2018-03-01  Carter Tazio... add ord insance to splitmix generator datatype master
2017-12-26  Carter Tazio... Notes / References for constructing a splitmix rng...
2017-12-26  Carter Tazio... setting up the skeleton for a 1.3 mostly compatible...
2017-12-25  Carter Tazio... making the mangling safe for ghc 8.4 and above
2017-11-07  Carter Tazio... some formatting cleanup and current task list
2017-06-03  Carter Tazio... add vector dependency for now and clean up the permutat...
2017-06-01  Carter Tazio... lots of miscellaneous cleanups
2017-06-01  Carter Tazio... my permutations type check but i haven’t tested them...
2017-05-30  Carter Tazio... design notes on the permutation algorithm
2017-05-30  Carter Tazio... can now uniformly sample any Word64 interval of the...
2017-05-29  Carter Tazio... rejection sampling for uniform intervals of smallish...
2017-05-27  Carter Tazio... basic polar method rejection sampler for normal distrib...
2017-05-26  Carter Tazio... provisional fast and really sloppy unit interval genera...
2017-05-21  Carter Tazio... fix case on
2017-05-21  Carter Tazio... fixed up file names
2017-05-21  Carter Tazio... correct the PCG module name to reflect that its the...
2017-04-17  Carter Tazio... formmatting tweaks to splitmix code plus enabling wall
2017-03-07  Christopher... Add PCG internal module
2017-02-10  Carter Tazio... basic sampler values
2017-02-10  Carter Tazio... drop comments
2017-02-10  Carter Tazio... RandomT in the style of s -> m (a,s) is working
2017-02-10  Carter Tazio... initial attempt to see how far i could get with s...
2017-01-15  Carter Tazio... pure Splitmix implementation v2
2017-01-15  Carter Tazio... version 2.0 of random begins
2016-01-20  Carter Tazio... Merge pull request #33 from thomie/master
2016-01-20  Thomas MiedemaGHC testsuite: require random to be installed
2015-07-31  Edward KmettMerge pull request #24 from frankcash/patch-1
2015-07-31  Edward KmettMerge pull request #22 from hvr/pr-detab
2015-04-04  Dominic SteinitzMake benchmark build and add benchmark for tf-random.
2015-04-04  Dominic SteinitzAdd some tests demonstrating
2015-03-13  Frank CashUpdate
2014-12-21  Herbert Valerio... Set GitHub's Git repo as primary repo
2014-12-21  Herbert Valerio... M-x delete-trailing-whitespace & M-x untabify
2014-09-16  Edward Kmettset maintainer v1.1
2014-09-16  Edward KmettMerge pull request #19 from mainland/master
2014-09-16  Edward KmettMerge pull request #18 from cartazio/master
2014-09-16  Geoffrey MainlandFix unused import warning.
2014-09-16  Geoffrey MainlandHide empty when importing Control.Monad.
2014-09-16  Carter Tazio... naive extra files bits
2014-09-15  Edward KmettMerge pull request #16 from cartazio/master
2014-09-15  Carter Tazio... adding more changes to the change log
2014-09-15  Edward KmettMerge pull request #15 from cartazio/master
2014-09-15  Edward KmettMerge pull request #9 from bgamari/master
2014-09-15  Carter Tazio... prepping for the 1.1 fixup release
2014-08-25  Edward KmettMerge pull request #12 from 23Skidoo/unbreak-ghc-7.4
2014-08-23  Mikhail GlushenkovSupport base < 4.6 / GHC 7.4.
2014-08-23  Mikhail GlushenkovAdd Travis icon.
2014-08-23  Mikhail GlushenkovUpdate .gitignore.
2014-08-23  Mikhail GlushenkovAdd .travis.yml.
