Add conversions between ShortByteString and CString
[packages/bytestring.git] / Data / ByteString / Short / Internal.hs
2017-07-31  Moritz KieferAdd conversions between ShortByteString and CString
2016-09-01  Duncan CouttsMerge branch 'SeanRBurton-master'
2016-09-01  SeanVarious small refactorings.
2015-11-30  Duncan CouttsMerge pull request #64 from hvr/pr/semigroups
2015-11-28  Herbert Valerio... Define Semigroup instances for base>=4.9
2015-11-02  SeanMerge
2015-10-20  Duncan CouttsMerge pull request #63 from hvr/pr-de-cpp
2015-10-19  Herbert Valerio... Radically reduce #ifdefs
2015-09-30  Duncan CouttsMerge pull request #46 from athanclark/patch-1
2015-03-20  Duncan CouttsFix build for ghc 6.12
2014-12-14  Duncan CouttsMerge pull request #12 from DaveCTurner/master
2014-11-14  Duncan CouttsMerge pull request #34 from hvr/pr-deepseq-14
2014-11-14  Herbert Valerio... Add support for `deepseq-`
2014-02-06  Duncan CouttsRename and document inlinePerformIO to better reflect...
2013-10-21  Duncan CouttsApparently the Unsafe extension is only in ghc 7.4+
2013-10-06  Duncan CouttsDeclare all extensions in .hs files
2013-10-05  Duncan CouttsMention ShortByteString in the package description
2013-10-02  Duncan CouttsMake Data.ByteString.Short work on several ghc versions
2013-09-17  Duncan CouttsAdd a new ShortByteString type