Remove non-pretty-printing stuff (of base), and rename package to "pretty" pretty_2007-05-24
authorIan Lynagh <>
Fri, 18 May 2007 16:37:57 +0000 (16:37 +0000)
committerIan Lynagh <>
Fri, 18 May 2007 16:37:57 +0000 (16:37 +0000)
Remove non-pretty-printing stuff (of base), and rename package to "pretty"
203 files changed:
Control/Applicative.hs [deleted file]
Control/Arrow.hs [deleted file]
Control/Concurrent.hs [deleted file]
Control/Concurrent/Chan.hs [deleted file]
Control/Concurrent/MVar.hs [deleted file]
Control/Concurrent/QSem.hs [deleted file]
Control/Concurrent/QSemN.hs [deleted file]
Control/Concurrent/SampleVar.hs [deleted file]
Control/Exception.hs [deleted file]
Control/Monad.hs [deleted file]
Control/Monad/Fix.hs [deleted file]
Control/Monad/Instances.hs [deleted file]
Control/Monad/ST.hs [deleted file]
Control/Monad/ST/Lazy.hs [deleted file]
Control/Monad/ST/Strict.hs [deleted file]
Control/Parallel.hs [deleted file]
Control/Parallel/Strategies.hs [deleted file]
Data/Array.hs [deleted file]
Data/Array/Base.hs [deleted file]
Data/Array/Diff.hs [deleted file]
Data/Array/IArray.hs [deleted file]
Data/Array/IO.hs [deleted file]
Data/Array/IO/Internals.hs [deleted file]
Data/Array/MArray.hs [deleted file]
Data/Array/ST.hs [deleted file]
Data/Array/Storable.hs [deleted file]
Data/Array/Unboxed.hs [deleted file]
Data/Bits.hs [deleted file]
Data/Bool.hs [deleted file]
Data/ByteString.hs [deleted file]
Data/ByteString/Base.hs [deleted file]
Data/ByteString/Char8.hs [deleted file]
Data/ByteString/Fusion.hs [deleted file]
Data/ByteString/Lazy.hs [deleted file]
Data/ByteString/Lazy/Char8.hs [deleted file]
Data/Char.hs [deleted file]
Data/Complex.hs [deleted file]
Data/Dynamic.hs [deleted file]
Data/Dynamic.hs-boot [deleted file]
Data/Either.hs [deleted file]
Data/Eq.hs [deleted file]
Data/Fixed.hs [deleted file]
Data/Foldable.hs [deleted file]
Data/Function.hs [deleted file]
Data/Generics.hs [deleted file]
Data/Generics/Aliases.hs [deleted file]
Data/Generics/Basics.hs [deleted file]
Data/Generics/Instances.hs [deleted file]
Data/Generics/Schemes.hs [deleted file]
Data/Generics/Text.hs [deleted file]
Data/Generics/Twins.hs [deleted file]
Data/Graph.hs [deleted file]
Data/HashTable.hs [deleted file]
Data/IORef.hs [deleted file]
Data/Int.hs [deleted file]
Data/IntMap.hs [deleted file]
Data/IntSet.hs [deleted file]
Data/Ix.hs [deleted file]
Data/List.hs [deleted file]
Data/Map.hs [deleted file]
Data/Maybe.hs [deleted file]
Data/Monoid.hs [deleted file]
Data/Ord.hs [deleted file]
Data/PackedString.hs [deleted file]
Data/Ratio.hs [deleted file]
Data/STRef.hs [deleted file]
Data/STRef/Lazy.hs [deleted file]
Data/STRef/Strict.hs [deleted file]
Data/Sequence.hs [deleted file]
Data/Set.hs [deleted file]
Data/String.hs [deleted file]
Data/Traversable.hs [deleted file]
Data/Tree.hs [deleted file]
Data/Tuple.hs [deleted file]
Data/Typeable.hs [deleted file]
Data/Typeable.hs-boot [deleted file]
Data/Unique.hs [deleted file]
Data/Version.hs [deleted file]
Data/Word.hs [deleted file]
Debug/Trace.hs [deleted file]
Foreign.hs [deleted file]
Foreign/C.hs [deleted file]
Foreign/C/Error.hs [deleted file]
Foreign/C/String.hs [deleted file]
Foreign/C/Types.hs [deleted file]
Foreign/Concurrent.hs [deleted file]
Foreign/ForeignPtr.hs [deleted file]
Foreign/Marshal.hs [deleted file]
Foreign/Marshal/Alloc.hs [deleted file]
Foreign/Marshal/Array.hs [deleted file]
Foreign/Marshal/Error.hs [deleted file]
Foreign/Marshal/Pool.hs [deleted file]
