Check if waitpidLock is held in getProcessExitCode
[packages/process.git] / cbits /
2017-02-03  Charles CooperRevert "Fix bug in multi-threaded waitForProcess"
2017-02-03  Charles CooperFix bug in multi-threaded waitForProcess
2017-01-30  Michael SnoymanMerge pull request #80 from Mistuke/gh-77-create-proces...
2017-01-29  Tamar ChristinaGH77: Added note.'
2017-01-29  Tamar ChristinaGH77: fixed bug.
2017-01-29  Tamar ChristinaGH77: rebased.
2017-01-29  Tamar ChristinaGH77: fix compile errors.
2017-01-29  Tamar ChristinaGH77: Finish implementation.
2017-01-29  Tamar ChristinaGH77: Working
2017-01-29  Tamar ChristinaGH77: Fix tests
2017-01-29  Tamar ChristinaGH77: Fixed compilation
2017-01-29  Tamar ChristinaGH77: Add scaffolding.
2016-12-13  Michael SnoymanMerge pull request #81 from bgamari/master
2016-12-12  Ben GamarirunProcess.c: Don't close already closed pipes
2016-12-12  Ben GamarirunProcess.c: Clean up whitespace
2016-11-13  Michael SnoymanMerge branch 'master' of
2016-11-13  Michael SnoymanMerge branch 'master' into 74-check-rel-path-subdirs
2016-06-14  Michael SnoymanMerge pull request #65 from Yuras/pipe_leak
2016-05-26  Yuras ShumovichClose pipes on failure
2016-01-23  Tamar ChristinaT11100: Updated the createPipe implementation
2016-01-20  Tamar ChristinaT11100: modified pipe functions. Need some cleanup
2015-10-14  jprider63Revert "Addresses comments from #45. Feel free to squash."
2015-10-14  jprider63Addresses comments from #45. Feel free to squash.
2015-10-14  jprider63Added child_user and child_group to CreateProcess for...
2015-08-19  Michael SnoymanSupport for CREATE_NEW_CONSOLE (fixes #38)
2015-08-18  Daniel BrooksMerge remote-tracking branch 'haskell/master' into...
2015-08-18  Daniel Brookssplit the detached_console flag into two
2015-08-18  Daniel BrooksMerge remote-tracking branch 'db48x/detached' into...
2015-06-14  Michael SnoymanMerge pull request #13 from proger/stdstream-nostream
2015-05-27  Joey Hessadd detach_console flag
2015-05-27  Daniel Brooks(WIP, posix) implement DETACHED_PROCESS using setsid(2)
2015-05-27  Daniel Brooks(WIP, windows) allow DETACHED_PROCESS and CREATE_NO_WIN...
2015-02-18  Michael SnoymanMerge pull request #21 from takenobu-hs/patch-1
2015-02-18  Michael SnoymanMerge pull request #22 from snoyberg/3649-does-not...
2015-02-17  Michael SnoymanFix for GHC Trac 3649, comment 10
2015-01-15  Herbert Valerio... Merge branch 'wip/issue15'
2015-01-11  Duncan CouttsMerge pull request #14 from DaveCTurner/patch-1
2015-01-10  David TurnerWait on child PID after pre-exec failure in child.
2014-12-31  Vladimir Kirillovadd StdStream(NoStream) to have standard handles closed
2013-11-20  Duncan CouttsImplement delegated control-C handling on Unix (#2301)
2013-11-14  Duncan CouttsChange the unix ExitCode encoding again! Now simply...
2013-11-12  Herbert Valerio... Change exit code encoding of `waitForProcess` yet again
2013-06-03  Geoffrey MainlandFix warning about unused result.
2013-06-02  Ian LynaghGive more meaningful error message when trying to run...
