2019-05-31  Andrew Martinadd Eq instances for MutableByteArray and MutablePrimAr... master
2019-05-25  Ryan ScottDon't use installed version of transformers
2019-05-25  Ryan ScottRegenerate .travis.yml to use latest haskell-ci
2019-05-17  Andrew Martinadd functions for working with pinned PrimArrays (...
2019-05-17  Carter Tazio... mark the 8.8.1 RC as a ghc head so hackage-head patches...
2019-05-16  Carter Tazio... add some updated to the changelog plus add 8.8.1 to...
2019-05-16  Carter Tazio... lets test only most recent 8.6.5, not earlier bug fix...
2019-05-16  Carter Tazio... Doc cleanups regarding "Affine" safety assumption on...
2019-05-16  Carter Tazio... getting this working right in 7.10 for the test suite
2019-05-16  Carter Tazio... this is gonna be v0.7 just to be clear :)
2019-05-16  Carter Tazio... add semigroup dep for testsuite
2019-05-16  Carter Tazio... fix noduplicate support on older ghc
2019-05-16  Carter Tazio... regenerated travis file
2019-05-16  Carter Tazio... kill an unused import
2019-05-16  Carter Tazio... more misc cleanups
2019-05-16  Carter Tazio... remove word8 reexport
2019-05-16  Carter Tazio... move the prim laws out of QC so we can workshop them
2019-05-16  Carter Tazio... vendoring qc-classes in test suite for now
2019-05-16  Carter Tazio... removing unlifted array support, removing Addr data...
2019-05-16  Carter Tazio... work in progress for v0.7 branch
2019-05-16  David FeuerAdd CPS transformer variants (#227)
2019-05-16  chessairemove all imports of GHC.Prim (#236)
2019-05-01  Carter Tazio... relax bound on master to allow building with ghc 8.8
2019-04-25  Andrew MartinElaborate in the docs for the Prim typeclass. Mention...
2019-04-08  Ryan ScottAdapt to MonadFail-related changes in base-4.13 v0.6.4
2019-03-05  Ryan ScottRegenerate .travis.yml
2019-03-05  Ryan ScottFactor out haskell-ci configuration
2019-02-26  Ryan ScottRevert "Comment out showReadLaws until #223 is fixed"
2019-02-26  David FeuerRead arrays more flexibly (#224)
2019-02-14  Ryan ScottComment out showReadLaws until #223 is fixed
2019-02-05  Carter Tazio... trim trailing white space thats in a few modules
2019-02-05  Carter Tazio... clarify language in documentation of current limitation...
2019-02-05  Carter Tazio... temporary fix for semantic issues in copyMutableArray...
2019-01-05  BodigrimImprove foldrByteArray
2018-12-12  Varun GandhiFix documentation comment for copyMutableArray. (#220)
2018-12-10  Ryan ScottRegenerate .travis.yml
2018-11-14  Carter Tazio... resume supporting pre 4.11 base
2018-11-06  Ryan ScottRegenerate .travis.yml
2018-10-17  Ryan ScottRegenerate .travis.yml
2018-10-17  Ryan ScottDon't use --local-ghc-options=-Wall
2018-10-01  Carter Tazio... adding test and bench documentation to readme
2018-10-01  Carter Tazio... trim trailing whitespace
2018-10-01  Carter Tazio... removing -Wall from PrimArray module
2018-09-22  Ryan ScottTravis: Fully enable GHC 8.6
2018-08-28  David FeuerUse newly-exported StableName constructor (#209)
2018-08-26  M Farkas-Dyckinterleave (#208)
2018-08-19  David FeuerMerge pull request #204 from treeowl/prim-stable
2018-08-19  Andrew Martinadd tests for range-setting operations for StablePtr...
2018-08-19  David FeuerUpdate changelog
2018-08-18  Andrew Martintest PrimUnlifted instance for StableName
2018-08-18  Andrew MartinAdd test for Prim instance of StablePtr. Add tests...
2018-08-18  David FeuerAdd Prim instances for stable things
2018-08-18  David FeuerUpdate
2018-08-18  David FeuerUpdate
2018-08-17  David FeuerSet the stage for UnliftedArray# (#196)
2018-08-17  David FeuerFix PrimUnlifted instances for small arrays (#203)
2018-08-17  Andrew Martinremove PrimUnlifted instance for StablePtr (#202)
2018-08-14  David FeuerFix atomicModifyMutVar'
2018-07-23  chessaiarbitraTy -> arbitraRy
2018-07-17  Shao ChengFix compilation error by recent ghc-head (#187)
2018-07-10  Ryan ScottAllow base-4.12
2018-07-09  chessaifix since pragmas from 0641 -> 0650
2018-07-09  chessaiadd @since pragmas for newtypes
2018-07-06  chessaiadd prim instances for base newtypes, and associated...
2018-07-06  chessaiban vim swap files in .gitignore
2018-07-01  Ryan ScottUncomment DerivingVia test
2018-07-01  Ryan Scott--no-install-dependencies
2018-07-01  Ryan ScottTravis: Use GHC 8.6.1
2018-06-27  Andrew Martinadd benchmarks for different implementations of inequal...
2018-06-03  Ryan ScottUse GHC 8.4.3 on Travis
2018-06-02  Ryan ScottSquash some warnings in the tests and benchmarks
2018-06-02  Ryan ScottEnable -Wall only locally and on Travis
2018-05-31  Andrew MartinUpdate
2018-05-31  Andrew Martinadd mvar to changelog
2018-05-30  Carter Tazio... bump version to for release
2018-05-30  Andrew MartinDefault prim implementations (#165)
2018-05-30  Andrew MartinOrd Instance Documentation (#162)
2018-05-25  chessaicorrect misleading annotations on 'sizeOf' and 'alignment'
2018-05-25  chessaiadd since metadata from 0.6 to 0.6.3
2018-05-25  Andrew MartinDisable semirings support in quickcheck-classes (#164)
2018-05-24  Andrew MartinMerge pull request #163 from andrewthad/since_pragmas
2018-05-24  Andrew Martinadd since pragmas to everything introduced in primitive...
2018-05-23  Andrew MartinUnlifted array functions (#156)
2018-05-21  Andrew Martinimplement MVar in PrimMonad (#150)
2018-05-05  Andrew MartinAdd function for copying from Ptr to MutablePrimArray...
2018-05-04  Andrew MartinFix broken mconcat for SmallArray (#157)
2018-05-01  Andrew Martinexport unary tuple indexing functions for Array and...
2018-04-20  Ryan ScottUse GHC 8.4.2 on Travis
2018-04-20  Andrew MartinRename unsafe traversals (#137)
2018-04-19  Andrew MartinAdd strict map functions for Array and SmallArray ...
2018-04-19  Andrew MartinAdd PrimStorable for deriving getting a Storable instan...
2018-04-19  Andrew Martineliminate needless reexport of sizeOf and alignment...
2018-04-19  Andrew Martindocument in detail the extent of the depravity from...
2018-04-19  Andrew MartinImplement PrimArray (#106)
2018-04-06  Andrew MartinData.Primitive.Ptr (#108)
2018-04-06  Andrew Martinadd PrimUnlifted instances for TVar and MVar (#119)
2018-04-06  Andrew Martinwarn against the dangers of sizeofMutableByteArray...
2018-04-04  Andrew MartinTest resizeByteArray (#128)
2018-04-04  Andrew Martinreexport SmallArray and UnliftedArray types and functio...
2018-04-03  Andrew Martinimplement isByteArrayPinned and isMutableByteArrayPinne...