Tune to beat NewBinary
[packages/binary.git] / src / Data / Binary.hs
2007-01-16  Don StewartTune to beat NewBinary
2007-01-15  Don StewartRevert ErrorT patch, breaks laziness
2007-01-15  Don StewartUse Builder
2007-01-14  Don Stewartmerge
2007-01-14  Don Stewartuse unpack instead of -funbox-strict-fields
2007-01-14  Don Stewartfix Integer instance. decode is a foldr
2007-01-14  Don Stewartcomments, and add missing Binary Word instance
2007-01-14  Don Stewartoptimised Integer serialisation (encode as an Int in...
2007-01-14  Don StewartAdd a portable implementation of Binary Integer
2007-01-14  Lennart KolmodinMake it a little more GHC 6.4.x friendly
2007-01-12  Spencer JanssenThe Integer instance is not architecture portable
2007-01-12  LemmihError handling.
2007-01-12  Don Stewartcomments only. and use MPTCs flag
2007-01-12  Don Stewartenable a bogus instance of Integer for non-GHC
2007-01-12  Don StewartMark as 'portable', since it runs in Hugs and GHC
2007-01-12  Don StewartPort to Hugs !
2007-01-12  Don Stewartcomments only
2007-01-12  Lennart KolmodinNaive version of lazyPut and lazyGet
2007-01-12  Don Stewartremove hEncode/Decode from the interface
2007-01-12  Don Stewartmerge
2007-01-12  Don Stewartnot that encodeFile/decodeFile are lazy
2007-01-12  Duncan CouttsAdd more docs to encode/decodeFile and remove hEncode...
2007-01-12  Don Stewartexport put/getWord8 from Binary.hs
2007-01-12  Don StewartAdd instance Binary Integer
2007-01-12  Don Stewartmore -Wall police, and semi-broken Integer instance...
2007-01-11  Duncan Couttssjanssen's Char fix works! (for [minBound..maxBound...
2007-01-11  Lennart KolmodinFix lazy ByteString bug
2007-01-11  Spencer JanssenFix bug in Char serialization.
2007-01-11  Duncan CouttsNote the Char decoding bug
2007-01-11  Don Stewartwibble
2007-01-11  Don Stewartdocs, comment out Queue instance (deprecated warnings)
2007-01-11  Don StewartAdd lots of documentation and some IO functions
2007-01-11  Lennart KolmodinTree instance
2007-01-11  Lennart KolmodinQueue and Sequence instances
2007-01-11  Don StewartChange the types to Put and Get, hence: put :: t -...
2007-01-11  Don Stewartclean ups
2007-01-11  Don Stewartdocs
2007-01-11  Don Stewartuse GetM/PutM instead
2007-01-10  Spencer JanssenSerialize Char as UTF-8 instead of a Word32
2007-01-10  Spencer Jansseninstance Binary Maybe
2007-01-10  Spencer Jansseninstance Binary IntMap, IntSet; use fromDistinctAscList...
2007-01-10  Don Stewartadd a high level interface, refactor
2007-01-10  Don Stewartsimplify some basic instances
2007-01-10  Spencer Jansseninstance Binary Array, UArray
2007-01-10  Lennart KolmodinLazy ByteString instance
2007-01-10  Lennart KolmodinByteString instance
2007-01-10  Spencer Jansseninstance Binary Char
2007-01-10  Spencer Jansseninstance Binary Map, Set
2007-01-10  Don Stewartadd some tuple instances
2007-01-10  Lennart KolmodinExport put and get from the Binary class
2007-01-10  Spencer JanssenFix instance Binary [a].
2007-01-10  Don StewartA more efficient instance for [a]
2007-01-10  Don Stewartwibbles
2007-01-10  Don StewartUse Binary/binary