add Integer property
[packages/binary.git] / tests /
2007-01-12  Don Stewartadd Integer property
2007-01-11  Lennart KolmodinAdapt quickchecking to QuickCheckUtils
2007-01-11  Lennart KolmodinQuickCheckUtils, stolen from fps
2007-01-11  Duncan CouttsUse Int/Word in more cases rather than Char
2007-01-11  Lennart KolmodinTests for strict and lazy ByteStrings
2007-01-11  Don Stewartinstances of Arbitrary L,P.ByteString
2007-01-11  Lennart KolmodinEnabling a few more tests
2007-01-11  Lennart KolmodinTest instances for IntSet and IntMap
2007-01-11  Lennart KolmodinTests for Map and Set
2007-01-11  Lennart KolmodinTest for Sequences
2007-01-11  Lennart KolmodinTests for Int{8,16,32,64}
2007-01-11  Duncan CouttsUpdate the QC tests, many Arbitrary instances missing yet
2007-01-11  Lennart KolmodinUpdate imports in tests
2007-01-11  Don StewartChange the types to Put and Get, hence: put :: t -...
2007-01-11  Lennart KolmodinUse regular QuickCheck, not Parallel
2007-01-11  Duncan CouttsUse runGetM/runPutM
2007-01-11  Duncan CouttsUse new roundTrip property for QC Binary instances
2007-01-10  Spencer JanssenSerialize Char as UTF-8 instead of a Word32
2007-01-10  Spencer JanssenQC.hs: if number of procs is omitted, assume 1
2007-01-10  Spencer JanssenQC.hs needs -fglasgow-exts
2007-01-10  Lennart KolmodinFix the imports for the tests
2006-12-20  Lennart KolmodinAdded a few test cases
2006-12-18  Lennart KolmodinInitial import