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2016-09-21  Lennart KolmodinRemove tuple Arbitrary instances
2016-06-01  Lennart KolmodinMerge branch 'pr/float-double-instances'
2016-05-21  Daniel DíazImplementation of get/put functions for floats/doubles.
2016-05-01  Lennart KolmodinRemove old CPP
2016-04-19  Lennart KolmodinRemove Eq constraint.
2016-04-10  Lennart KolmodinExplicitly test small and big Integers and Naturals.
2016-04-08  Lennart KolmodinTest list of values for Natural and GHC.Fingerprint.
2016-04-07  Lennart KolmodinWhen QCing the Binary class, also test a list of values.
2016-01-26  Lennart KolmodinMerge remote-tracking branch 'shimuuar/signed-int'
2016-01-25  Lennart KolmodinMerge remote-tracking branch 'qnikst/bytestring-short'
2016-01-23  Alexander VershilovSupport ShortByteStrings.
2016-01-22  Lennart KolmodinAdd arbitrary for Action in Arbitrary instance.
2015-12-20  Lennart KolmodinMerge pull request #96 from hvr/pr/semigroup
2015-12-20  Lennart KolmodinMerge pull request #97 from hvr/pr/redundant-constraints
2015-12-20  Lennart KolmodinMerge pull request #93 from hvr/pr/canonical-monad...
2015-12-20  Lennart KolmodinMerge pull request #84 from phadej/fixed
2015-11-15  Alexey KhudyakovMerge branch 'master' into signed-int
2015-11-12  Oleg GrenrusAdd Binary Version compatibility tests
2015-11-12  Oleg GrenrusAdd Binary (Data.Fixed a) instance
2015-08-14  Lennart KolmodinConditionally include Control.Applicative for older...
2015-06-03  Lennart KolmodinAdd Show instance for Fingerprint on GHC < 7.8.
2015-06-03  Lennart KolmodinAdd roundtrip tests for GHC.Fingerprint.
2015-06-03  Lennart KolmodinMerge branch 'instance-fingerprint' of https://github...
2015-05-31  Lennart KolmodinIncrease test coverage for Binary Natural instance.
2015-05-30  Lennart KolmodinRemove obsolete index.html, Makefiles.
2015-05-30  Lennart KolmodinSimplify the skip, get*LazyByteString* functions.
2015-05-23  Lennart KolmodinSwitch to arbitrarySizedNatural from QuickCheck >= 2.8
2015-01-10  Lennart KolmodinSilence warning.
2015-01-01  Lennart KolmodinFix compilation error.
2015-01-01  Lennart KolmodinAdd instance for Natural.
2014-07-17  Lennart KolmodinSimplify the shrinking of Action in QC tests.
2014-05-11  Lennart KolmodinImprove model tests
2014-04-25  Lennart KolmodinMerge pull request #54 from jstolarek/T8883
2014-04-19  Lennart KolmodinMake tests compile on GHC 7.4.1.
2014-04-14  Lennart KolmodinAdd function 'isolate'.
2014-04-02  Lennart KolmodinMerge branch 'isolate' of github.com:singpolyma/binary...
2014-03-23  Lennart KolmodinAdd test to check error position and remaining input.
2014-03-23  Lennart KolmodinLabel test samples in prop_label.
2014-03-20  Lennart KolmodinRemove commented out code, and style imports.
2014-03-20  Lennart KolmodinAdd function 'label'.
2014-02-09  Alexey KhudyakovAdd tests for 8-bt word/ints
2014-02-09  Alexey KhudyakovAdd tests for signed ints
2013-09-17  Lennart KolmodinMerge pull request #38 from edsko/look-ahead-indep...
2013-09-17  Edsko de VriesTest that look-ahead is independent of chunking
2013-04-20  Lennart KolmodinReimplement lookAheadE
2013-02-18  Lennart KolmodinModel test: provide better shrinking.
2013-02-17  Lennart KolmodinCleanup instance Arbitrary of lazy bytestrings.
2013-02-17  Lennart KolmodinImplement lookAheadM.
2013-02-17  Lennart KolmodinModel test: make sure decoded data is as expected ...
