2016-04-16  Lennart KolmodinImplement put in Binary instances only using monoid.
2016-04-16  Lennart KolmodinRewrite mappend to only depend on the Builders.
2016-04-15  Lennart KolmodinUse ghc 7.10.3 on travis CI instead of ghc 7.10.2.
2016-04-15  Lennart KolmodinRemove ghc 7.4.2 from travis CI.
2016-04-13  Lennart KolmodinUpdate changelog for version
2016-04-12  Lennart KolmodinFix compilation error for GHC < 7.10.
2016-04-11  Lennart KolmodinSilence warning.
2016-04-11  Lennart KolmodinAdd small Generics bench to the Put benchmark suite.
2016-04-10  Lennart KolmodinExplicitly test small and big Integers and Naturals.
2016-04-09  Lennart KolmodinCompare Put with Data.ByteString.Builder in put benchmark.
2016-04-09  Lennart KolmodinMerge pull request #112 from jystic/topic/put-monoid
2016-04-09  Jacob StanleyAdd Monoid instance for Put
2016-04-08  Lennart KolmodinTest list of values for Natural and GHC.Fingerprint.
2016-04-07  Lennart KolmodinWhen QCing the Binary class, also test a list of values.
2016-04-07  Lennart KolmodinAdd 'putList' for all IntXX and WordXX.
2016-04-04  Lennart KolmodinAdd 'putList' instance for Word8.
2016-04-03  Lennart KolmodinDocument 'putList'.
2016-04-03  Lennart KolmodinAdd new benchmark suite for encoding.
2016-04-03  Lennart KolmodinMerge branch 'pr/bytestring-builder'
2016-04-03  Lennart KolmodinAdd 'putList' instance for Char.
2016-04-03  Lennart KolmodinExtend the Binary class with 'putList :: [a] -> Put'
2016-04-02  Lennart KolmodinUse putCharUtf8 from Builder in 'instance Binary Char'.
2016-03-27  Ben GamariMove to bytestring Builder
2016-03-26  Lennart KolmodinMerge pull request #110 from sid-kap/complex_instance
2016-03-15  Sidharth KapurAdd Binary instance for Complex a
2016-03-06  Lennart KolmodinFail rather than throw exception when decoding Bool...
2016-02-08  Lennart KolmodinMove end of {-# RULES #-} to be more forgiving for CPP
2016-02-02  Lennart KolmodinBump to version
2016-02-02  Lennart KolmodinMerge pull request #104 from hvr/pr/monadfail-cpp
2016-02-02  Herbert Valerio... Define MonadFail instance for Get Monad
2016-02-02  Lennart KolmodinChange next version to be
2016-01-26  Lennart KolmodinUse getIntX/putIntX in the Binary class instances.
2016-01-26  Lennart KolmodinUpdate
2016-01-26  Lennart KolmodinDocumentation fix.
2016-01-26  Lennart KolmodinMerge remote-tracking branch 'shimuuar/signed-int'
2016-01-25  Lennart KolmodinUpdate changelog.
2016-01-25  Lennart KolmodinMerge remote-tracking branch 'qnikst/bytestring-short'
2016-01-23  Alexander VershilovSupport ShortByteStrings.
2016-01-22  Lennart KolmodinAdd arbitrary for Action in Arbitrary instance.
2016-01-21  Lennart KolmodinTurn on more warnings if ghc >= 7.11.
2016-01-21  Lennart KolmodinBump to
2016-01-18  Lennart KolmodinAdd @dcoutts's comments regarding accursedUnutterablePe...
2015-12-20  Lennart KolmodinUse accursedUnutterablePerformIO rather than inlinePerf...
2015-12-20  Lennart KolmodinClean up old CPP code.
2015-12-20  Lennart KolmodinChangelog update. binary-
2015-12-20  Lennart KolmodinRemove attempt to do clever fusion of code in applicati...
2015-12-20  Lennart KolmodinMerge pull request #96 from hvr/pr/semigroup
2015-12-20  Lennart KolmodinUpdate with recent changes.
2015-12-20  Lennart KolmodinMerge pull request #97 from hvr/pr/redundant-constraints
2015-12-20  Lennart KolmodinMerge pull request #93 from hvr/pr/canonical-monad...
