2018-09-16  Alexey KuleshevichIntroduced regression tests for #17
2018-09-09  Herbert Valerio... Ported some tests (stm{052,064,065}) to new testsuite
2018-09-09  Herbert Valerio... Add new `cabal`-powered testsuite
2018-09-08  Herbert Valerio... Integrate v2.4.5.1 rls into changelog and tweak style
2018-09-08  Herbert Valerio... fixup since-annotation
2018-08-20  Ben GamariMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2018-08-20  Ben GamariFinish changelog for 2.5
2018-07-13  Simon MarlowAdd test for GHC bug #15136
2018-07-04  Oleg GrenrusTry omit-local-package (#15)
2018-07-01  Ryan ScottRevert "Regenerate .travis.yml"
2018-07-01  Ryan ScottRegenerate .travis.yml
2018-06-03  Ben GamariRevert "Bump version back down to 2.4"
2018-06-03  Ben GamariBump version back down to 2.4
2018-06-02  Ben GamariUpdate travis.yml
2018-06-02  Ben GamariInclude GHCs up to 8.6 in Tested-With
2018-06-02  Ben GamariDrop support for invariant checking
2018-05-18  Simon MarlowMerge pull request #9 from mitchellwrosen/master
2018-04-22  Mitchell RosenAdd lengthTBQueue, fix bug in flushTBQueue
2018-04-10  Ryan ScottBump upper bound on base to < 4.13 (#7)
2018-03-22  Simon MarlowMerge pull request #6 from basvandijk/flushTQueue-write...
2018-03-20  Bas van DijkflushTQueue: only perform writeTVar when necessary
2018-02-03  Herbert Valerio... Add more `@since` annotations v2.4.5.0
2018-02-03  Herbert Valerio... Add docstring to `check`
2018-02-03  Herbert Valerio... Fill in 2.4.5 for TBD placeholers
2018-02-03  Herbert Valerio... Update broken paper links and flesh out description...
2018-02-03  Herbert Valerio... Merge pull request #5 from hvr/pr/TSem-multi-ops
2018-02-03  Herbert Valerio... Remove unfair `waitTSemN` operation again
2018-02-03  Herbert Valerio... Implement `signalTSemN` & `waitTSemN` operations
2018-01-05  Simon MarlowMerge pull request #4 from hvr/pr/TSem-improvements
2017-12-28  Herbert Valerio... Make `signalTSem` resilient against `Int` overflows
2017-12-28  Herbert Valerio... Augment documentation of `Control.Concurrent.STM.TSem`
2017-12-28  Herbert Valerio... update changelog and bump version
2017-12-27  Mitchell RosenAdd flushTQueue, flushTBQueue
2017-11-22  Ben GamariT14171: Make AMP-compatible
2017-11-22  Ben GamariMerge pull request #3 from arybczak/tqueue-contention-fix
2017-11-22  Ben GamariMerge pull request #2 from arybczak/tbqueue-leak-fix
2017-11-20  Herbert Valerio... Update Travis badge
2017-11-20  Andrzej RybczakMake definition of readTQueue consistent with readTBQue...
2017-11-20  Herbert Valerio... Update URLs to point to
2017-11-20  Andrzej RybczakFix space leak in TBQueue (#14494)
2017-09-15  Herbert Valerio... Relax base constraint to allow base-4.11
2017-09-13  Ben GamariAdd testcase for #14171
2016-11-15  Ben GamariBump upper bound on base
2016-06-24  Thomas MiedemaTestsuite: only ignore stdout of T2411
2016-02-16  Thomas Miedemastm047 and stm048 seem to work fine with WAY=ghci
2016-02-16  Thomas MiedemaDon't use only_compiler_types, assume ghc
2016-01-20  Thomas MiedemaDo not run tests when stm is not installed
2015-12-23  Ben GamariUpdate tests for frozen callstacks
2015-12-22  Herbert Valerio... Bump to version and prepare for release v2.4.4.1
2015-11-04  Simon MarlowUpdate output D1426
2015-10-28  Herbert Valerio... Relax upper bound on `base` to allow GHC8/base-4.9
2015-09-24  Ben GamariAnother rework of Weak interface
2015-09-22  Ben GamarimkWeak# now expects raw State# function
2015-09-02  Ben Gamaristm: Fix test case
2014-12-17  Herbert Valerio... Bump to 2.4.4 and update changelog stm-2.4.4-release
2014-12-17  Herbert Valerio... Avoid AMP-caused redundant import warning
2014-12-17  Herbert Valerio... Add `@since` annotations
2014-12-15  Austin SeippFix build breakage bogons, due to bad patch application
2014-12-15  Bas van DijkAdd mkWeakTMVar to Control.Concurrent.STM.TMVar
2014-11-13  David TereiTighten Safe Haskell bounds.
