rangeTest: Fix type for "CSigAtomic R" test
[packages/random.git] / tests / rangeTest.hs
2014-08-22  Ben GamarirangeTest: Fix type for "CSigAtomic R" test
2014-08-19  Ben GamarirangeTest: Fix signed-ness of types
2011-10-12  Ian LynaghFix test following removal of Num's superclasses
2011-06-28  Ryan NewtonThe tests are failing with stack overflow on large...
2011-06-28  Ryan NewtonAdded tests and benchmarks for BIG Integers.
2011-06-28  Ryan NewtonExtended rangeTest to handle some more corner cases.
2011-06-28  Ryan NewtonUpdated rangeTest to test randomR as well as random.
2011-06-28  Ryan NewtonAdded a new test to check the range on each type\'s...