2014-12-22  David Tereiremove bounds on deepseq (fixes #15)
2014-12-17  David Tereichange doc wording for `ribbonsPerLine` (#14)
2014-12-17  David Tereitweaks to travis ci
2014-12-12  David Tereifixes to hackage badge in readme
2014-12-09  David Tereiupdate readme to include badges
2014-12-09  David Tereiupdate travis config
2014-09-17  David Tereiadd travis support
2014-06-30  David TereiMerge pull request #13 from ivan-m/add_instances v1.1.1.2
2014-06-24  Ivan Lazar... Add NFData and Eq instances
2013-11-13  David TereiFix paper link.
2013-10-27  David TereiUpdate pretty cabal file, readme and changelog for... pretty- v1.1.1.1
2013-10-27  David TereiFix tests for latest quickcheck.
2013-10-27  Herbert Valerio... Bump version to and update bug-reports URL
2013-10-27  Herbert Valerio... Merge branch 'master' of git://
2013-02-19  Ian LynaghTweak tests definition; no functional change
2013-02-17  Ian LynaghRemove use of compose from the testsuite driver
2012-04-13  David Tereiadd tood note
2012-03-10  David TereiMerge pull request #4 from batterseapower/master
2012-03-08  David TereiMerge pull request #5 from pcapriotti/master
2012-03-07  Paolo CapriottiUpdate .gitignore.
2012-03-07  Max BolingbrokeFix cabal-file warnings reported by 'cabal check' that...
2012-03-06  David TereiUpdate tests to pass (by marking some as fail [HACK]) next2
2012-03-06  David Tereifix up indent code
2012-03-06  David TereiFix up cabal build file.
2012-03-06  David Tereioptimize indent (maybe)
2012-03-06  David TereiMove 'test' to 'tests'
2012-03-06  David TereiAdd tests from GHC.
2012-03-06  David TereiClean up testing
2012-03-06  David TereiRemove 'a' type variable from RDoc (mistakenly added)
2012-03-06  David TereiEdits to testing code
2012-03-06  David TereiRestructure code base.
2012-01-10  David TereiRename README -> ghc-7.6 ghc-7.6.1-release ghc-7.6.2-release ghc-7.6.3-release release- release-ghc-7.4.1 v1.1.1.0
2012-01-04  Johan TibellAdd note explaining why we use a different <> ghc-7.4 ghc-7.4.1-release ghc-7.4.2-release pretty-
2011-12-11  Ian LynaghBump version number for 7.4.1 release
2011-11-06  David TereiUpdate readme to note branches used by development
2011-11-06  David TereiRestore missing fixity
2011-08-25  David TereiMerge in some GHC pretty module differences and clean...
2011-08-25  David TereiAdd IRC convo with Duncan
2011-08-25  David TereiAdd TODO file
2011-08-09  David TereiFix conditional pragma to work with 6.12
2011-08-08  David TereiMoved CPP into .cabal file not Pragmas
2011-07-28  David TereiUse Safe Haskell
2011-07-19  David TereiFix some spelling mistakes in comments
2011-07-19  David TereiMake Text.PrettyPrint the recommended module
2011-07-19  David TereiChange metadata of modules
2011-07-19  David TereiRemove old redundant files
2011-07-19  David TereiMore updates to README and .cabal
2011-07-19  David TereiUpdate README to new description
2011-07-19  David TereiMore informative description in cabal file
2011-07-19  David TereiAdd a readme file
2011-07-19  David TereiAdd gitignore file
2011-07-19  David TereiUpdate cabal file for new git location and maintainer ghc-7.2 ghc-7.2.1-release ghc-7.2.2-release
2011-07-06  Ian LynaghBump version number
2011-04-08  Ian LynaghUpdate source repo location to be the git repo in ...
2010-12-10  Christian.Maeder... shortened too long lines and removed redundant brackets darcs-switchover ghc-darcs-git-switchover
2010-12-10  Christian.Maeder... use replicate for indent, spaces and multi_ch
2010-12-10  Christian.Maeder... added sizedText
2010-12-10  Christian.Maeder... replaced tabs and removed trailing spaces
2010-10-08  Bas van DijkAdded instance Monoid Doc where mempty = empty; mappend...
2010-10-08  Bas van DijkAdded instance IsString Doc where fromString = text
2010-09-16  Ian LynaghBump version number ->
2010-09-12  Ian LynaghFix doc typo; trac #4298
2010-03-04  Benedikt Huber vcat should behave like 'foldr ($$) empty', not 'foldr...
2009-09-20  Ian LynaghBump version to
2009-08-11  Ian LynaghFix "Cabal check" warnings
2009-07-07  Ian LynaghRemove unused imports
2009-01-22  Ian LynaghRequire Cabal version >= 1.6 2009-06-25
2009-01-21  Ian LynaghAdd "bug-reports" and "source-repository" info to the...
2008-09-20  Ian LynaghBump version number to
2008-08-24  Ross Patersonadd category field 6_10_branch_has_been_forked
2008-07-06  Ian LynaghFix warnings and change a comment that was confusing...
2008-07-06  Ian LynaghMerge the rest of Benedikt Huber's "Fix HughesPJ develo...
2008-07-06  Ian LynaghMerge the rest of Benedikt Huber's "Fix bug #1337,...
2008-06-26  benedikt.huber... Adds a `zeroWidthText' primitive to the library, in...
2008-06-29  Ian LynaghAdd a type-sig - fixes validating
2008-06-24  benedikt.huber... fillNB bug, lazy vcat
2008-06-20  Ian LynaghFix warnings
2007-10-18  Duncan CouttsSpecify build-type: Simple 2008-05-28
2007-09-13  Ian LynaghAdd a boring file
2007-06-04  Ross Paterson--configure-option and --ghc-option are now provided... 2007-09-13 ghc-6_8_branched_2007-09-03
2007-05-18  Ian LynaghRemove non-pretty-printing stuff (of base), and rename... pretty_2007-05-24
2007-05-17  Simon Marlowadd install-includes: field
2007-05-16  Simon Marlowcorrect the documentation for newForeignPtr
2007-05-15  Simon MarlowWhen doing safe writes, handle EAGAIN rather than raisi...
2007-05-14  Ian LynaghUse FilePath to make paths when building GHC/Prim.hs...
2007-05-09  Ian LynaghBuild GHC/Prim.hs and GHC/PrimopWrappers.hs from Cabal
2007-05-13  Ross Patersonfix imports for non-GHC
2007-05-12  Ian LynaghGive an example of how intersection takes elements...
2007-05-08  Malcolm.Wallace... further clarify the docs for 'evaluate'
2007-05-08  Simon Marlowimprove documentation for evaluate
2007-05-07  Simon MarlowFIX: #724 (tee complains if used in a process started...
2007-04-26  Simon Marlowthe "unknown" types are no longer required
2007-05-04  Malcolm.Wallace... Make Control.Exception buildable by nhc98.
2007-05-03  simonpj@microsoftTrim imports, remove a cycle
2007-05-03  simonpj@microsoftBe less quiet about building the base package
2007-02-21  simonpj@microsoftRemove Splittable class (a vestige of linear implicit...
2007-02-21  simonpj@microsoftAdd IsString to exports of GHC.Exts
2007-04-26  Simon Marlowtweak documentation as per suggestion from Marc Weber...
2007-04-24  Ian LynaghAdd extra libraries when compiling with GHC on Windows
2007-04-18  Ian LynaghFollow Cabal changes in Setup.hs