2011-04-05  Ian LynaghUpdate source-repository in the .cabal file to point...
2011-02-10  Ian LynaghAdd unboxed tuple support to Template Haskell ghc-darcs-git-switchover
2011-01-13  simonpj@microsoft.comChange type of TH.classInstances (and qClassInstances)
2010-12-14  simonpj@microsoft.comPut FlexibleInstances in PprLib alone
2010-11-21  Ian LynaghRemove the "alpha" helper function; trac #4423
2010-11-16  simonpj@microsoft.comRemove unnecessary toRational
2010-11-12  simonpj@microsoft.comRemove unused functions combine, rename, genpat, simple...
2010-10-25  simonpj@microsoft.comUse showMultiLineString from GHC.Show
2010-10-23  Ian LynaghFollow GHC.Bool/GHC.Types merge
2010-10-10  Reiner PopeAdded view patterns (Trac #2399)
2010-09-08  Edward Z. YangExtend Template Haskell support for interruptible calls.
2010-09-17  Ian LynaghExport recent additions from Language.Haskell.TH
2010-09-17  Ian LynaghBump version to
2010-09-15  simonpj@microsoft.comAdd TH reification of instances (Trac #1835)
2010-09-10  simonpj@microsoft.comAdd quoteFile function (see Trac #4293)
2010-07-30  simonpj@microsoft.comAdd a StringPrimL constructor to the Lit type (fix...
2010-07-21  simonpj@microsoft.comImprove TH pretty printing
2010-05-02  Ian LynaghFix typo
2010-04-27  Adam VogtFormat most comments for haddock.
2010-03-04  simonpj@microsoft.comAdd parens in patterns; fix Trac #3899
2010-02-10  simonpj@microsoft.comAdd quasiquote definitions for declarations and types
2010-01-16  Ian LynaghTighten the base dep; fixes trac #3809
2009-12-15  Ian Lynaghbump base dep; apparently base4 is now required
2009-11-09  Roman LeshchinskiyFix pretty-printing of INLINE pragmas
2009-10-15  simonpj@microsoft.comFix Trac #3572 (pls merge)
2009-08-13  simonpj@microsoft.comDocument 'CompE' better (see Trac #3395)
2009-08-11  Ian LynaghFix "Cabal check" warnings
2009-06-12  Simon Marlowabstractify ModName, PkgName and OccName; drop dependen... 2009-06-25
2009-05-27  simonpj@microsoft.comAdd liftString, to match the "improve lifting for strin...
2009-03-26  Manuel M T... Added bang patterns
2009-03-26  Manuel M T... Template Haskell: kind annotations
2009-03-24  Manuel M T... Added INLINE and SPECIALISE pragmas as declaration...
2009-03-19  Manuel M T... Adding equality constraints
2009-03-19  Manuel M T... Added type family declarations forms
2009-01-21  Simon Marlowget unsafePerformIO from a documented location
2009-01-22  Ian LynaghRequire Cabal version >= 1.6
2009-01-21  Ian LynaghAdd "bug-reports" and "source-repository" info to the...
2009-01-19 Correct SYB's representation of Char
2008-11-12  Ian LynaghFix the definitions of trueName and falseName
2008-10-16  Max BolingbrokeMake NameFlavour have a full Data instance so annotatio...
2008-10-25  simonpj@microsoft.comFix Trac #2700: pretty-printing of types
2008-10-05  Ross Patersoneliminate dependency on syb
2008-09-20  Ian LynaghBump version number to
2008-08-25  Ian LynaghAdd a dep on syb 6_10_branch_has_been_forked
2008-08-05  Ian LynaghFollow tuple datatype movements
2008-07-19  Ian LynaghFollow flag name change
2008-06-19  Ian LynaghMake the package -Wall clean
2008-06-19  Ian LynaghMake the StringConstr [] case of dataToQa fail rather...
2008-06-19  Ian LynaghMake rename of a SigP fail properly, rather than just...
