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2018-06-07  Daniel CasanuevaMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2018-06-07  Lennart KolmodinMerge pull request #147 from int-index/fix-ci
2018-06-07  Vladislav ZavialovFix CI
2016-06-01  Lennart KolmodinMerge branch 'pr/float-double-instances'
2016-05-30  Lennart KolmodinMerge branch 'pr/monoid-semigroup-instances'
2016-05-28  Lennart KolmodinMerge pull request #115 from bgamari/needless-copies
2016-05-28  Lennart KolmodinFix generic-bench build error on GHC 8.0.1.
2016-05-25  Lennart KolmodinMerge pull request #116 from bgamari/inline-tuple-instances
2016-05-25  Lennart KolmodinUpdate generics-bench to use Cabal == 1.24.*
2016-05-01  Lennart KolmodinRemove old CPP
2016-04-19  Lennart KolmodinRemove Num constraint.
2016-04-16  Lennart KolmodinAdd Double to Put benchmark.
2016-04-16  Lennart KolmodinUse monoid in Put benchmark.
2016-04-12  Lennart KolmodinFix compilation error for GHC < 7.10.
2016-04-11  Lennart KolmodinSilence warning.
2016-04-11  Lennart KolmodinAdd small Generics bench to the Put benchmark suite.
2016-04-09  Lennart KolmodinCompare Put with Data.ByteString.Builder in put benchmark.
2016-04-03  Lennart KolmodinAdd new benchmark suite for encoding.
2016-04-03  Lennart KolmodinMerge branch 'pr/bytestring-builder'
2016-03-27  Ben GamariMove to bytestring Builder
2015-12-20  Lennart KolmodinMerge pull request #84 from phadej/fixed
2015-11-15  Alexey KhudyakovMerge branch 'master' into signed-int
2015-11-11  Lennart KolmodinRemove duplicate Binary instance of Version.
2015-11-11  Lennart KolmodinMerge branch 'phadej/version'
2015-10-06  Lennart KolmodinMerge pull request #86 from basvandijk/optimize-roll
2015-09-28  Bas van DijkOptimize roll by using foldl' instead of foldr
2015-08-14  Lennart Kolmodinbenchmark builder: Specify Int as we otherwise default...
2015-08-14  Lennart KolmodinRemove unused import.
2015-08-14  Lennart KolmodinConditionally include Data.Monoid for older GHC versions.
2015-08-14  Lennart KolmodinConditionally include <$> for older GHC versions.
2015-08-13  Lennart KolmodinAdd benchmark for Generic generated Binary instances.
2015-08-09  Lennart KolmodinStructure the benchmarks in the the "get" bench in...
2015-08-09  Lennart KolmodinChange the non-allocating benchmarks to allocating.
2015-08-09  Lennart KolmodinSilence some warnings in benchmarks/Get.hs
2015-06-03  Lennart KolmodinMerge branch 'instance-fingerprint' of https://github...
2015-05-30  Lennart KolmodinRemove obsolete index.html, Makefiles.
2014-09-25  Lennart KolmodinMerge pull request #59 from hvr/pr-ghc-base
2014-09-25  Lennart KolmodinConditionally instantiate NFData depending on bytestrin...
2014-09-25  Lennart KolmodinGHC < 7.6 fails when hiding a function that doesn't...
2014-09-25  Lennart KolmodinFix compilation issue with criterion-1.
2013-03-05  Lennart KolmodinAdd a Cereal bracket test.
2013-03-01  Lennart KolmodinOnly run bracket bench on 100kb of brackets.
2013-02-28  Lennart KolmodinFix the benchmark.
2013-02-28  Lennart KolmodinClean up <|> benchmark.
2013-02-23  Lennart KolmodinAdd all files to binary.cabal
2013-02-20  Lennart KolmodinUpdate benchmark. Add cereal and attoparsec for comparison.
2012-11-01  Lennart KolmodinMinor cleanup in Builder benchmark.
2012-10-23  Lennart KolmodinImplement NFData for Lazy ByteStrings
2012-10-06  Lennart KolmodinNo need to recompile everything each time for system...
2012-10-04  Lennart KolmodinCleanup that also gave a nice speed improvement.
2012-09-27  Lennart KolmodinAdd benchmarks to .cabal
2012-09-16  Lennart KolmodinMerge branch 'cps'
2012-09-16  Lennart KolmodinMake the get benchmark compile with GHC 7.6.1.
2012-09-16  Lennart KolmodinMake the builder test compile on GHC 7.6.1.
2012-07-15  Lennart KolmodinStart on a criterion benchmark for the Get monad.
2012-04-22  Lennart KolmodinFor system-bench, disable any user package configs.
2012-04-22  Lennart KolmodinRemove -fasm flag from benchmark, it's default anyway.
2012-04-21  Lennart KolmodinMerge branch 'master' into cps
2011-05-02  Johan TibellMake it easier to set GHC flags in benchmark
2011-05-02  Johan TibellMerge branch 'master' of
2011-03-31  Johan TibellAdd benchmark for writing small length-prefixed ByteStrings
2011-03-31  Johan TibellConvert some Put monad benchmarks into Builder benchmarks
2011-03-31  Johan TibellForce bench data before running benchmarks
2011-03-30  Johan TibellAdd benchmark for strict ByteStrings
2011-03-30  Johan TibellRemove HeapUse benchmark as it no longer works
2011-03-30  Johan TibellCleaned up benchmark Makefile
2011-03-30  Johan TibellRemove no longer used benchmark and code
2011-03-30  Johan TibellMove benchmarks to a dedicated directory
2011-03-30  Johan TibellAdd benchmark that directly exercises D.B.Builder