Merge pull request #53 from trofi/master
[packages/bytestring.git] / cbits /
2013-10-02  Duncan CouttsMake Data.ByteString.Short work on several ghc versions
2013-09-21  Simon MeierImplement fast decimal integer encoding.
2013-09-17  Duncan CouttsAdd a new ShortByteString type
2013-03-14  Leon P SmithDeclare "digits" static
2011-11-13  Duncan CouttsAdd new Builder monoid by Simon Meier
2007-09-05  Ian LynaghMove the fpstring.h to an include directory.
2007-06-23  Duncan CouttsRemove byteswap function
2007-02-27  Malcolm.WallaceImplement byteswapping, used for endian fiddling.
2006-08-22  Don StewartMerge from the unstable branch. API mostly, and hGetSom...
2006-06-11  audreytPrefix C calls in fpstring.[hc] with fps_
2006-05-03  Don Stewartcouple of wibbles. and remove the stdlib header. not...
2006-05-03  sjanssenMigrate to counting sort.
2006-04-29  Don StewartHEADS UP: remove mmapFile for now. Not portable enough.
2006-04-29  Don StewartUnnecessary header import
2006-04-29  Don StewartAdd cbits version of count, around 30% over memchr...
2006-04-21  donshmm. can't use -Defs in cbits, for current cabal, at...
2006-04-21  Don StewartRestore fast C versions of maximum and minimum. But...
2006-04-21  Don StewartAnd guard the .h file , just for good measure
2006-04-21  Don StewartUSE_MMAP should wrap some cbits too
2006-04-20  Don StewartBSD license everything. Remove some more cbits
2006-04-20  Don StewartReplace C maximum and minimum with fast Haskell versions
2006-04-17  Don StewartFaster map, factor out cbits, and general cleanup
2005-09-01  Don StewartImplement and QC dropSpaceEnd. Like dropSpace, but...
2005-08-31  Don StewartKill conv_to/from_hex. Should be implemented in Haskell
2005-08-30  Don Stewartslightly more canonical names for C functions
2005-08-30  Don StewartImplement and QC maximum, minimum and snoc
2005-08-30  Don StewartImplement `intersperse', QC it, clean up haddocks
2005-08-28  Don StewartImplement sortPS, using qsort(3). Add quickchecks for...
2005-08-28  Don StewartUse a C loop to implement reversePS, 99% less space...
2005-08-25  Don StewartInitial import of FastPackedString from darcs, with...