Use unsafeDupablePerformIO where possible
[packages/text.git] / Data / Text / Encoding.hs
2013-02-25  Johan TibellUse unsafeDupablePerformIO where possible
2013-01-15  Bryan O'SullivanEnsure that an encoding error handler's result is safe
2012-12-03  Bryan O'SullivanMerge
2012-12-03  Bryan O'SullivanMerge pull request #18 from hvr/pull-req-16
2012-12-03  Bryan O'SullivanMerge pull request #36 from deian/master
2012-09-23  Herbert Valerio... Add new `Data.Text.Encoding.decodeLatin1` ISO-8859...
2012-09-09  Deian StefanTop-level interfaces are safe, marked trustworthy
2012-09-09  Bryan O'SullivanMerge
2012-06-24  Bryan O'SullivanMerge
2012-06-24  Bryan O'SullivanSwitch decodeUtf8 to runText
2012-01-13  Bryan O'SullivanMerge pull request #9 from jaspervdj/master
2012-01-07  Bryan O'SullivanMerge
2011-12-23  Bryan O'SullivanMany improvements, all small.
2011-12-23  Bryan O'SullivanReduce pointer arithmetic for better speed.
2011-12-23  Bryan O'SullivanImprove ASCII encoding performance in a safer way.
2011-12-23  Bryan O'SullivanMerge the performance- and correctness-affecting commit...
2011-12-23  Bryan O'SullivanOops! Back out part of 59aad6977070 - it was wrong
2011-12-23  Bryan O'SullivanA valiant attempt at improving UTF-8 encoding performance.
2011-12-23  Bryan O'SullivanMake encoding slightly faster.
2011-10-25  Bryan O'SullivanMerge with Daniel
2011-10-04  Bryan O'SullivanSilence a compiler warning.
2011-07-11  Bryan O'SullivanMark the ASCII decoding functions as deprecated.
2011-07-10  Bryan O'SullivanPortable native UTF-8 decoder gives 3.7x faster decoding
2011-07-10  Bryan O'SullivanMerge
2011-07-08  Bryan O'SullivanMerge
2011-07-08  Bryan O'SullivanSpeed up UTF-8 decoding by a little over 2x
2011-06-29  Bryan O'SullivanMerge
2011-06-28  Bryan O'SullivanOh noes! I was miscalculating the initial buffer size!
2011-06-28  Bryan O'SullivanEliminate unnecessary resizes from encodeUtf8.
2011-03-16  Bryan O'SullivanImprove error message.
2011-03-16  Bryan O'SullivanAdd decodeUtf8'.
2010-12-03  Bryan O'SullivanMerge
2010-11-30  Bryan O'SullivanMany small documentation improvements.
2010-10-14  Bryan O'SullivanGet rid of the old decode function
2010-10-14  Bryan O'SullivanAdd a rewrite rule for fusion
2010-10-14  Bryan O'SullivanWrite a faster UTF-8 decoder
2010-10-14  Bryan O'SullivanRemove old UTF-8 encoding functions
2010-10-14  Bryan O'SullivanUpdate copyright
2010-10-14  Bryan O'SullivanRewrite encodeUtf8 for speed
2010-04-29  Bryan O'SullivanChange Tom's email address
2009-06-06  Bryan O'SullivanAdd controllable error handling and recovery code.
2009-05-23  Bryan O'SullivanUpdate copyrights and maintainers.
2009-02-27  Bryan O'SullivanFix Haddocks
2009-02-24  Bryan O'SullivanMove Utf* modules into Data.Text.Encoding
2009-02-24  Bryan O'SullivanTest the remaining supported encodings
2009-01-27  Bryan O'SullivanSplit encoding support out into new modules