2018-11-15  Lennart KolmodinMerge pull request #159 from DavidEichmann/T-13064 master
2018-11-13  Lennart KolmodinMerge pull request #157 from bgamari/master
2018-11-08  David EichmannRemove unused imports.
2018-11-05  Ben GamariAdd support for Int16#, Word16#
2018-10-06  Lennart KolmodinMerge pull request #156 from kolmodin/pr/ghc861
2018-10-06  Lennart KolmodinFixes for docker and cabal-install 2.4.
2018-10-06  Lennart KolmodinAdd GHC 8.6.1 to travis and docker.
2018-10-06  Lennart KolmodinMerge pull request #155 from bgamari/master
2018-10-04  Ben GamariAdd support for Int8Rep/Word8Rep added in GHC 8.7
2018-08-08  Lennart KolmodinAdd instructions how to launch tests with docker-compose.
2018-08-08  Lennart KolmodinAdd docker-compose.yml to run tests on multiple ghc...
2018-08-06  Lennart KolmodinAdd initial Dockerfile running binary's tests.
2018-08-06  Lennart KolmodinAdd two more other-modules.
2018-08-04  Lennart KolmodinSet version to
2018-08-02  Lennart KolmodinRemove more other-modules duplicates.
2018-08-01  Lennart KolmodinFix build error. Duplicates in other-modules.
2018-08-01  Lennart KolmodinBump to and add changelog.
2018-08-01  Lennart KolmodinHide 'total' from Test.QuickCheck. Fixes shadowing...
2018-08-01  Lennart KolmodinAdd other-modules for the tests and benchmarks.
2018-06-07  Lennart KolmodinMerge pull request #146 from Daniel-Diaz/master upstream/master
2018-06-07  Lennart KolmodinMerge pull request #148 from int-index/no-star
2018-06-07  Daniel CasanuevaMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2018-06-07  Vladislav ZavialovDon't use * as Type in the presence of TypeOperators
2018-06-07  Lennart KolmodinMerge pull request #147 from int-index/fix-ci
2018-06-07  Vladislav ZavialovFix CI
2018-03-12  Daniel DíazAdd Binary instance for Identity, from base-
2017-11-06  Lennart KolmodinPermit QuickCheck >= 2.9
2017-04-02  Lennart KolmodinBump version to binary-
2017-04-02  Lennart KolmodinFix comments.
2017-04-02  Lennart KolmodinSet version to
2017-03-13  Lennart KolmodinBump version to
2017-03-13  Lennart KolmodinUpdate with news for
2017-03-13  Lennart KolmodinTest typeRep function to increase test coverage.
2017-03-13  Lennart KolmodinMerge pull request #135 from bgamari/master
2017-03-13  Ben GamariClass: Drop Data.Typeable import for GHC <8.2
2017-03-06  Lennart KolmodinMerge pull request #132 from RyanGlScott/master
2017-03-03  Ryan ScottRemove redundant pattern-match warning when built with...
2017-02-25  Ben GamariAdd Binary instances for Typeable TypeReps (#131)
2017-02-18  Lennart Kolmodin[travis-ci] cabal-install-1.22 for GHC 7.8.4.
2017-02-18  Lennart Kolmodin[travis-ci] Bump to cabal-install-1.20 for GHC 7.8.4.
2017-02-16  Lennart Kolmodin[travis-ci] Compile with -j1.
2017-02-16  Lennart Kolmodin[travis-ci] Increase verbosity even further.
2017-02-16  Lennart Kolmodin[travis-ci] Increase verbosity to debug failure.
2017-02-15  Lennart Kolmodin[travis-ci] Reflect bytestring >= 0.10.4 change in...
2017-02-15  Lennart KolmodinSet bytestring >= 0.10.4.
2017-01-22  Lennart Kolmodin[travis-ci] Fix some build breakage (#130)
2017-01-11  Lennart KolmodinMerge pull request #129 from treeowl/nix-tyConString
2017-01-10  David FeuerDon't use tyConString
2017-01-08  Lennart KolmodinMerge pull request #128 from tippenein/fix-unpack-pragm...
