Tweak tests/ to make it pass for older GHCs
[packages/stm.git] / tests /
2014-03-25  Herbert Valerio... Tweak tests/ to make it pass for older GHCs
2014-03-25  Herbert Valerio... Integrate tests with TravisCI job
2013-05-04  Austin SeippFix the names of several tests.
2013-02-18  Simon Marlowadd test for cloneTChan
2013-02-18  Simon Marlowfollow changes in testsuite driver
2012-12-18  Simon Marlowadd another test for #7493
2012-12-11  Simon Marlowadd stm064 test
2012-12-10  Simon MarlowAdd a test for orElse bug
2012-08-23  Simon Marlowmodify to use TVar instead of QSemN (which has gone)
2012-01-09  Simon Marlowadd some reqlib('random')s 2.3
2011-10-04  Daniel FischerFix a few typos
2011-10-04  Daniel FischerWhitespace only
2011-02-08  Simon Marlowremove imports of haskell98 modules
2010-10-20  Simon Marlowupdate tests after change to catchSTM
2010-06-15  Simon Marlowadd test for #4057
2010-03-30  Simon Marlowrename these tests from conc* to stm*
2009-10-14  Simon MarlowUpdate tests for GHC 6.12
2009-06-24  Simon Marlowadd test for #3049
2008-11-20  Simon MarlowAdd a bit of strictness to avoid this test getting...
2008-10-02  Simon MarlowFix this test (exception changes)
2008-09-26  Simon Marlowfollow Control.Exception changes
2008-09-26  Simon Marlowadd test for #2411
2008-06-17  Simon Marlowconc052: still fails profc/profasm for 6.8
2008-06-04  Simon Marlowconc052 was failing due to #1547, but now apparently...
2008-05-30  Ian Lynaghconc048(threaded2) sometimes hangs in the 6.8 branch...
2008-05-30  Ian LynaghMake conc048 output easier to follow
2008-05-30  Ian LynaghSkip conc047(threaded2) in the 6.8 branch
2008-05-30  Ian LynaghUpdate skip_if_platform to if_platform(, skip) in the...
2008-02-05  Simon Marlowaccept output (no newline after uncaught exception)
2007-09-03  Simon Marlowfix this test some more...
2007-07-18  Ian Lynaghconc052 test is broken for profc/profasm (trac #1547)
2007-07-17  Ian LynaghSkip conc063 when fast
2007-07-17  Ian LynaghFix test conc053: Don't use pattern sigs gratuitously
2007-06-07  Simon Marlow-fglasgow-exts is required due to type signature in...
2007-05-17  Simon MarlowMove STM-specific tests from testsuite/tests/ghc-regres...