2016-06-02  David TereiRun testsuite with small stack (issue #29)
2016-06-02  David TereiFix testsuite
2016-06-02  David TereiRename todo document
2016-04-25  David TereiMerge pull request #34 from kRITZCREEK/patch-1
2016-04-25  Christoph HegemannFix typo
2016-02-29  David TereiAdd stack build system support.
2016-02-29  David TereiBump to version v1.1.3.3
2016-02-29  David TereiImprove documentation (fixes #33).
2016-02-06  David TereiMerge pull request #31 from hvr/pr/semigroup
2016-01-11  David TereiFix license badge
2016-01-11  David TereiAdd more badges to readme
2016-01-01  Herbert Valerio... Define Semigroup instances for base>=4.9
2015-03-19  David TereiBump to version pretty- v1.1.3.2
2015-03-19  David TereiClean up module intro documentation.
2015-03-19  David TereiMerge pull request #24 from osa1/master
2015-03-13  Ömer Sinan... test haddock generation in CI
2015-03-13  Ömer Sinan... fix a comment that confuses Haddock
2015-03-11  David TereiBump version to v1.1.3.1
2015-01-27  David TereiMerge pull request #19 from elliottt/annotations
2015-01-27  Trevor ElliottMake TextDetails strict in the NoAnnot constructor
2015-01-24  Trevor ElliottAdd renderDecorated, and renderDecoratedM
2015-01-24  Trevor ElliottUpdate the test suite
2015-01-24  Trevor ElliottExport the Annotated modules
2015-01-24  Trevor ElliottBuild in compatibility with the old pretty API
2015-01-24  Trevor ElliottAdd annotations to the Doc type
2015-01-19  David TereiBump base dependency to >= 4.5 (#18).
2015-01-17  David TereiBump to version v1.1.2.1
2015-01-17  David TereiFix missing files from test-suite.
2015-01-17  David TereiImprove module description for HughesPJ
2014-12-26  David TereiClean up UnitLargeDoc style to be like rest of test... large_docs
2014-12-26  David TereiImprove bench1 cabal support
2014-12-26  Eyal LotemSpecial-case reduce for horiz/vert
2014-12-26  Eyal LotemPut large_doc test (slowest) last
2014-12-26  Eyal LotemResolve foldr-strictness stack overflow bug
2014-12-26  Eyal LotemAdd failing test for large vcat
2014-12-26  David TereiBump to version pretty- v1.1.2.0
2014-12-26  David TereiUpdate changelog
2014-12-26  David TereiFix compilation under GHC 7.10
2014-12-26  David TereiImprove test-suite, merging in GHC tests
2014-12-26  David Tereifix travis for bug in cabal 1.20
2014-12-26  David Tereiremove some unused helper functions from test-suite
2014-12-26  David Tereiwork around bug with `cabal test`
2014-12-25  David Tereifix hslint warnings
2014-12-25  David TereiAdd appropriate Show, Eq and Generic instances
2014-12-25  David Tereiadd minimal pragma to pretty class
2014-12-24  David TereiAdd 'maybe*' variants to all bracketing functions
2014-12-24  David TereiMerge in prettyclass package as useful to have in core
2014-12-22  David TereiUpdate maintainer email in source code
2014-12-22  David TereiRemove incorrect 'version 4' entry from changelog
2014-12-22  David Tereiupdate readme to reflect use of branches in git
2014-12-22  David TereiMore fixes to travis ci
2014-12-22  David Tereimake release v1.1.1.3
2014-12-22  David Tereiadd back in lost release notes
2014-12-22  David TereiFixes to travis and have travis run test-suite
2014-12-22  David Tereiadd cabal sandbox to gitignore
2014-12-22  David TereiFix cabal build issue with test-suite
2014-12-22  David Tereiremove bounds on deepseq (fixes #15)
2014-12-17  David Tereichange doc wording for `ribbonsPerLine` (#14)
2014-12-17  David Tereitweaks to travis ci
2014-12-12  David Tereifixes to hackage badge in readme
2014-12-09  David Tereiupdate readme to include badges
2014-12-09  David Tereiupdate travis config
2014-09-17  David Tereiadd travis support
2014-06-30  David TereiMerge pull request #13 from ivan-m/add_instances v1.1.1.2
2014-06-24  Ivan Lazar... Add NFData and Eq instances
2013-11-13  David TereiFix paper link.
2013-10-27  David TereiUpdate pretty cabal file, readme and changelog for... pretty- v1.1.1.1
2013-10-27  David TereiFix tests for latest quickcheck.
2013-10-27  Herbert Valerio... Bump version to and update bug-reports URL
2013-10-27  Herbert Valerio... Merge branch 'master' of git://
2013-02-19  Ian LynaghTweak tests definition; no functional change
2013-02-17  Ian LynaghRemove use of compose from the testsuite driver
2012-04-13  David Tereiadd tood note
2012-03-10  David TereiMerge pull request #4 from batterseapower/master
2012-03-08  David TereiMerge pull request #5 from pcapriotti/master
2012-03-07  Paolo CapriottiUpdate .gitignore.
2012-03-07  Max BolingbrokeFix cabal-file warnings reported by 'cabal check' that...
2012-03-06  David TereiUpdate tests to pass (by marking some as fail [HACK]) next2
2012-03-06  David Tereifix up indent code
2012-03-06  David TereiFix up cabal build file.
2012-03-06  David Tereioptimize indent (maybe)
2012-03-06  David TereiMove 'test' to 'tests'
2012-03-06  David TereiAdd tests from GHC.
2012-03-06  David TereiClean up testing
2012-03-06  David TereiRemove 'a' type variable from RDoc (mistakenly added)
2012-03-06  David TereiEdits to testing code
2012-03-06  David TereiRestructure code base.
2012-01-10  David TereiRename README -> ghc-7.6 ghc-7.6.1-release ghc-7.6.2-release ghc-7.6.3-release release- release-ghc-7.4.1 v1.1.1.0
2012-01-04  Johan TibellAdd note explaining why we use a different <> ghc-7.4 ghc-7.4.1-release ghc-7.4.2-release pretty-
2011-12-11  Ian LynaghBump version number for 7.4.1 release
2011-11-06  David TereiUpdate readme to note branches used by development
2011-11-06  David TereiRestore missing fixity
2011-08-25  David TereiMerge in some GHC pretty module differences and clean...
2011-08-25  David TereiAdd IRC convo with Duncan
2011-08-25  David TereiAdd TODO file
2011-08-09  David TereiFix conditional pragma to work with 6.12
2011-08-08  David TereiMoved CPP into .cabal file not Pragmas
2011-07-28  David TereiUse Safe Haskell
2011-07-19  David TereiFix some spelling mistakes in comments
2011-07-19  David TereiMake Text.PrettyPrint the recommended module