Merge pull request #130 from obsidiansystems/expose-cleanupProcess
[packages/process.git] / System /
2018-05-22  Michael SnoymanMerge pull request #130 from obsidiansystems/expose...
2018-05-21  Sridhar RatnakumarAdd release entry for #130
2018-05-18  Sridhar Ratnakumarexpose cleanupProcess
2018-05-16  Michael SnoymanMerge pull request #129 from adamse/iomode
2018-05-15  Adam Sandberg ErikssonImport IOMode from System.IO instead of GHC.IO.IOMode
2018-02-04  Michael SnoymanMerge pull request #117 from Mistuke/patch-1
2018-02-03  Tamar ChristinaDocs update terminateProcess
2017-11-26  Michael SnoymanMerge pull request #109 from sternmull/master
2017-11-16  Tilman BlumhagenAdded getPid
2017-09-17  Michael SnoymanMerge pull request #104 from bgamari/master
2017-09-06  Michael SnoymanMerge pull request #103 from cocreature/docs-withcreate...
2017-09-06  Moritz KieferImprove documentation of withCreateProcess
2017-08-08  Michael SnoymanMerge pull request #101 from mitchellwrosen/master
2017-08-03  Mitchell RosenAllow async exceptions to pierce masked waitForProcess
2017-05-24  Michael SnoymanMerge pull request #97 from jml/patch-1
2017-05-22  Jonathan LangeExport withCreateProcess documentation
2017-04-23  Michael SnoymanMerge pull request #94 from bgamari/master
2017-04-21  Ben GamariSystsem.Process.Posix: Hide mb_delegate_ctlc
2017-03-30  Michael SnoymanMerge pull request #91 from RyanGlScott/master
2017-03-30  Ryan ScottRe-export CGid and friends from System.Process.Internals
2017-02-21  Michael SnoymanMerge pull request #58 from charles-cooper/master
2017-02-20  Charles CooperRemove extra whitespace
2017-02-17  Charles CooperCheck if waitpidLock is held in getProcessExitCode
2017-02-06  Michael SnoymanFix warnings
2017-02-04  Charles CooperAdd comments
2017-02-03  Charles CooperCompile for windows
2017-02-03  Charles CooperFix waitpid race by adding a lock
2017-01-30  Michael SnoymanMerge pull request #88 from jamescheney/patch-1
2017-01-30  James CheneyUpdate Common.hs
2017-01-30  Michael SnoymanMerge pull request #80 from Mistuke/gh-77-create-proces...
2017-01-29  Tamar Christinafix build.
2017-01-29  Tamar Christinarebased and set back WINDOWS_CCONV
2017-01-29  Tamar ChristinaUpdated based on review
2017-01-29  Tamar ChristinaGH77: Add appropriate ifdefs.
2017-01-29  Tamar ChristinaGH77: replace <$> with fmap
2017-01-29  Tamar ChristinaGH77: fix pattern matching posix.
2017-01-29  Tamar ChristinaGH77: remove typo.
2017-01-29  Tamar ChristinaGH77: fix Posix.
2017-01-29  Tamar ChristinaGH77: restored compatibility.
2017-01-29  Tamar ChristinaGH77: fix compile errors.
2017-01-29  Tamar ChristinaGH77: rewrote implementation.
2017-01-29  Tamar ChristinaGH77: Finish implementation.
2017-01-29  Tamar ChristinaGH77: Working
2017-01-29  Tamar ChristinaGH77: Fix tests
2017-01-29  Tamar ChristinaGH77: Replaced system and rawSystem
2017-01-29  Tamar ChristinaGH77: Update readme and export list.
2017-01-29  Tamar ChristinaGH77: Add terminate job
2017-01-29  Tamar ChristinaGH77: Fixed compilation
2017-01-29  Tamar ChristinaGH77: Add scaffolding.
2017-01-22  Michael SnoymanMerge pull request #86 from ndmitchell/master
2017-01-22  Neil Mitchell#82, note that all created handles are in text mode.
