Merge pull request #82 from nmattia/document-concurrent-hput
[packages/bytestring.git] / tests /
2016-06-01  Duncan CouttsMerge pull request #76 from Seraphime/trac-fix-12084
2016-05-22  Seraphime KirkovskiFix: #12084 deprecate old profiling flags
2016-05-04  Michael SnoymanAdd missing operator import (fixes #72)
2016-03-28  Mario BlaževićImplement `stripPrefix`/`stripSuffix`
2015-11-02  Gregory CollinsMerge pull request #57 from SeanRBurton/master
2015-11-02  SeanFix import issue.
2015-11-02  Seanimport `Bits` typeclass.
2015-11-02  SeanMerge
2015-10-20  Duncan CouttsMerge pull request #63 from hvr/pr-de-cpp
2015-10-19  Herbert Valerio... Radically reduce #ifdefs
2015-09-30  Duncan CouttsMerge pull request #46 from athanclark/patch-1
2015-09-30  Duncan CouttsMerge pull request #53 from trofi/master
2015-09-28  SeanMerge
2015-09-28  Gregory CollinsMerge pull request #59 from SeanRBurton/fix-tests2
2015-09-24  SeanUpdate cabal bounds
2015-09-24  SeanSmall adjustments
2015-09-24  SeanFix type error in previous commit.
2015-09-24  SeanFix test performance to stop Travis CI timing out.
2015-03-20  Duncan CouttsFix the testsuite
2014-12-14  Duncan CouttsRemove old fusion related stuff
2014-12-14  Duncan CouttsMerge pull request #12 from DaveCTurner/master
2014-11-09  Duncan CouttsMerge pull request #21 from Lemmih/master
2014-06-07  Herbert Valerio... Enable ScopedTypeVariables for tests/Regressions
2014-06-06  Bryan O'SullivanAdd regressions to test suite
2014-06-06  Bryan O'SullivanProtect against Int overflow in concat
2014-06-06  Bryan O'SullivanAllow tests to use multiple cores
2014-06-06  Bryan O'SullivanConstrain version of QuickCheck for compatibility
2014-05-28  Herbert Valerio... Add `FlexibleContexts` to fix compilation with GHC...
2014-02-27  David TurnerAdded Data.ByteString.Lazy.elemIndexEnd implementation
2013-10-06  Duncan CouttsDeclare all extensions in .hs files
2013-10-03  Duncan CouttsRemove dubious and unnecessary use of unsafeCoerce
2013-09-21  Simon MeierUse 'integer-simple' flag analogous to the 'text' library.
2013-09-21  Simon MeierImplement fast decimal integer encoding.
2013-09-21  Simon MeierUpdate builder tests and setup 'hpc'.
2013-09-21  Simon MeierRemove unnecessary code for chunked and variable-length...
2013-09-17  Duncan CouttsAdd tests for the ShortByteString
2013-09-17  Duncan CouttsUnbreak the testsuite
2013-02-21  Bryan O'SullivanMake tests build standalone
2013-02-21  Bryan O'SullivanAdd some ignore files for hg and git
2012-09-06  Duncan CouttsFixes for ghc-7.6+
2012-09-06  Duncan CouttsAdd a test for the new runBuilder stuff
2012-09-05  Duncan CouttsFix up the builder testsuite following recent renamings
2012-04-03  Mikhail VorozhtsovImplemented unsnoc, unsafeInit and unsafeLast
2011-11-17  Duncan CouttsAllow using older versions of the random package
2011-11-17  Duncan CouttsFix some more import warnings
2011-11-16  Duncan CouttsMake the testHandlePutBuilder conditional and add char8...
2011-11-13  Simon Meierport additional work on bytestring builder
2011-11-15  Duncan CouttsFix a few test failures due to incorrect Int64 -> Int...
2011-11-13  Duncan CouttsConvert existing main test suite over to the minimal...
2011-11-13  Duncan CouttsMake the builder test suite into a cabal test-suite
2011-11-13  Duncan CouttsAdd the test suite for the builder monoid
2011-11-07  Duncan CouttsAdded tests for toStrict and fromStrict
2011-11-07  Duncan CouttsClean up a few minor things in the test properties
2011-11-07  Duncan CouttsAdd more extensive tests for the various new pack and...
2011-11-07  Duncan CouttsInclude non-0 offset in instance Arbitrary Strict.ByteS...
2011-11-07  Duncan CouttsAdd tests for groupBy
2011-11-06  Duncan CouttsRemove unused fusion module
2011-11-05  Duncan CouttsFix test-suite and get rid of some warnings
2011-05-17  Duncan CouttsUpdate the test suite to QC2 and add a tests-suite...
2008-12-31  Bryan O'SullivanAdd a test for the laziness of readInt and readInteger...
2008-04-19  Don StewartAdd properties for rewrite rules, compiled sans -fhpc
2008-04-17  Don Stewartfix warnings
2008-04-17  Don StewartRemove old fusion mechanism. Data.ByteString.Fusion...
2008-04-17  Don Stewartmore tests
2008-04-17  Don Stewartsome more tests
2008-04-17  Don Stewartmore QuickCheck properties, 88% covered now
2008-04-16  Don Stewartadd a cunning test for packMallocCString
2008-04-14  Don Stewartmore testing
2008-04-13  Don StewartMore testing. 80% of bytestring is now tested with...
2008-04-13  Don StewartMore coverage
2008-04-13  Don Stewartbetter clean target
2008-04-13  Don Stewarttweak makefile
2008-04-13  Don Stewartproperties for breakSubstring
2008-04-13  Don Stewartmore tests
2008-04-13  Don Stewarttweaks
2008-04-13  Don Stewartrequire Instances
2008-04-13  Don Stewartadd cheaper hpc test target
2008-04-13  Don Stewartreturn failures
2008-04-13  Don Stewartactually fail if tests don't pass
2008-04-12  Don Stewartmore test coverage
2008-04-11  Don StewartUse -fno-ignore-asserts when testing
2008-04-11  Don Stewartcoverage for Monoid instance
2008-04-11  Don Stewartreuse internal invariant test
2008-04-11  Don Stewartnote how to run testsuite with hugs
2008-03-21  Don Stewarttweaks
2008-03-18  Don Stewartmore tests
2008-02-21  Don Stewartsome tests on Ord speed
2007-12-20  Don Stewartcomplete test for resource leaks in getContents/readFil...
2007-12-20  Don Stewartadd test for lazy hclose working
2007-12-16  Don Stewartupdate small test programs
2007-12-16  Don Stewartdon't test unpack stuff
2007-12-16  Don Stewartfix building of testsuite
2007-12-16  Don Stewartupdate QC properties for 6.8
2007-09-06  Duncan CouttsRemove one indirection in the representation of lazy...
2007-08-29  Duncan CouttsImplement Lazy.groupBy
2007-08-29  Duncan CouttsAdd Lazy.mapAccumR and reimplement mapAccumL
2007-08-29  Duncan CouttsUpdate the tests to work with module reorganisation
2007-02-01  Ian LynaghMake the lazy cons lazy, and add a cons' for when you...
2007-02-13  Don Stewartno boot-in-place
2007-02-12  Don Stewartadhering to agile principles, requiring a boot-in-place...