2015-11-16  Antoine LatterAdd instances for 'Tyepable'.
2015-05-18  Antoine LatterMerge pull request #36 from benpence/master
2015-05-17  Ben PenceFixes minor documentation inconsistency
2015-04-15  Antoine LatterMerge pull request #34 from simonvandel/patch-1
2015-04-15  Simon Vandel... Fix documentation for emptyDef not rendering
2015-03-28  Antoine LatterMerge pull request #31 from aslatter/aslatter-travis...
2015-03-22  Antoine LatterRemove optimization level from package description
2015-03-22  Antoine LatterSwitch to multi-ghc style travis script
2015-03-22  Antoine LatterSmall cleanup in package description.
2015-03-22  Antoine LatterRemove split-base conditional compilation option.
2015-03-19  Antoine LatterMerge pull request #30 from aslatter/aslatter-test...
2015-03-19  Antoine LatterTest against multiple GHC versions in Travis CI.
2015-03-19  Antoine LatterMerge pull request #29 from aslatter/aslatter-release...
2015-03-19  Antoine LatterUpdate changelog.
2015-03-19  Antoine LatterBump package version.
2015-03-19  Antoine LatterMerge pull request #28 from aslatter/aslatter-fix-27
2015-03-19  Antoine LatterTravis-CI: We don't need 'sudo' access
2015-03-19  Antoine LatterAdd TODO comment to travis CI confgi
2015-03-19  Antoine LatterCreate travis-CI config file
2015-03-19  Antoine LatterExport 'runP' from Text.Parsec
2015-03-07  Antoine LatterMerge pull request #26 from joelwilliamson/patch-1
2015-03-07  Joel WilliamsonFixed type of argument to char in examples
2015-01-24  Antoine LatterMerge pull request #23 from talw/master
2015-01-24  Tal WalterFixed a mistake (Applicative to Alternative) in the...
2015-01-10  Antoine LatterMerge pull request #20 from cdepillabout/patch-1
2015-01-10  cdepillaboutFixing spelling mistake in doc for chain function
2015-01-10  Antoine LatterMerge branch '3.1.7_maint'
2015-01-10  Antoine LatterMerge branch 'master' into 3.1.7_maint
2015-01-10  Antoine LatterUpdate version and changelog for 3.1.8 release.
2015-01-10  Antoine LatterFix module exports for Stream, Consumed, Reply, and...
2014-12-13  Antoine LatterMerge pull request #14 from jcpetruzza/Eq-ParseError
2014-11-03  Daniel GorinAdd an Eq instance for ParseError
2014-10-29  Antoine LatterMerge pull request #13 from slava-sh/master
2014-10-29  Slava ShklyaevFix a typo
2014-10-29  Antoine LatterMerge pull request #12 from esg/master
2014-10-29  Emil SkoeldbergSpelling fix. ('seperate' -> 'separate').
2014-10-17  Antoine LatterMerge pull request #11 from cies/master
2014-10-16  Cies BreijsChanged the homepage to the Github page.
2014-10-16  Cies BreijsChanged prologue into a README in markdown format.
2014-09-25  Antoine LatterUpdate changelog.
2014-09-25  Antoine LatterTests are now -Wall clean.
2014-09-25  Marios TitaslookAhead: reset error messages on success
2014-09-25  Antoine LatterAdd test for #6.
2014-09-25  Antoine LatterRevert "Track current position in the 'tokens' function"
2014-09-25  Antoine LatterPost-release version bump
2014-09-25  Antoine LatterAdd test for #9.
2014-09-10  Antoine LatterUpdate changelog.
2014-09-10  Antoine LatterFix off-by-one error in Token charControl.
2014-09-10  Antoine LatterUpdate git ignore file.
2014-09-10  Antoine LatterMerge pull request #3 from Daniel-Diaz/master
2014-09-10  Antoine LatterMerge pull request #4 from RyanGlScott/master
2014-09-09  RyanGlScottBump text upper version bounds
2014-07-23  Antoine LatterRemove reference to darcs in package description.
2014-05-19  Daniel DíazRenamed 'anyNewline' to 'endOfLine' as suggested in...
2014-05-12  Daniel DíazAdded parser for CRLF line breaks and a parser combinin...
2014-04-09  Antoine LatterNo more orphan 'Stream' instances.
2014-04-09  Antoine LatterAdd git ignore file, remove darcs boring file
2014-04-03  Roman CheplyakaTrack current position in the 'tokens' function
2014-03-28  Antoine LatterMerge pull request #1 from creswick/master
2014-03-24  Rogan Creswickmoved Stream instance for lists from Text.Parsec.String...
2014-03-24  Antoine LatterModule 'prim' is now 'not home' for haddock links.
2014-03-24  Antoine LatterUpdate changelog.
2014-03-24  Antoine LatterExplicitly export symbols from 'Combinator' and 'Prim...
2014-03-24  Antoine LatterExport 'text' instances from 'Text.Parsec'.
2014-03-24  Antoine LatterFix some haddocks.
2014-03-24  Antoine LatterAdd 'bug-reports' section to package description.
2014-03-23  Antoine LatterBump version, move to github.
2014-01-11  Antoine LatterBump version and allow newer "text" dependency
2013-12-09  Antoine LatterAllow 'text' version 1.0
2013-12-09  Antoine LatterVersion bump
2013-08-21  Bjorn BuckwalterFix haddock module links.
2012-06-12  Antoine Latteradd changefile to package description
2012-06-12  Antoine LatterAdd changefile, update for release
2012-06-12  Antoine LatterAdd versioned 'boring' file for darcs
2012-06-12  Antoine Latterbump version for release
2012-05-30  Roman CheplyakaWhen merging error messages, prefer known messages...
2011-12-28  Roman CheplyakaDocumentation fix
2011-10-08  Antoine Latterversion bump for release
2011-10-08  Antoine Latteradd Stream Text instances
2011-10-08  Antoine LatterFix reserved name recognition for case-insensitive...
2011-02-20  Roman CheplyakalookAhead: do not consume input on success; update...
2011-02-20  Roman Cheplyakatry: do not reset the error position
2011-02-20  Roman CheplyakaChoose the longest match when merging error messages
2011-01-29  Antoine Latteradd source repository information to package description
2011-01-29  Antoine Latterremove ghc-pro-options from package description
2011-01-29  Antoine Latterupdate maintainer in package description
2011-01-08  Derek ElkinsMinor fix to the CPP and bump version.
2010-09-08  Antoine Latterremove dependency on package 'syb'
2010-10-03  Antoine LatterCarry forward error messages when parsers don't consume...
2010-09-27  Derek ElkinsFixing typos.
2010-03-04  Derek ElkinsUpdate Daan's email address
2010-03-04  Derek ElkinsGeneralize notFollowedBy
2010-03-04  Antoine Latterversion bump
2010-03-04  Antoine Latteradd explicit export list to .Prim
2010-03-04  Antoine Latteradd documentation to new functions in .Prim
2009-12-15  Bryan O'SullivanResolve a small conflict.
2009-11-23  Antoine Latteranother fix for many
2009-11-22  Antoine Latterspecify base version
2009-11-22  Antoine Latterfix 'many'
2009-03-02  Antoine Lattermove core data type over to CPS