Merge pull request #145 from hvr/pr/integer-simple
[packages/text.git] / benchmarks /
2015-12-22  Bryan O'SullivanAdd benchmark for uncons
2015-12-22  Bryan O'SullivanFix bit rot in use of bytestring-lexing
2015-05-09  Bryan O'SullivanMerge from 1.1
2015-05-07  Bryan O'SullivanChoose the no-INLINE code
2015-05-01  Bryan O'SullivanSwitch to a C lookup table for case mapping
2015-04-29  Bryan O'SullivanMerge
2014-07-18  Bryan O'SullivanBump dependency on criterion to 0.10
2014-07-02  Bryan O'SullivanMerge pull request #71 from quchen/master
2014-06-06  Bryan O'SullivanBenchmark the various checked multiplication methods
2014-04-28  Bryan O'SullivanMerge pull request #74 from ekmett/master
2014-04-28  Bryan O'SullivanMerge
2014-04-28  Bryan O'SullivanSet another flag to manual
2014-04-28  Bryan O'SullivanAdd rtsopts for benchmarks
2014-04-27  Bryan O'SullivanMerge
2014-01-08  Bryan O'SullivanDrop the old pure-Haskell implementation of encodeUtf8
2014-01-08  Bryan O'SullivanAdd a multibyte HTML document benchmark
2014-01-07  Bryan O'SullivanencodeUtf8_1: so long, it's been nice knowing you!
2014-01-07  Bryan O'SullivanencodeUtf8_2: a C-based encoding function
2014-01-07  Bryan O'SullivanDuplicate encodeUtf8 as encodeUtf8_1 temporarily
2014-01-07  Bryan O'SullivanAdd new encoding benchmarks
2014-01-02  Bryan O'SullivanMerge the new bytestring builder code
2013-12-30  Bryan O'SullivanMerge from 1.0 branch
2013-12-30  Bryan O'SullivanMerge from 1.0 branch again
2013-12-30  Bryan O'SullivanMerge from 1.0 branch
2013-12-30  Bryan O'SullivanMerge fix for gh-61 into 1.0 branch
2013-12-04  Bryan O'SullivanRename Lazy internal modules
2013-12-04  Bryan O'SullivanGet tests and benchmarks working with renamed-so-far...
2013-12-04  Bryan O'SullivanRemove the old version of replace
2013-12-04  Bryan O'SullivanWrite a new version of replace that is 2.2x faster
2013-12-04  Bryan O'SullivanAdd support for strict Text
2013-11-21  Simon MeierMerge branch 'master' into feature-new-bytestring-builder
2013-11-21  Simon MeierMerge branch 'master' of
2013-11-06  Bryan O'SullivanMerge
2013-09-23  Bryan O'SullivanDrop an unused import
2013-09-23  Bryan O'SullivanAdd a stream decoding benchmark
2013-09-23  Bryan O'SullivanFix benchmark build
2013-04-28  Bryan O'SullivanDrop last vestige of restreamUtf8
2013-03-20  Bryan O'SullivanCompare Show instance performance
2013-03-20  Bryan O'SullivanBackport integer builder benchmarks
2013-03-20  Bryan O'SullivanBenchmark some bigger numbers
2013-03-19  Bryan O'SullivanAdd LLVM support for benchmarks
2013-03-19  Bryan O'SullivanBenchmark decimal integer rendering
2013-02-25  Johan TibellAdd benchmarks for decodeUtf8'
2013-01-15  Bryan O'SullivanTry to sort out benchmark build with GHC 7.6
2013-01-15  Bryan O'SullivanFix benchmarks with older bytestring'
2012-09-09  Bryan O'SullivanMerge
2012-08-14  Bryan O'SullivanMerge
2012-08-13  Bryan O'SullivanInitial cut at cross-language benchmarks
2012-06-29  Bryan O'SullivanDrop trailing whitespace
2012-06-29  Bryan O'SullivanGet benchmarks going again
2012-06-29  Bryan O'SullivanMake the benchmarks subtree saner