WHNF the tail of a bytestring on decodeFile, will close the resource
[packages/binary.git] / binary.cabal
2008-08-25  Don StewartWHNF the tail of a bytestring on decodeFile, will close...
2008-05-09  Don Stewartcrank up flags
2008-04-22  Duncan Coutts-fallow-undecidable-instances really is a ghc option...
2008-04-17  Don Stewarttypos, spotted by Jim Teisher
2008-02-14  Don Stewartbump version
2007-12-22  Spencer JanssenUse cpp-options rather than ghc-options where necessary
2007-12-15  Spencer JanssenAdd Applicative instances for PutM and Get
2007-11-28  Don Stewartpoint to in-tree homepage
2007-10-21  Lennart KolmodinBump version to 0.4.1
2007-10-16  Duncan CouttsPortability fixes for ghc-6.4.2, ghc-6.6.1
2007-10-14  Lennart KolmodinFix typo in .cabal
2007-10-06  Don Stewarttested with 6.8 only
2007-10-06  Don Stewartmore text
2007-10-06  Don Stewartbinary 0.4
2007-10-06  Don Stewartremove -Werror, interacts with -fhpc
2007-10-06  Don Stewartrequires new bytestring
2007-10-05  Don Stewartupdate .cabal file
2007-03-27  Lennart KolmodinBump version
2007-03-24  Lennart KolmodinWe don't use FFI any more
2007-02-14  Don Stewartadd homepage, and expand description
2007-01-25  Don Stewartmake it sdist check clean
2007-01-25  Don Stewartadd readme to sdist
2007-01-18  Don Stewartwibble
2007-01-18  Duncan CouttsUnwap the mtl stuff, drop mtl dependency
2007-01-16  Don StewartMove Builder back into its own module. Its useful just...
2007-01-16  Don StewartTune to beat NewBinary
2007-01-15  Don StewartUse Builder
2007-01-14  Don Stewartmerge
2007-01-14  Don Stewartuse unpack instead of -funbox-strict-fields
2007-01-14  Lennart KolmodinComments about GHC 6.4, differences in parsing
2007-01-12  Don Stewart-funbox-strict-fields
2007-01-12  Don Stewartcomments only. and use MPTCs flag
2007-01-12  Don StewartPort to Hugs !
2007-01-12  Lennart KolmodinDisable the rules for now
2007-01-12  Don StewartAdd -Wall -O -Werror
2007-01-11  Don StewartChange the types to Put and Get, hence: put :: t -...
2007-01-11  Don Stewartuse GetM/PutM instead
2007-01-10  Don Stewartadd license
2007-01-10  Don Stewartadd some tuple instances
2007-01-10  Don Stewartwibbles
2007-01-10  Don StewartUse Binary/binary