2014-08-22  Ben GamarirangeTest: Fix type for "CSigAtomic R" test
2014-08-22  Ryan NewtonBump version for various bugfixes
2014-08-22  Ryan NewtonMerge pull request #5 from bgamari/master
2014-08-22  Ryan NewtonMerge pull request #6 from thomie/master
2014-08-22  Ryan NewtonMerge pull request #7 from thomie/T8899
2014-08-22  Ryan NewtonMerge pull request #8 from thomie/memory-leaks
2014-08-19  Ben GamariRevert "rangeTest fails on Windows (#7379)"
2014-08-19  Ben GamarirangeTest: Fix signed-ness of types
2014-07-10  Thomas MiedemaUse strict fields for StdGen (GHC #7936)
2014-07-10  Thomas MiedemaUse atomicModifyIORef' (strict) (GHC #4218)
2014-07-10  Thomas MiedemaMake TestRandomRs (GHC #4218) fast and add to cabal...
2014-07-08  Thomas MiedemaCleanup + add comments
2014-07-08  Thomas MiedemaThe lowest int generated by StdGen is 1. Fixes ghc...
2014-06-27  Thomas MiedemaUpdate README + issue tracker link in cabal file
2014-03-28  Ryan NewtonMerge pull request #4 from NovaDenizen/master
2014-03-28  Ryan NewtonMerge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/downstream/master'
2014-03-22  Ken Batemanfix for randomIvalInteger, ghc #8898
2014-02-05  Ryan NewtonVersion bump to go with prev
2014-02-04  Ryan NewtonMerge branch 'master' of
2014-02-04  Johan KiviniemiUse in randoms, randomRs to achieve...
2014-02-04  Ryan NewtonMerge pull request #3 from thapakrish/master
2014-02-04  Ryan NewtonMerge pull request #2 from pcapriotti/master
2013-09-11  Herbert Valerio... Update Git repo URL in `.cabal` file
2013-04-29  Krishna ThapaUpdated link
2013-02-26  Gabor GreifAdd .gitignore
2013-02-11  Ian LynaghFollow changes in the testsuite
2013-02-03  Ian LynaghrangeTest fails on Windows (#7379)
2012-03-07  Paolo CapriottiAdd .gitignore.
2011-12-06  Ryan NewtonMinor: comments only random-
2011-11-14  Ryan NewtonMinor, Binsearch documentation update. TODO: Should...
2011-10-22  Ryan NewtonMinor: change the comments to refer to the correct... ghc-7.4
2011-10-12  Ian LynaghFix test following removal of Num's superclasses
2011-09-30  Ryan NewtonFixed bug in Ticket 5501. But there appears to be...
2011-09-30  Ryan NewtonFixed benchmark script to NOT use splittableGen
2011-09-30  Ryan Newtonminor: DEVLOG comments
2011-08-25  Ryan NewtonBumped version for recent bugfixes but disabled Splitta...
2011-08-09  Ryan NewtonMerge pull request #1 from dterei/master
2011-08-04  David TereiUse Safe Haskell for GHC >= 7.2
2011-07-28  Ryan NewtonCleaned up the previous change, removing commented...
2011-07-25  Ryan NewtonDisabled opts line that causes data races.
2011-06-28  Ryan NewtonAdding the simple speed test from ticket #427.
2011-06-28  Ryan NewtonAdded currently unworking test from ticket 4218.
2011-06-28  Ryan NewtonThe tests are failing with stack overflow on large...
2011-06-28  Ryan NewtonAdded tests and benchmarks for BIG Integers.
2011-06-28  Ryan NewtonAdded for github.
2011-06-28  Ryan NewtonExtended rangeTest to handle some more corner cases.
2011-06-28  Ryan NewtonUpdated rangeTest to test randomR as well as random.
2011-06-28  Ryan NewtonAdded a new test to check the range on each type\'s...
2011-06-27  Ryan NewtonConverted Float/Double randomR methods to simply use...
2011-06-27  Ryan NewtonMinor: using unsafeDupablePerformIO to be more fair...
2011-06-27  Ryan NewtonRearranged module organization for Benchmark. Added...