2011-12-12  Ian LynaghUpdate dependencies master Cabal-1.14.0-release ghc-7.4.1-release ghc-7.4.2-release
2011-12-12  Ian LynaghBump version to 1.14.0
2011-11-07  Andres Loehchanged --override-reinstall-check to --force-reinstalls
2011-11-07  Andres Loehdo not print reinstall warning if --override-reinstall...
2011-11-07  Andres Loehslightly modify a debug message in the new solver
2011-11-04  Duncan CouttsFix fallout of Num / Show class changes in ghc-7.4
2011-11-03  Andres Loehchange solver default to TopDown for now
2011-10-29  Andres Loehremoving dead code
2011-10-29  Andres Loehgoal choice heuristic in modular solver: choose base...
2011-10-29  Andres Loehbugfix: wrong flag choice was sometimes shown in goal...
2011-10-29  Andres Loehwhen printing the install plan, show non-default flag...
2011-10-29  Andres Loehremove trailing whitespace
2011-10-28  Andres Loehproper fix for default solver option handling
2011-10-28  Andres Loehremoving wrong option handling fix
2011-10-28  Andres Loehfixed a strange options handling bug
2011-10-28  Andres Loehrevised solver flag configuration
2011-10-27  Andres Loehmake solver configurable via command-line flag
2011-10-27  Andres Loehreactivate (but not use) the top-down resolver
2011-10-27  Andres Loehrestore the index conversion utility function, but...
2011-10-27  Andres Loehcollapse repeated flag choices
2011-10-27  Andres Loehfixing warnings
2011-10-27  Andres Loehadding a lookup function for PSQs
2011-10-27  Andres Loehminor clarification in naming
2011-10-27  Andres Loehremoving dead code for global flag enforcement
2011-10-27  Andres Loehthere may be more than one package constraint per package
2011-10-27  Andres Loehin parsing user constraints, require a space to separat...
2011-10-26  Jens Petersenadd --override-reinstall-check option
2011-10-25  Andres Loehtreat ghc-prim like base as non-upgradeable in modular...
2011-10-25  Andres Loehmerging changes from HEAD into modular-solver branch
2011-10-21  Andres LoehAdded a check for destructive reinstalls.
2011-10-21  Andres Loehmerging modular solver with main branch
2011-07-09  Andres LoehAdded flag --independent-goals (not yet functioning...
2011-07-08  Andres LoehFixing a few warnings.
2011-07-07  Andres Loehmake max backjumps configurable
2011-07-05  Andres Loehintroduce backjump limit, and produce error messages
2011-07-04  Andres LoehGeneralized the type of traversals.
2011-07-04  Andres LoehAdded a Functor instance for search trees.
2011-07-04  Andres LoehRewrite traversals using a new combinator.
2011-07-04  Andres LoehRefactoring: write traversals in a nicer way
2011-07-04  Andres Loehlayout
2011-07-03  Andres LoehAdded a --reorder-goals flag.
2011-07-03  Andres Loehswitch goal reordering off by default
2011-07-03  Andres Loehswitch to less precise, more efficient goal reordering
2011-07-03  Andres LoehRefactoring: use toConflictSet
2011-07-03  Andres Loehbetter conflict reporting
2011-07-03  Andres LoehKeep better track of goal reasons.
2011-06-30  Andres Loehtypo
2011-06-30  Andres LoehRefactoring: moving goals to Dependency module
2011-06-30  Andres Loehadding a command-line flag to avoid reinstalls
2011-06-21  Andres Loehmake conflict sets slightly larger
2011-06-21  Andres Loehmore compact output for multiple subsequently rejected...
2011-06-21  Andres Loehdebug output for backjumping
2011-06-21  Andres Loehdocumentation for backjumping
2011-06-21  Andres Loehmaintain chains of GoalReasons
2011-06-20  Andres Loehrefactoring: conflict sets are now sets instead of...
2011-06-20  Andres Loehimplemented a version of backjumping
2011-06-20  Andres Loehannotate with goal reason throughout reordering phase
2011-06-20  Andres Loehno annotations needed in goal choices
2011-06-20  Andres Loehrefactoring: change the way tree annotations are handled
2011-06-20  Andres Loehbuild conflict sets
2011-06-20  Andres Loehprovide more info about conflicts
2011-06-20  Andres Loehproper constraint origins also for flag-introduced...
2011-06-20  Andres Loehstore origin info in constrained instances
2011-06-20  Andres LoehIgnore self-dependencies (of executables on libraries).
2011-06-19  Andres LoehReactivate output of changes for reinstalled pkgs in...
2011-06-19  Andres LoehBugfix: wrong flag name was used while adding new depen...
2011-06-16  Andres LoehBugfix: ignore broken packages.
2011-06-15  Andres Loehproduce a bit more compact debugging output
2011-06-15  Andres Loehfix package ordering bug
2011-06-15  Andres Loehchange avoidReinstalls default, to match old Cabal...
2011-06-15  Andres Loehintegrate the modular solver into cabal-install repo
2011-06-15  Andres LoehNew solver now respects preferences.
2011-06-14  Andres Loehupdated Cabal file
2011-06-14  Andres Loehproperly translate package constraints
2011-06-14  Andres Loehwhitespace
2011-06-14  Andres Loehmodular resolver now standard
2011-06-14  Andres Loehuse InstalledPackageIndex throughout
2011-06-05  Andres Loehstarted the solver interface conversion
2011-06-05  Andres Loehadded a module for the interface to the new solver
2011-06-05  Andres Loehintegrated index conversion functions
2011-06-05  Andres Loehadded Progress instances
2011-06-05  Andres Loehreordering
2011-06-05  Andres Loehinclude the new solver in the dependency hierarchy
2011-06-05  Andres Loehmoving PackagesPreferenceDefault
2011-06-05  Andres Loehupdated Cabal file to include modular solver modules
2011-10-26  Duncan CouttsBump major version to 1.13
2011-10-26  Johan TibellRegister 'bench' command with the CLI
2011-10-26  Johan TibellBriefly document 'cabal test' and 'cabal bench'
2011-10-25  Bas van DijkSmall doc fix in Benchmarks section
2011-10-25  Simon Meiertypos in benchmarks documentation/help
2011-10-19  Johan TibellDescribe benchmark sections in the user guide
2011-10-23  Duncan CouttsFix source repo subdir name after cabal->Cabal dir...
2011-10-23  Duncan CouttsAdd a source package index cache to speed up reading
2011-10-23  Duncan CouttsBump versions of Cabal and cabal-install
2011-10-13  Johan TibellFail gracefully if 'cabal bench' is run before 'cabal...
2011-10-13  Johan TibellAdd unit test for 'cabal bench' command-line flags
2011-10-13  Johan TibellImplement 'cabal bench' command
2011-10-12  Johan TibellAdd package checks for benchmarks
2011-10-16  Max BolingbrokeUploading build reports shouldn't fail if there are...
2011-10-16  Max BolingbrokeAdd a (substituted) flag to allow configuration of...