Defer inlining of Data.Text.length
[packages/text.git] / scripts /
2015-05-12  Bryan O'SullivanUpdate case mapping scripts to match current needs
2015-05-08  Bryan O'SullivanRevert to 6ca2debc36ba
2015-05-07  Bryan O'SullivanChoose the no-INLINE code
2015-05-07  Bryan O'SullivanDrop INLINE annotations for case mapping functions
2015-05-01  Bryan O'SullivanSwitch to a C lookup table for case mapping
2014-04-27  Bryan O'SullivanMerge
2014-01-02  Bryan O'SullivanMerge the new bytestring builder code
2013-12-30  Bryan O'SullivanMerge from 1.0 branch
2013-12-30  Bryan O'SullivanMerge from 1.0 branch again
2013-12-30  Bryan O'SullivanMerge from 1.0 branch
2013-12-30  Bryan O'SullivanMerge fix for gh-61 into 1.0 branch
2013-12-04  Bryan O'SullivanRename strict fusion-related modules
2013-12-01  Bryan O'SullivanAdd low-level title casing support
2013-12-01  Bryan O'SullivanRecord leading comments from Unicode data files
2013-12-01  Bryan O'SullivanBring Arsec up to date
2013-11-21  Simon MeierMerge branch 'master' into feature-new-bytestring-builder
2013-11-21  Simon MeierMerge branch 'master' of
2012-09-09  Bryan O'SullivanMerge
2012-08-14  Bryan O'SullivanMerge
2012-06-29  Bryan O'SullivanDrop trailing whitespace
2010-10-08  Bryan O'SullivanAdd the Lex module
2009-12-02  Bryan O'SullivanTry to make case mapping faster.
2009-10-09  Bryan O'SullivanAdd API comparison script.
2009-06-07  Bryan O'SullivanImplement support for case folding.
2009-06-07  Bryan O'SullivanAdd support for toLower.
2009-06-06  Bryan O'SullivanSupport for case conversion