Foreign/Marshal/Utils.hs [deleted file]
Foreign/Ptr.hs [deleted file]
Foreign/StablePtr.hs [deleted file]
Foreign/Storable.hs [deleted file]
Foreign/Storable.hs-boot [deleted file]
GHC/Arr.lhs [deleted file]
GHC/Base.lhs [deleted file]
GHC/Conc.lhs [deleted file]
GHC/ConsoleHandler.hs [deleted file]
GHC/Dotnet.hs [deleted file]
GHC/Enum.lhs [deleted file]
GHC/Err.lhs [deleted file]
GHC/Err.lhs-boot [deleted file]
GHC/Exception.lhs [deleted file]
GHC/Exts.hs [deleted file]
GHC/Float.lhs [deleted file]
GHC/ForeignPtr.hs [deleted file]
GHC/Handle.hs [deleted file]
GHC/IO.hs [deleted file]
GHC/IOBase.lhs [deleted file]
GHC/Int.hs [deleted file]
GHC/List.lhs [deleted file]
GHC/Num.lhs [deleted file]
GHC/PArr.hs [deleted file]
GHC/Pack.lhs [deleted file]
GHC/Ptr.lhs [deleted file]
GHC/Read.lhs [deleted file]
GHC/Real.lhs [deleted file]
GHC/ST.lhs [deleted file]
GHC/STRef.lhs [deleted file]
GHC/Show.lhs [deleted file]
GHC/Stable.lhs [deleted file]
GHC/Storable.lhs [deleted file]
GHC/TopHandler.lhs [deleted file]
GHC/TopHandler.lhs-boot [deleted file]
GHC/Unicode.hs [deleted file]
GHC/Unicode.hs-boot [deleted file]
GHC/Weak.lhs [deleted file]
GHC/Word.hs [deleted file]
Makefile [deleted file]
Makefile.nhc98 [deleted file]
NHC/Makefile [deleted file]
NHC/PosixTypes.hsc [deleted file]
NHC/SizedTypes.hs [deleted file]
Numeric.hs [deleted file]
Prelude.hs [deleted file]
System/CPUTime.hsc [deleted file]
System/Cmd.hs [deleted file]
System/Console/GetOpt.hs [deleted file]
System/Directory.hs [deleted file]
System/Directory/Internals.hs [deleted file]
System/Environment.hs [deleted file]
System/Exit.hs [deleted file]
System/IO.hs [deleted file]
System/IO/Error.hs [deleted file]
System/IO/Unsafe.hs [deleted file]
System/Info.hs [deleted file]
System/Locale.hs [deleted file]
System/Mem.hs [deleted file]
System/Mem/StableName.hs [deleted file]
System/Mem/Weak.hs [deleted file]
System/Posix/Internals.hs [deleted file]
System/Posix/Signals.hs [deleted file]
System/Posix/Types.hs [deleted file]
System/Process.hs [deleted file]
System/Process/Internals.hs [deleted file]
System/Random.hs [deleted file]
System/Time.hsc [deleted file]
System/Timeout.hs [deleted file]
Text/ParserCombinators/ReadP.hs [deleted file]
Text/ParserCombinators/ReadPrec.hs [deleted file]
Text/Printf.hs [deleted file]
Text/Read.hs [deleted file]
Text/Read/Lex.hs [deleted file]
Text/Show.hs [deleted file]
Text/Show/Functions.hs [deleted file]
Unsafe/Coerce.hs [deleted file]
aclocal.m4 [deleted file]
base.cabal [deleted file]
cbits/Makefile [deleted file]
cbits/PrelIOUtils.c [deleted file]
cbits/WCsubst.c [deleted file]
cbits/Win32Utils.c [deleted file]
cbits/consUtils.c [deleted file]
cbits/dirUtils.c [deleted file]
cbits/execvpe.c [deleted file]
cbits/fpstring.c [deleted file]
cbits/inputReady.c [deleted file]
cbits/lockFile.c [deleted file]
cbits/longlong.c [deleted file]
cbits/runProcess.c [deleted file]
cbits/selectUtils.c [deleted file]
cbits/timeUtils.c [deleted file]
cbits/ubconfc [deleted file] [deleted file]
include/CTypes.h [deleted file]
include/HsBase.h [deleted file]
include/Makefile [deleted file]
include/Typeable.h [deleted file]
include/WCsubst.h [deleted file]
include/consUtils.h [deleted file]
include/dirUtils.h [deleted file]
include/fpstring.h [deleted file]
include/lockFile.h [deleted file]
include/runProcess.h [deleted file]
include/timeUtils.h [deleted file] [deleted file]
pretty.cabal [new file with mode: 0644]