2017-01-08  brady.ourenfix unpack pragma link
2016-09-21  Lennart KolmodinInstall "bytestring >= 0.10.2" for all GHCs
2016-09-21  Lennart Kolmodin[travis] Require "bytestring >= 0.10.2" for older GHCs
2016-09-21  Lennart KolmodinUse QuickCheck == 2.9.*
2016-09-21  Lennart KolmodinRemove tuple Arbitrary instances
2016-09-21  Lennart KolmodinAdd badges to README
2016-07-07  Lennart KolmodinBump to
2016-07-07  Lennart KolmodinMerge pull request #122 from kolmodin/pr-short-import
2016-07-07  Lennart KolmodinImport Data.ByteString.Short conditionally
2016-06-03  Lennart KolmodinBump version to
2016-06-01  Lennart KolmodinMerge branch 'pr/float-double-instances'
2016-06-01  Lennart KolmodinFix haddocks.
2016-06-01  Lennart KolmodinSpecify IEEE-754 in the haddocks for the new Float...
2016-06-01  Daniel DíazBack to safety!
2016-05-31  Daniel DíazOnly layout changes
2016-05-31  Daniel DíazChanged INLINEABLEs with INLINEs
2016-05-30  Lennart KolmodinMerge branch 'pr/monoid-semigroup-instances'
2016-05-30  Lennart KolmodinInline the Alternative functions.
2016-05-28  Lennart KolmodinMerge pull request #115 from bgamari/needless-copies
2016-05-28  Lennart KolmodinFix generic-bench build error on GHC 8.0.1.
2016-05-28  Lennart KolmodinOn Travis CI, also build with GHC 8.0.1 and cabal-insta...
2016-05-27  Daniel DíazForgot to add the source of the new module.
2016-05-27  Daniel DíazRemoved reinterpret-cast dependency. Embedded the code...
2016-05-25  Daniel DíazAdded some missing deps
2016-05-25  Lennart KolmodinMerge pull request #116 from bgamari/inline-tuple-instances
2016-05-25  Lennart KolmodinUpdate generics-bench to use Cabal == 1.24.*
2016-05-21  Daniel DíazImplementation of get/put functions for floats/doubles.
2016-05-15  Ben GamariGet: Avoid needless copies of input
2016-05-15  Ben GamariEnsure that Binary instances for tuples are inlined
2016-05-11  Ryan ScottAdd Binary instances for datatypes in Data.Monoid/Data...
2016-05-01  Lennart KolmodinAdd ghc-prim dependency to all targets.
2016-05-01  Lennart KolmodinReenable GHC 7.4.2 on Travis CI
2016-05-01  Lennart KolmodinRemove old CPP
2016-04-30  Lennart KolmodinRequire GHC>=7.4.1.
2016-04-19  Lennart KolmodinBump version to
2016-04-19  Lennart KolmodinRemove Num constraint.
2016-04-19  Lennart KolmodinFix typo.
2016-04-19  Lennart KolmodinFix compilation error on GHC < 8.
2016-04-19  Lennart KolmodinRemove Eq constraint.
2016-04-19  Lennart KolmodinAdd Semigroup for Put for GHC 8.
2016-04-16  Lennart KolmodinAdd Double to Put benchmark.
2016-04-16  Lennart KolmodinUse monoid in Put benchmark.
2016-04-16  Lennart KolmodinImplement put in Binary instances only using monoid.
2016-04-16  Lennart KolmodinRewrite mappend to only depend on the Builders.
2016-04-15  Lennart KolmodinUse ghc 7.10.3 on travis CI instead of ghc 7.10.2.
2016-04-15  Lennart KolmodinRemove ghc 7.4.2 from travis CI.
2016-04-13  Lennart KolmodinUpdate changelog for version
2016-04-12  Lennart KolmodinFix compilation error for GHC < 7.10.
2016-04-11  Lennart KolmodinSilence warning.
2016-04-11  Lennart KolmodinAdd small Generics bench to the Put benchmark suite.
2016-04-10  Lennart KolmodinExplicitly test small and big Integers and Naturals.