2017-01-22  Neil Mitchell#82, remove the incorrect notes that Handle's are in...
2016-12-13  Michael SnoymanMerge pull request #81 from bgamari/master
2016-12-09  Michael SnoymanVersion bump for release #79
2016-11-16  Michael SnoymanMerge pull request #75 from bgamari/master
2016-11-13  Michael SnoymanDerive Show and Eq for CGid as well
2016-11-13  Michael SnoymanMerge branch 'master' of
2016-11-13  Michael SnoymanMerge branch 'better-travis2' into 74-check-rel-path...
2016-11-13  Michael SnoymanMerge branch 'master' of
2016-11-13  Michael SnoymanMerge branch 'master' into 74-check-rel-path-subdirs
2016-11-11  Edward Z. YangAdd a remark on how relative cmdspec is resolved w...
2016-10-23  Michael SnoymanMerge pull request #73 from erikd/master
2016-10-23  Erik de Castro LopoFix CPP usage
2016-08-11  Michael SnoymanMerge pull request #69 from JonCoens/withCreateProcess
2016-08-11  Jon CoensExpose withCreateProcess to users.
2016-05-12  Michael SnoymanMerge pull request #62 from robjhen/master
2016-05-12  Robert HendersonRemoved .hsc extension no longer in use (Process.hs)
2016-03-19  Evan LaforgeAdd Show and Eq instances to CreateProcess, CmdSpce...
2016-01-26  Michael SnoymanMerge pull request #52 from Mistuke/trac-11100-expose... v1.4.2.0
2016-01-26  Tamar ChristinaT11100: renamed functions
2016-01-25  Tamar ChristinaT11100: Updated version and changelog
2016-01-24  Tamar ChristinaT11100: Use the correct Fd type for POSIX.
2016-01-24  Tamar ChristinaT11100: Expose createPipeInternalFd on POSIX systems...
2016-01-23  Tamar ChristinaT11100: Updated the createPipe implementation
2016-01-20  Tamar ChristinaT11100: modified pipe functions. Need some cleanup
2015-11-17  Michael SnoymanMerge pull request #47 from haskell/less-cpp
2015-11-02  Michael SnoymanRemove (broken) support for non-GHC compilers
2015-11-02  Michael SnoymanFix Windows build again
2015-11-02  Michael SnoymanEven less CPP in System.Process
2015-11-02  Michael SnoymanMove interruptProcessGroupOf into per-OS modules
2015-11-02  Michael SnoymanMove createPipe to per-OS modules
2015-11-02  Michael SnoymanFix some GHC 7.2 warnings
2015-11-02  Michael SnoymanAdd some clarifying comments
2015-11-02  Michael SnoymanBuilds on non-Windows
2015-11-02  Michael SnoymanRefactor .Internals into .Common, .Windows, and .Posix...
2015-10-15  Michael SnoymanDefine compatibility types for Windows
2015-10-14  jprider63Updated `CreateProcess` documentation after revert.
2015-10-14  jprider63Revert "Addresses comments from #45. Feel free to squash."
2015-10-14  jprider63Addresses comments from #45. Feel free to squash.
2015-10-14  jprider63Added child_user and child_group to CreateProcess for...
2015-09-30  Michael SnoymanMerge pull request #43 from kraai/patch-3
2015-09-29  kraaiJoin more sentence fragments
2015-09-29  Michael SnoymanMerge pull request #42 from kraai/patch-2
2015-09-28  kraaiJoin sentence fragments
2015-09-20  Michael SnoymanMerge pull request #41 from kraai/patch-1
2015-09-19  kraaiAdd blank comment before "@since"
2015-08-25  Michael SnoymanFix some doc markup (thanks @hvr)
2015-08-19  Michael SnoymanFix compilation error
2015-08-19  Michael SnoymanSupport for CREATE_NEW_CONSOLE (fixes #38)
2015-08-18  Daniel BrooksMerge remote-tracking branch 'haskell/master' into...