2015-12-20  Lennart KolmodinMerge pull request #84 from phadej/fixed
2015-12-19  Herbert Valerio... Drop redundant constraints
2015-12-19  Herbert Valerio... Define Semigroup instance for base>=4.9
2015-12-19  Herbert Valerio... Canonicalise Monad instances
2015-12-18  Lennart KolmodinMerge pull request #95 from ezyang/binary-splitg
2015-12-18  Edward Z. YangSplit GBinary into GBinaryGet and GBinaryPut, speeds...
2015-11-15  Alexey KhudyakovImport Control.Applicative for older GHC
2015-11-15  Alexey KhudyakovMerge branch 'master' into signed-int
2015-11-13  Lennart KolmodinMerge pull request #90 from phadej/since-0.8
2015-11-13  Oleg GrenrusAdd since annotations
2015-11-12  Oleg GrenrusAdd Binary Version compatibility tests
2015-11-12  Oleg GrenrusAdd Binary (Data.Fixed a) instance
2015-11-12  Lennart KolmodinMerge pull request #89 from phadej/bump-0.8
2015-11-12  Alexey KhudyakovFix documentation
2015-11-12  Oleg GrenrusBump version to
2015-11-11  Lennart KolmodinRemove duplicate Binary instance of Version.
2015-11-11  Lennart KolmodinMerge branch 'phadej/version'
2015-11-11  Lennart KolmodinUse applicative form in 'get' for Version.
2015-11-11  Lennart KolmodinMerge branch 'feature/void-binary-instance'
2015-11-11  Lennart KolmodinOnly support Void for >= GHC 7.10.
2015-10-29  Lennart KolmodinAttempt to reduce compile time on Travis CI.
2015-10-29  Lennart KolmodinUse Travis CI containers.
2015-10-23  Brian McKennaAdd Binary Void instance
2015-10-06  Lennart KolmodinMerge pull request #86 from basvandijk/optimize-roll
2015-10-02  Oleg GrenrusAdd Binary Version instance
2015-09-28  Bas van DijkOptimize roll by using foldl' instead of foldr
2015-08-14  Lennart Kolmodinbenchmark builder: Specify Int as we otherwise default...
2015-08-14  Lennart KolmodinRemove unused import.
2015-08-14  Lennart KolmodinConditionally include Data.Monoid for older GHC versions.
2015-08-14  Lennart KolmodinConditionally include Control.Applicative for older...
2015-08-14  Lennart KolmodinConditionally include <$> for older GHC versions.
2015-08-13  Lennart KolmodinAdd new deps to .travis.yml file.
2015-08-13  Lennart KolmodinAdd benchmark for Generic generated Binary instances.
2015-08-13  Lennart KolmodinCompile benchmark get with -Wall.
2015-08-09  Lennart KolmodinStructure the benchmarks in the the "get" bench in...
2015-08-09  Lennart KolmodinChange the non-allocating benchmarks to allocating.
2015-08-09  Lennart KolmodinSilence some warnings in benchmarks/Get.hs
2015-07-30  Lennart KolmodinMark INLINEs with a phase to remove warning.
2015-07-30  Lennart KolmodinInline flush late to give the RULES a chanse to act
2015-07-30  Lennart KolmodinUse GHC 7.10.2 on Travis CI instead of GHC 7.10.1.
2015-07-29  Lennart KolmodinBump version to
2015-07-29  Lennart KolmodinMerge pull request #83 from bergmark/ghc72
2015-07-29  Adam BergmarkDon't mark modules using bytestring as safe on GHC...
2015-07-28  Lennart KolmodinUpdate Travis CI to use GHC 7.8.3 -> 7.8.4.
2015-07-27  Lennart KolmodinBump version to
2015-07-08  Lennart KolmodinAdd to 'cabal sdist'
2015-06-08  Lennart KolmodinMerge pull request #77 from mboes/ghc710-warnings
2015-06-06  Mathieu BoespflugDeclare a few modules as Safe rather than Trustworthy.
2015-06-06  Mathieu BoespflugFix AMP and Safe Haskell related warnings in GHC 7.10.
2015-06-03  Lennart KolmodinAdd Show instance for Fingerprint on GHC < 7.8.