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2014-03-24  Austin SeippMark Data.Coerce as Unsafe (#8827)
2014-03-16  Joachim BreitnerImport Coercible from GHC.Types
2014-03-13  Simon Peyton JonesAdd shiftR and shiftL implementations to instance Bits...
2014-03-01  Herbert Valerio... Workaround failed constant-folding for zeroBits
2014-03-01  Herbert Valerio... Tweak Haddock comments in `Data.Ord.Down` added in...
2014-03-01  Herbert Valerio... Tweak documentation and update changelog.md
2014-02-28  Austin SeippAdd some instances for Monoid/Applicative (#8797)
2014-02-28  Austin SeippCreate Data.Coerce (#8745)
2014-02-28  Herbert Valerio... Add new Data.Bits.Bits(zeroBits) method
2014-02-25  Herbert Valerio... Tweak Haddock markup in Data.Typeable
2014-02-25  Jose Pedro MagalhaesLanguage extension wibble (see #8813)
2014-02-25  Jose Pedro MagalhaesProvide Typeable1..7 as type synonyms (see #8813)
2014-02-21  Herbert Valerio... Minor fixes to Haddock markup
2014-02-21  Herbert Valerio... Fix typo in documentation of Data.Functor.($>)
2014-02-19  Chris DueckUse new bitwise Int# primops in Data.Bits (re #8791)
2014-02-10  Joachim BreitnerInline maximum/minium a bit more aggresively
2014-02-10  Joachim BreitnerImplement foldl with foldr
2014-01-30  Herbert Valerio... Improve Haddock markup
2014-01-29  Herbert Valerio... Add `/Since:` to `MkFixed` constructor
2014-01-01  Krzysztof LangnerImprove error messages for partial functions in Data...
2013-12-31  Edward Z. Yangs/therad/thread/
2013-12-04  Takano AkioAdd fusion RULES for mapMaybe
2013-11-24  Herbert Valerio... Add `instance {Bits,FiniteBits} Bool`
2013-11-01  Herbert Valerio... Add a couple of `/Since:` annotations
2013-10-31  Richard EisenbergAdd new module Data.Type.Bool, defining &&, || and...
2013-10-28  Richard EisenbergApply Gabor Lehel's suggestions.
2013-10-28  Richard EisenbergName change `CoercionT` to `CoercionType`, and addition...
2013-10-28  Richard EisenbergName changes and addition of gcastWith and (==) to...
2013-10-28  Richard EisenbergChanged export list to create better haddock. Added...
2013-10-14  Krzysztof GogolewskiAdd Show and Read instances for Data.Ord.Down
2013-10-09  Edward KmettRename (:=:) to (:~:) and add Data.Type.Coercion
2013-09-28  Herbert Valerio... Drop redundant `{-# LANGUAGE #-}` pragmas
2013-09-27  Herbert Valerio... Fix comment typo introduced in 6368362f44
2013-09-27  Austin SeippDefine typeRep in terms of new Proxy#
2013-09-25  Austin SeippAdd Foldable/Traversable instances for 'Const m'
2013-09-22  Herbert Valerio... Add Haddock `/Since: 4.5.[01].0/` comments to symbols
2013-09-21  Herbert Valerio... Add Haddock `/Since:` comments to symbols
2013-09-21  Herbert Valerio... Add Haddock `/Since:` comments to new symbols
2013-09-21  Herbert Valerio... Add Haddock docs for new `class FiniteBits`
2013-09-18  Jan StolarekFollow changes in comparison primops (see #6135)
2013-09-18  Jan StolarekTrailing whitespaces
2013-09-18  Herbert Valerio... Add `{-# MINIMAL #-}` annotations to typeclasses
2013-09-17  Herbert Valerio... Make `<Typeable.h>` obsolete and refactor away its use
2013-09-17  Herbert Valerio... Constant-fold `__GLASGOW_HASKELL__` CPP conditionals
2013-09-17  Herbert Valerio... Remove Hugs98 specific code
2013-09-16  Oliver CharlesAdd Data.Bool.bool (fixes #8302)
2013-09-13  Herbert Valerio... Add `Data` instance for `Data.Version`
2013-07-31  Richard EisenbergAdd asProxyTypeOf and Trustworthy pragma to Data.Proxy
2013-07-25  Richard EisenbergEliminate Equality.hs-boot and Proxy.hs-boot by moving...