2014-11-11  Herbert Valerio... M-x untabify & M-x delete-trailing-whitespace
2014-11-11  Herbert Valerio... Update Travis CI job
2014-09-09  Herbert Valerio... Bump `base` constraint for AMP
2014-08-22  Edward Z. YangIgnore GHC test suite generated files.
2014-06-26  Herbert Valerio... add testsuite-related gitignore entries
2014-06-26  Edward Z. YangAdd .gitignore file.
2014-03-25  Herbert Valerio... Replace deprecated pragmas by current LANGUAGE pragmas
2014-03-25  Herbert Valerio... stm064 was only fixed in GHC 7.6.2 ghc-7.8 ghc-7.8.1-release ghc-7.8.2-release stm-2.4.3-release
2014-03-25  Herbert Valerio... Tweak tests/ to make it pass for older GHCs
2014-03-25  Herbert Valerio... Fix-up travis-CI script
2014-03-25  Herbert Valerio... Integrate tests with TravisCI job
2014-03-22  Herbert Valerio... Bump to version 2.4.3 and convert changelog to markdown
2013-11-03  Herbert Valerio... Add Travis-CI script & README
2013-10-14  Herbert Valerio... Refactor & update `stm.cabal` to `cabal-version>=1.10`
2013-10-01  Simon Marlowadd mkWeakTVar (#7991)
2013-09-14  Simon Marlowbump to
2013-09-14  Simon Marlowsync newBroadcastTChanIO with newBroadcastTChan
2013-09-11  Herbert Valerio... Update Git repo URL in `.cabal` file
2013-09-07  Austin SeippImplement isFullTBQueue
2013-05-04  Austin SeippFix the names of several tests.
2013-02-18  Simon Marlowadd test for cloneTChan
2013-02-18  Simon Marlowfollow changes in testsuite driver
2013-02-18  Simon Marlowput cloneTChan next to dupTChan in the docs
2012-12-18  Simon Marlowadd another test for #7493
2012-12-11  Simon Marlowadd stm064 test
2012-12-10  Simon MarlowAdd a test for orElse bug
2012-11-19  Simon Marlowfix warning
2012-11-16  Simon MarlowAdd TSem, bump version to 2.4.2
2012-09-06  Simon MarlowThrow an exception when reading from a broadcast channe...
2012-08-23  Simon Marlowmodify to use TVar instead of QSemN (which has gone)
2012-08-09  Simon Marlowfix warnings
2012-08-08  Simon MarlowAdd Applicative/Alternative instances of STM for GHC...
2012-07-05  Simon MarlowChange the type of check to Bool -> STM ()
2012-07-04  Simon Marlowre-export TQueue from Control.Concurrent.STM 2.4
2012-07-04  Simon Marlowfix markup
2012-07-04  Simon Marlowadd Eq instances
2012-07-04  Simon Marlowallow using a different ghc
2012-07-04  Simon MarlowAdd TBQueue, bump version to 2.4 and document changes...
2012-07-04  Simon Marlowadd TBQueue to the benchmark, and add a Makefile driver
2012-07-04  Simon Marlowtypo