullivanReduce duplication
2013-03-19  Bryan O'SullivanAdd a countDigits function
2013-03-19  Bryan O'SullivanRefactor Builder into Builder and Builder.Internal...
2013-02-25  Johan TibellUse unsafeDupablePerformIO where possible
2013-02-25  Johan TibellAdd benchmarks for decodeUtf8'
2013-01-15  Bryan O'SullivanDocument internal units and representation
2013-01-15  Bryan O'SullivanEnsure that an encoding error handler's result is safe
2012-12-03  Bryan O'SullivanMerge
2012-12-03  Bryan O'SullivanMerge pull request #18 from hvr/pull-req-16
2012-12-03  Bryan O'SullivanMerge pull request #36 from deian/master
2012-10-24  Bryan O'SullivanTurn one error into a CAF
2012-10-24  Bryan O'SullivanMake streaming cons strict in its first argument
2012-10-24  Bryan O'SullivanDrop some more overhead from unstreamChunks
2012-10-24  Bryan O'SullivanFirst of many CAFs to be NOINLINEd :-(
2012-10-24  Bryan O'SullivanWhen unstreaming, we know the first chunk is not empty
2012-10-24  Bryan O'SullivanLazy Text: reduce memory allocation during unstreaming
2012-10-24  Bryan O'SullivanA few simple bang patterns help performance a little
2012-09-30  Bryan O'SullivanMerge
2012-09-30  Bryan O'SullivanMake a variable local
2012-09-23  Herbert Valerio... Add `Data.Text.Lazy.Encoding.decodeLatin1` ISO-8859...
2012-09-23  Herbert Valerio... Add new `Data.Text.Encoding.decodeLatin1` ISO-8859...
2012-09-09  Deian Stefannits
2012-09-09  Deian StefanTop-level interfaces are safe, marked trustworthy
2012-09-09  Bryan O'SullivanFix documentation for hGetChunk
2012-09-09  Bryan O'SullivanHoist out duplicated catchError definitions :-(
2012-09-09  Bryan O'SullivanMerge
2012-08-14  Bryan O'SullivanMerge
2012-08-14  Bryan O'SullivanKill off warnings from GHC 7.6
2012-08-14  Simon HengelAdapt for ghc-7.6
2012-08-13  Bryan O'SullivanDrop some redundant imports.
2012-08-13  Bryan O'SullivanEnsure that GHC's CPR optimization fires.
2012-07-04  Bryan O'SullivanOops
2012-06-29  Bryan O'SullivanDrop trailing whitespace
2012-06-29  Bryan O'SullivanGet rendering of numbers working in all cases
2012-06-29  Bryan O'SullivanMake the benchmarks subtree saner
2012-06-28  Mark Wrightghc 7.5 removed catch from Prelude
2012-06-24  Bryan O'SullivanMerge
2012-06-24  Bryan O'SullivanSwitch decodeUtf8 to runText
2012-06-24  Bryan O'SullivanSimplify the unstream code
2012-06-19  Bryan O'Sullivanunstream: choose a winner - the continuation
2012-06-19  Bryan O'Sullivanunstream: Fine-tune the continuation handling
2012-06-19  Bryan O'SullivanMerge
2012-06-19  Bryan O'SullivanMerge
2012-06-19  Bryan O'SullivanAnother try at improving Text generation.
2012-06-17  Bryan O'SullivanA small improvement in Text generation efficiency.
2012-05-16  Thomas M. DuBuissonUse integer-simple if the integer-simple flag is set.
2012-04-08  Jared HanceAdd hGetChunk
2012-04-08  Bryan O'SullivanBackport the fix for bug 19 to GHC < 7.2
2012-04-08  Bryan O'SullivanReduce the amount of code generated for string literals
2012-02-06  Simon Meierimplement 'encodeUtf8Builder' using 'encodeUtf8Escaped'
2012-02-03  Simon Meierimplemented 'Text -> Builder' UTF-8 encoders
2012-01-27  Simon Meierimplement strict Text to Builder encoder using BoundedE...
2012-01-13  Bryan O'SullivanMerge pull request #9 from jaspervdj/master
2012-01-07  Bryan O'SullivanMerge
2011-12-23  Bryan O'SullivanMany improvements, all small.
2011-12-23  Bryan O'SullivanReduce pointer arithmetic for better speed.
2011-12-23  Bryan O'SullivanImprove ASCII encoding performance in a safer way.
2011-12-23  Bryan O'SullivanMerge the performance- and correctness-affecting commit...
2011-12-23  Bryan O'SullivanOops! Back out part of 59aad6977070 - it was wrong
2011-12-23  Bryan O'SullivanA valiant attempt at improving UTF-8 encoding performance.
2011-12-23  Bryan O'SullivanMake encoding slightly faster.