2013-07-24  Richard EisenbergImplement "TypeLevelReasoning" proposal at wiki:TypeLev...
2013-07-17  Austin SeippExpose new Word operation to swap endianness for Word...
2013-06-11  Simon Peyton JonesRevert "expose new Word operation to swap endianness...
2013-06-09  Ian Lynaghexpose new Word operation to swap endianness for Word...
2013-06-08  Ian LynaghChange a use of atomicModifyIORef to atomicModifyIORef'
2013-06-06  Ian LynaghFix import warnings
2013-06-06  Simon Peyton JonesRe-jig SOURCE imports
2013-06-02  Ian LynaghRemove some unnecessary SOURCE imports
2013-05-31  Ross Patersonadd Foldable and Traversable instances for Either a...
2013-05-07  Jose Pedro MagalhaesDerive Typeable for RealWorld and (->), now that we can
2013-04-25  Simon HengelAdd isLeft/isRight
2013-04-21  Ian LynaghAdd some more Data.Functor functions; fixes #7817
2013-02-27  Daniel FischerMerge branch 'master' into rule_fixes
2013-02-23  shelarcyFix documentation
2013-02-17  Ian LynaghRemove a redundant backwards compatibility hack
2013-02-17  Daniel FischerMerge branch 'master' into rule_fixes
2013-02-16  Ian LynaghMark DEPRECATED pragmas with when they were added
2013-02-15  Ian LynaghRemove nhc98-specific files and content
2013-02-12  Jose Pedro MagalhaesExport Proxy from Data.Typeable
2013-02-12  Jose Pedro MagalhaesImplement poly-kinded Typeable
2013-01-08  Simon Peyton JonesMerge branch 'master' of darcs.haskell.org//packages...
2013-01-03  Ian LynaghFix Data.Fixed.Fixed's Read instance; fixes #7483
2013-01-02  Ian LynaghClarify the wording of the 'insert' haddock; fixes...
2013-01-01  Ian LynaghExpose Data.Fixed.Fixed's constructor
2012-12-24  Simon Peyton JonesMake sum and product INLINABLE
2012-11-30  Ian LynaghMerge branch 'master' of darcs.haskell.org:/srv/darcs...
2012-11-30  Ian LynaghAdd dataCast* definitions to Ptr/Array Data instances...
2012-11-10  Ian LynaghUse nicer type variables in foldlM's type sig
2012-10-31  Simon Peyton JonesMerge branch 'master' of darcs.haskell.org//packages...
2012-10-31  Simon Peyton JonesReplace Rank2Types with RankNTypes
2012-10-30  Ross Patersonadd Traversable laws
2012-10-27  Ian LynaghMore type signature improvements from Bas van Dijk
2012-10-27  Ian LynaghRemove commented types in module export lists
2012-10-27  Gábor Lehelalpha-rename the type signatures of foldl, foldl',...
2012-10-25  Ian LynaghMake sure testBit and bit get inlined; fixes #7292
2012-09-29  Iavor S. DiatchkiMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2012-09-23  Ian LynaghDeprecate bitSize
2012-09-23  Ian LynaghAdd bitSizeMaybe to Bits, and add FiniteBits class
2012-09-20  Ian LynaghRemove deprecated functions from Data.Data
2012-08-05  Ian LynaghUse testBitInteger; part of #3489. patch from pumpkingo...
2012-07-26  Paolo CapriottiMerge inline rule warning fixes
2012-07-25  Paolo CapriottiFix inline rule shadowing warnings
2012-07-20  Ian LynaghRemove some deprecated modules and functions
2012-07-19  Ian LynaghMerge branch 'master' of darcs.haskell.org:/srv/darcs...
2012-07-17  Paolo CapriottiMove Down to Data.Ord (#7077)
2012-07-10  Joey AdamsAdd strict version of modifySTRef
2012-06-29  Ian LynaghDeprecate the Data.HashTable module
2012-06-21  Jose Pedro MagalhaesMove GHC.Generics to base
2012-06-05  Paolo CapriottiRe-export Fingerprint in Data.Typeable.Internal.
2012-05-27  A. Bram NeijtUpdate documentation of intersectBy
2012-05-21  Ian LynaghMove the Word type from base to ghc-prim