2008-06-16  Ian LynaghWe only need -fno-warn-deprecations, not -w
2008-06-16  Ian LynaghList exact extensions used rather than using -fglasgow...
2008-04-23  Ian LynaghAdd support for Word primitives 32## 2008-05-28
2008-01-18  simonpj@microsoft.comReplace TH.Quasi by TH.Quote
2008-01-18  simonpj@microsoft.comSupport code for quasi-quotation feature
2007-10-18  Duncan CouttsSpecify build-type: Simple
2007-10-14  Ian LynaghCopy description for the Cabal file from prologue.txt
2007-10-14  Ian LynaghBump version number
2007-09-13  Ian LynaghAdd a boring file
2007-09-02  Ian LynaghSuppress some warnings ghc-6_8_branched_2007-09-03
2007-08-28  Ian LynaghPut the correct license text in
2007-08-25  sven.panne... Added dummy license file
2007-08-01  Ian LynaghWe now depend on the packedstring and containers packages
2007-06-04  Ross Paterson--configure-option and --ghc-option are now provided...
2007-05-29  Ian LynaghAdd Data and Typeable instances; patch from greenrd...
2007-05-24  Ian LynaghRemove Makefile and (used in the old...
2007-05-18  Ian LynaghWe now depend on pretty
2007-04-18  Ian LynaghFollow Cabal changes in Setup.hs
2007-04-10  Tyson WhiteheadReport fail string before passing control through to...
2007-04-11  Ian LynaghFix -Wall warnings
2007-04-11  Ian LynaghAdd missing case in removePrefix
2007-04-07  Ian LynaghAnother name printing tweak
2007-04-07  Ian LynaghRejig name printing a bit
2007-04-06  Ian Lynaghparse (but don't pass on) options for ./configure
2007-04-02  Stefan O'RearPretty-print an empty list of fundeps without '|' ...
2007-04-02  Stefan O'RearFix precedence passing for patterns in LamE (fixes...
2007-04-01  Stefan O'RearProperly handle tilde-patterns
2007-04-01  Stefan O'RearTypo fixes, missing {in,ex}ports
2007-04-01  Stefan O'RearUse pprName False in pretty printer
2007-04-01  Stefan O'RearThread prefix-context argument through pprName
2007-04-01  Stefan O'RearCreate showName, which takes an additional prefix-conte...
2006-11-12  Ian Lynaghmake Setup suitable for building the libraries with GHC
2007-03-22  Ian LynaghAdd instance Functor Q and make Quasi require Functor
2006-09-08  Ian LynaghAdd Lift instances for Maybe and Either 6_6_release
2006-09-01  simonpj@microsoft.comAdd comments, re-order code (no functional effect)
2006-08-31  Einar KarttunenOmit package names when pretty-printing Names.
2006-08-11  Simon Marlowbump version to 2.0
2006-08-07  simonpj@microsoft.comImprove pretty-printing for Template Haskell
2006-07-25  Simon MarlowModifications required by the changes to package suppor...
2006-06-22  simonpj@microsoft.comAdd Show instances
2006-06-22  simonpj@microsoft.comFix a bug in mkName; merge to STABLE
2006-02-09  Einar KarttunenDrop dependency to haskell98 package
2005-08-12  dons[project @ 2005-08-12 10:49:45 by dons] Initial_conversion_from_CVS_complete
2005-04-04  simonpj[project @ 2005-04-04 12:08:27 by simonpj]
2005-04-04  simonpj[project @ 2005-04-04 10:23:03 by simonpj]
2005-03-05  panne[project @ 2005-03-05 14:13:56 by panne]
2005-02-24  simonmar[project @ 2005-02-24 09:58:26 by simonmar]
2005-02-18  simonmar[project @ 2005-02-18 15:06:47 by simonmar]
2005-02-15  panne[project @ 2005-02-15 21:06:31 by panne]
2005-02-07  simonpj[project @ 2005-02-07 10:26:55 by simonpj]
2005-01-31  simonpj[project @ 2005-01-31 15:48:21 by simonpj]