2015-09-24  SeanSigh... Trying again.
2015-09-24  SeanRejigger .travis.yml
2015-09-24  SeanForce reinstalls; last ditch effort to get this working.
2015-09-24  SeanRefresh sandbox
2015-09-24  Seanfix cabal bounds in .travis.yml
2015-09-24  SeanUpdate cabal bounds
2015-09-24  SeanSmall adjustments
2015-09-24  SeanFix type error in previous commit.
2015-09-24  SeanFix test performance to stop Travis CI timing out.
2015-09-18  SeanImplement Rabin-Karp substring search.
2015-08-09  Sergei Trofimovichfix Char8.unwords type in module's comment
2015-03-20  Duncan CouttsFix the testsuite
2015-03-20  Duncan CouttsUpdate changelog and add it to the tarball
2015-03-20  Duncan CouttsUpdate builds with list, dates and drop old TODO
2015-03-20  Duncan CouttsFix warnings for ghc-7.10
2015-03-20  Duncan CouttsFix build for ghc 6.12
2015-03-19  Athan Clark`cabal repl` error
2015-01-15  Duncan CouttsMerge pull request #38 from DaveCTurner/patch-1
2015-01-15  Duncan CouttsMerge pull request #40 from bgamari/builder-opt
2015-01-15  Ben GamariEta expand continuation of empty
2014-12-19  David TurnerhGet returns 'empty' not 'null' at EOF
2014-12-18  Duncan CouttsBump version to
2014-12-14  Duncan CouttsUpdate changelog
2014-12-14  Duncan CouttsFix readFile for files with incorrectly reported file...
2014-12-14  Duncan CouttsFix unfoldrN to call the predicate at most n times.
2014-12-14  Duncan CouttsRemove old fusion related stuff
2014-12-14  Duncan CouttsRemove various old commented-out implementations
2014-12-14  Duncan CouttsAdd -fwarn-tabs
2014-12-14  Duncan CouttsReplace STRICT macros with bang patterns
2014-12-14  Duncan CouttsRe-export isSuffixOf from D.B.L.Char8
2014-12-14  Duncan CouttsAdd required CPP language pragmas
2014-12-14  Duncan CouttsWe should not have exported breakByte, add a deprecatio...
2014-12-14  Duncan CouttsReplace explicit uses of seq with bang patterns
2014-12-14  Duncan CouttsMerge pull request #12 from DaveCTurner/master
2014-12-04  Duncan CouttsMerge pull request #36 from dterei/more-safe-haskell
2014-11-21  David TereiUpdate Safe Haskell tags on some modules
2014-11-14  Duncan CouttsMerge pull request #34 from hvr/pr-deepseq-14
2014-11-14  Herbert Valerio... Add support for `deepseq-`
2014-11-09  Duncan CouttsBump to development version
2014-11-09  Duncan CouttsImprove the author credits
2014-11-09  Duncan CouttsAdd a changelog
2014-11-09  Duncan CouttsFix documented complexity of unsafePackMallocCStringLen
2014-11-09  Duncan CouttsFix haddock references to the ASCII module
2014-11-09  Duncan CouttsMerge pull request #25 from thomie/T5861
2014-11-09  Duncan CouttsMerge pull request #21 from Lemmih/master
2014-10-24  Gregory CollinsMerge pull request #31 from spl/patch-1
2014-10-23  Sean LeatherFix typos: rename funtion to function
2014-07-14  Thomas MiedemaDon't mention ISO-8859-1 in doc string for hGetContents
2014-06-07  Herbert Valerio... Use --show-details=streaming when available
2014-06-07  Herbert Valerio... Disable regression test and turn on test-framework
2014-06-07  Herbert Valerio... Enable --show-details=always
2014-06-07  Herbert Valerio... Enable ScopedTypeVariables for tests/Regressions
2014-06-07  Herbert Valerio... Add new test-framework deps to TravisCI job
2014-06-07  Herbert Valerio... Remove trailing comma from build-depends
2014-06-06  Bryan O'SullivanAdd regressions to test suite
2014-06-06  Bryan O'SullivanFix Int overflow in Lazy.toStrict
2014-06-06  Bryan O'SullivanRename sumP to checkedSum, and export it
2014-06-06  Bryan O'SullivanDrop trailing whitespace
2014-06-06  Bryan O'SullivanProtect against Int overflow in concat
2014-06-06  Bryan O'SullivanIgnore Emacs files
2014-06-06  Bryan O'SullivanIgnore cabal sandbox fun
2014-06-06  Bryan O'SullivanAllow tests to use multiple cores
2014-06-06  Bryan O'SullivanConstrain version of QuickCheck for compatibility
2014-06-04  Herbert Valerio... Add GHC 7.8.3 to the Travis build-matrix
2014-05-28  Herbert Valerio... Add `FlexibleContexts` to fix compilation with GHC...
2014-05-28  Herbert Valerio... Update .travis.yml description
2014-05-11  LemmihUse S.foldl' on each chunk when strictly folding a...
2014-03-29  Daniel PeeblesDelete prologue.txt
2014-03-21  Daniel PeeblesWhoops, the .cabal file referred to the README
2014-03-21  Daniel PeeblesUpdated README
2014-03-20  Daniel PeeblesMake travis builds work again
2014-03-20  Daniel PeeblesQuickCheck update from yesterday breaks the build
2014-02-27  David TurnerAdded Data.ByteString.Lazy.elemIndexEnd implementation
2014-02-06  Duncan CouttsFixed logic on CONLIKE hack.
2014-02-06  Duncan CouttsRename and document inlinePerformIO to better reflect...
2013-10-24  Duncan CouttsMerge pull request #7 from hvr/master
2013-10-21  Herbert Valerio... Add Travis-CI script
2013-10-21  Duncan CouttsApparently the Unsafe extension is only in ghc 7.4+
2013-10-08  Duncan CouttsDon't declare the Trustworthy & Unsafe extensions in... bytestring-
2013-10-08  Duncan CouttsUpdate tested-with list
2013-10-06  Duncan CouttsTidy up a few more uses of extensions
2013-10-06  Duncan CouttsBump version to
2013-10-06  Duncan CouttsDeclare all extensions in .hs files
2013-10-06  Duncan CouttsMove the other benchmarks into the separate cabal file
2013-10-05  Duncan CouttsMention ShortByteString in the package description
2013-10-05  Duncan CouttsFix documentation of memory overheads
2013-10-05  Duncan CouttsFix formatting typo in package description
2013-10-04  Duncan CouttsA few minor documentation tweaks and improvements
2013-10-03  Duncan CouttsRemove dubious and unnecessary use of unsafeCoerce
2013-10-03  Duncan CouttsFix warnings for different GHC versions, including 7.8
2013-10-02  Duncan CouttsMake Data.ByteString.Short work on several ghc versions
2013-09-21  Simon MeierUse 'integer-simple' flag analogous to the 'text' library.
2013-09-21  Simon MeierImplement fast decimal integer encoding.
2013-09-21  Simon MeierCompare integer encoding and bytestring insertion perfo...
2013-09-21  Simon MeierMake benchmarks compile and install again.
2013-09-21  Simon MeierFinish renaming 'Bounded/FixedEncoding ~> Bounded/Fixed...
2013-09-21  Simon MeierUpdate builder tests and setup 'hpc'.
2013-09-21  Simon MeierRemove unneeded and/or commented-out code.
2013-09-21  Simon MeierRemove unnecessary code for chunked and variable-length...
2013-09-21  Simon MeierUse 'unsafeDupablePerformIO' instead of 'unsafePerformIO'.