2013-06-02  Ian LynaghWhitespace only
2013-06-02  Ian LynaghAdd some braces for clarity
2013-06-02  Ian LynaghWhitespace only
2013-04-27  Ian LynaghSmall cleanup of how we handle using fork vs vfork
2012-11-30  Ian LynaghBump base lower version to 4.5 (the version GHC 7.4...
2012-09-24  Simon Marlowremove ^Ms
2012-09-24  Simon MarlowUse (128+signal) as the exit code when a proc terminate...
2011-05-14  Max BolingbrokeImproved Unicode support (PEP383, Unicode env on Windows)
2011-04-24  Hamish MackenzieUse getProcessId from Win32 package System.Win32.Process
2011-04-23  Hamish MackenzieMerge old fix in, but leave out the process ID from...
2011-04-23  Hamish MackenzieChanges suggested by Favonia and a test case
2011-04-23  Hamish MackenzieSecond fix (ProcessGroup2.patch)
2010-09-25  Simon MarlowAllow waitForProcess to be interrupted by throwTo ...
2010-08-13  Simon MarlowCope with an exit code of -1 (#4198)
2010-05-18  Simon MarlowFix #4074: disable the timer signal around fork()
2009-12-11  Simon MarlowAdd comments re: #431
2009-06-30  Simon MarlowUse Unicode strings for the command and working dir...
2009-06-24  Simon Marlowunblock user signals in the child (fixes #3317)
2009-06-02  Simon MarlowFix #2650: avoid a race condition on Windows when creat...
2009-03-27  Simon Marlowcheck return value from pipe() (quiets gcc)
2009-05-20  Simon Marlowpartially implement close_fds on Windows (#3231)
2009-05-20  Simon MarlowReinstate disableItimers() (#3243)
2009-03-09  Simon MarlowAvoid vfork() bear traps
2009-02-19  Simon MarlowFix #2870: User signals are not blocked before 'fork...
2008-05-29  Simon Marlowfix bug on Windows when redirecting stderr
2008-05-23  Simon MarlowOverhall System.Process
2008-04-28  Simon MarlowFIX #1780: set pipe descriptors FD_CLOEXEC in the parent
2007-09-12  Simon Marlowcall the RTS's stopTimer() to disable itimers if necessary 2007-09-13
2007-08-28  Simon Marlowmore of FIX #1593, this fixes it for runProcess too
2007-08-24  Simon MarlowFIX #1593: failing to set the working directory results...
2007-08-14  Ian LynaghOnly #include execvpe.h when not on Windows
2007-08-05  Ian LynaghMove some internals to unix
2007-05-24  Ian LynaghRemove non-process bits (of base) and rename package... process_2007-05-24
2007-05-19  Ian LynaghSplit off directory, random and old-time packages
2007-05-07  Simon MarlowFIX: #724 (tee complains if used in a process started...
2007-04-04  Ian LynaghHsByteArray doesn't exist
2007-04-03  Ian LynaghFix C/Haskell type mismatches
2007-04-03  Ian LynaghFix type mismatches between foreign imports and HsBase.h
2007-02-09  Ian LynaghThe Windows counterpart to 'wrapround of thread delays'
2006-12-04  Simon Marlowdos2unix
2006-12-04  Simon Marlowdon't try to compile this on Unix
2006-12-01  Simon MarlowAdd support for the IO manager thread on Windows
2006-08-24  Simon MarlowC regex library bits have moved to the regex-posix...
2006-08-23  Don StewartSync Data.ByteString with current stable branch, 0.7
2006-08-11  Ross Patersonreduce dependency on ghcconfig.h
2006-07-01  Don StewartImport Data.ByteString.Lazy, improve ByteString Fusion...
2006-05-03 with FPS head
2006-04-29  Don StewartMerge in Data.ByteString head. Fixes ByteString+cbits...
2006-04-28  Don StewartImport Data.ByteString from fps 0.5.
2006-04-07  Simon MarlowTrack the GHC source tree reorganisation
2006-02-23  Simon Marlowdeclare blkcmp() static
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