2013-02-16  Lennart KolmodinImplement lookAhead.
2013-02-15  Lennart KolmodinAdd test for encodeFile and decodeFile.
2012-11-24  Lennart KolmodinMerge branch 'rungetorfail' of https://github.com/tibbe...
2012-11-21  Bryan O'SullivanQuiet a GHC warning in tests
2012-10-17  Lennart KolmodinAdd model based testing for bytesRead in <|>.
2012-09-20  Lennart KolmodinFix bug where a Decoder could return Partial multiple...
2012-09-18  Lennart KolmodinRequire random- or newer.
2012-09-18  Lennart KolmodinDon't use Random Int64 instance.
2012-09-16  Lennart KolmodinQuickCheck-2.5 already defines Arbitrary Ordering.
2012-09-16  Lennart KolmodinMerge branch 'cps'
2012-09-16  Lennart KolmodinRename 'pushEndInput' -> 'pushEndOfInput'.
2012-09-16  Lennart KolmodinImplement 'bytesRead' from the 0.5 API.
2012-09-16  Lennart KolmodinRename any occurence of 'parse*' to 'decode*'.
2012-09-15  Lennart KolmodinRenames.
2012-09-15  Lennart KolmodinTest for 'Binary (tuples with 5..10 elements)' instances.
2012-09-15  Lennart KolmodinTest for 'Binary Ratio a' instance.
2012-09-15  Lennart Kolmodin-Wall cleanup for QC tests.
2012-04-21  Lennart KolmodinMerge branch 'master' into cps
2012-04-11  Lennart KolmodinAdd comments, do cleanup and fix compiler warnings.
2012-04-08  Lennart KolmodinAdd feedLBS which feeds a whole Lazy ByteString.
2012-04-08  Lennart KolmodinAdd tests for string util functions.
2012-03-02  Lennart KolmodinAdd test to pass negative int to getByteString.
2012-03-02  Lennart KolmodinUse some commented out code in tests. Cleanup.
2012-03-02  Lennart KolmodinRemove commented out code from tests.
2011-12-11  Lennart KolmodinSwitch to -fforce-recomp instead of the deprecated...
2011-12-11  Lennart KolmodinAllow custom ghc executable and ghc-flags for benchmark...
2011-12-01  Lennart KolmodinAdd tests for checking values of Done, Partial and...
2011-12-01  Lennart KolmodinUse unsafePerformeIO from System.IO.Unsafe instead...
2011-08-12  Antoine LatterIn benchmarks, use GHC to compile C sources
2011-03-30  Johan TibellMove benchmarks to a dedicated directory
2011-03-30  Antoine LatterIn benchmarks, use GHC to compile C sources
2011-02-16  Lennart Kolmodintests: inplace-bench should be PHONY
2011-02-14  Sergei Trofimovichtests: added inplace-bench (builds against local binary...
2011-02-14  Sergei Trofimovichtests/MemBench.hs: fixed pointer arithmetics
2011-02-10  Lennart KolmodinUse test-framework when testing, remove old custom...
2011-02-10  Lennart KolmodinPartial implementation of push style Data.Binary.Get
2009-09-16  Don StewartSome tweaks to the testsuite
2009-02-23  Don Stewarttweaks
2008-11-08  Don StewartDisable explicit inlining in Get.hs, GHC is smarter...
2008-04-21  Don Stewartbuild tests with -fhpc
2007-10-06  Don Stewartadd parallel driver
2007-10-06  Don Stewartcrank em
2007-10-06  Don StewartUse a parallel testsuite, use -O2 for benchmarking...
2007-10-05  Don Stewartand tests run
2007-06-06  Lennart KolmodinAdd feature to check that tests fail
2007-06-06  Lennart KolmodinTest to read too much
2007-02-09  Don StewartAdd tests for Float and Double instances
2007-02-03  Lennart KolmodinPrint get/put speed ratio
2007-01-29  Don StewartUpdate benchmark to test le, be and host-order writes...
2007-01-28  bjornAdded getBytes heap usage test program. Run with 'make...
2007-01-28  Don StewartAdd Word, and Word16-64, host-order, host-endian, unali...