2019-02-01  Herbert Valerio... Declare support for upcoming/unreleased base-4.13 master
2018-12-28  Phil RuffwindFix various documentation formatting bugs
2018-12-17  Phil RuffwindgetXdgDirectory no longer rejects relative paths in...
2018-12-14  Phil Ruffwindtestscript: Handle errors in curl
2018-12-13  Chaitanya KoparkarFix a -Wincomplete-uni-patterns warning
2018-10-16  Phil RuffwindWork around buggy utimensat on Travis OS X
2018-07-17  Phil RuffwindDocument limitations of permissions API
2018-07-17  Phil RuffwindDocument behavior of getXdgDirectory on absolute paths
2018-07-17  Phil RuffwindMake doesDirectoryExist and doesPathExist reject empty...
2018-06-03  Phil RuffwindAdd version comparison tool
2018-06-03  Phil RuffwindForgot to add Safe to other-extensions for tests
2018-05-25  Phil RuffwindcreateSymbolicLinkUnpriv: include unpriv flag when...
2018-05-21  Phil RuffwindClean up and make coding style more consistent
2018-05-20  Phil RuffwindRefactor and migrate platform-specific details to ...
2018-05-05  Phil RuffwindSupport Win32 2.8
2018-04-17  Phil RuffwindUpdate changelog for version bump to unix
2018-04-16  Ryan ScottBump upper bound on unix to < 2.9
2018-04-11  Phil RuffwindUpdate changelog for
2018-04-10  Ryan ScottBump upper bound on base to < 4.13 RyanGlScott-patch-1
2018-03-04  Phil RuffwindSupport Win32 2.7
2018-01-27  Phil RuffwindImplement getXdgDirectoryList
2018-01-27  Phil RuffwindQuieten AppVeyor
2018-01-27  Phil RuffwindSupport time-1.9
2017-10-09  Phil RuffwindRename windows.h to windows_ext.h
2017-09-26  Phil RuffwindUpdate CI testscript
2017-09-26  Phil RuffwindBump version to
2017-09-25  Phil RuffwindAdd Win32- to appveyor.yml
2017-09-25  Tamar ChristinaUpdate changelog.
2017-09-25  Tamar ChristinaWin32 2.6 support
2017-09-24  Phil RuffwindRelax Win32 bounds to support 2.6
2017-09-16  Phil Ruffwindtools/testscript: avoid unbound variable
2017-09-16  Phil RuffwindBump version to
2017-09-15  Ben GamariBump upper bound on base
2017-09-15  Phil RuffwindWork around broken CI due to commercialhaskell/stack...
2017-03-14  Phil RuffwindUpdate changelog date
2017-03-07  Phil RuffwindAbsolutize paths on Windows when possible
2017-03-07  Phil RuffwindUpdate
2017-03-07  Phil RuffwindRefactor pathIsSymbolicLink to use Metadata interface
2017-03-07  Phil RuffwindmakeAbsolute: handle drive-relative paths
2017-03-07  Phil RuffwindRefactor permissions implementation
2017-03-07  Phil RuffwindAdd tests for setPermissions
2017-03-07  Phil RuffwindUse fILE_ATTRIBUTE_REPARSE_POINT from Win32 when available
2017-03-07  Phil RuffwindMigrate getFileTimes to the Metadata interface
2017-03-06  Phil RuffwindRevert long path support for setCurrentDirectory
2017-03-06  Phil RuffwindAdd tests for long path support
2017-03-06  Phil RuffwindRemove withFileStatus to avoid long path restrictions
2017-03-05  Phil RuffwindBump .cabal version
2017-03-05  Phil RuffwindImprove support for long paths on Windows
2017-03-05  Phil RuffwindImprove path normalisation on Windows
2017-03-02  Phil RuffwindAdd more canonicalizePath tests
2017-03-02  Phil RuffwindRe-hide unnecessary internal modules
2017-03-02  Phil RuffwindcanonicalizePath can now resolve broken symlinks
2017-03-02  Phil RuffwindAdd full suite of symbolic link functions
2017-03-02  Phil RuffwindImplement readSymbolicLink for Windows
2017-02-28  Phil RuffwindMake internal modules visible
2017-02-28  Phil RuffwindfindFile et al: ignore dirs when abs path is given
2017-02-15  Phil RuffwindSupport time-1.8 v1.3.0.2
2017-02-10  Phil RuffwindWarn about effects of removePathForcibly on hard links
2017-02-10  Phil RuffwindUpdate changelog for #69
2017-02-08  Niklas Hamb├╝chenReduce system call overhead of `copyFile` by increasing...
2017-01-19  Phil 2.5, not 2.6
2017-01-18  Phil RuffwindUpdate changelog for previous commit
2017-01-18  Tamar ChristinaWin32: bump to 2.6
2016-12-25  Phil RuffwindAdd dependencies status to README
2016-12-21  Phil Ruffwindtestscript: Stack on Windows switched back to .zip
2016-12-21  Phil highlight important changes
2016-12-06  Phil RuffwindPrepend instead of overwrite error locations
2016-12-06  Phil RuffwindcanonicalizePath: Use GetFinalPathName when available
2016-12-06  Phil RuffwindcanonicalizePath: Canonicalize case on Windows
2016-12-06  Phil RuffwindcanonicalizePath: Deref file symlinks even if not last...
2016-12-06  Phil RuffwindDeduce correct alignment in CTimeSpec using hsc2hs
2016-12-06  Phil RuffwindCreate Internal.Prelude module
2016-12-03  Phil RuffwindRename isSymbolicLink to pathIsSymbolicLink
2016-12-03  Phil RuffwindFix AppVeyor
2016-12-03  Phil RuffwindUse PREBUILD scripts in CI
2016-12-03  Phil RuffwindAdd Win32- to appveyor.yml
2016-12-03  Phil RuffwindAdd tests for makeAbsolute
2016-11-29  Phil RuffwindcanonicalizePath: Drop trailing slashes
2016-11-28  Phil RuffwindAdd GHC 8.0.1 to CI
2016-11-21  Phil RuffwindRelax upper bounds on time and Win32
2016-11-15  Ben GamariBump upper bound on base
2016-11-01  Phil RuffwindImprove robustness of removePathForcibly
2016-10-23  Erik de Castro... Fix CPP usage
2016-09-08  Phil RuffwindAdd missing "since" annotations
2016-08-06  Phil RuffwindCorrect changelog regarding GHC 8.0.1
2016-08-04  Phil RuffwindAdd removePathForcibly
2016-07-14  Phil RuffwindAdd renamePath
2016-06-20  Phil RuffwindAdd getFileSize
2016-06-20  Phil RuffwindAdd doesPathExist
2016-06-13  Phil RuffwindChange AppVeyor badge to show only master branch
2016-06-13  Phil RuffwindRemove deprecated C bits
2016-05-22  Simon JakobiFix dates in changelog
2016-05-10  Phil RuffwindUpdate AppVeyor badge in README
2016-05-01  Phil RuffwindUpdate changelog because it's May now
2016-05-01  Phil RuffwindMake test script more idempotent
2016-05-01  Phil RuffwindAdd LTS 2 to AppVeyor to test against GHC 7.8
2016-04-30  Phil RuffwindImport (<*>) on Windows when base < 4.8
2016-04-27  Phil RuffwindMove Windows-specific foreign entities to Internal...
2016-04-27  Phil RuffwindRename Internal.hsc to Internal.hs