2018-12-18  Herbert Valerio... Declare support for base-4.13 master
2018-11-08  Alec TheriaultAdd a 'Read (UArray i e)' instance
2018-10-04  Ben GamariBump version to 0.5.3 and update changelog v0.5.3.0
2018-05-13  Chaitanya KoparkarGenerate a fresh Travis config file using the haskell...
2018-04-10  Ryan ScottBump upper bound on base to < 4.13
2018-03-19  David FeuerRemove compatibility with GHC <8
2017-09-15  Ben GamariBump upper bound on base
2017-07-03  Herbert Valerio... Prepare for release v0.5.2.0
2017-05-01  Ben GamariExport unsafeFreezeIOUArray
2017-04-30  Herbert Valerio... Drop support for GHC prior to GHC 7.8
2017-04-02  Ben GamariT9220: Only examine type roles
2017-03-31  Ben GamariFix expected output for T229 on 32-bit machines
2017-03-26  Ben GamariT229: Fix name of WORD_SIZE macro
2017-03-26  Ben GamariT229: Enable -XCPP
2017-03-25  Ben GamariT229: Rework to pass on 32-bit machines
2017-03-10  Simon Peyton... Update test output to track GHC head
2017-02-14  Ben GamariAdd arcconfig
2017-02-09  Ben GamariUpdate test output for T229
2017-02-09  Ben GamariFix and simplify handling of Bool arrays
2017-02-07  Oleg GrenrusAdd diagnostics to overflow errors
2016-12-26  Ben GamariFix overflow check
2016-12-15  Ben GamariUpdate changelog and bump version to
2016-12-15  Ben GamariData.Array.Base: Check for overflow in size calculations
2016-11-15  Ben GamariBump upper bound on base
2016-07-08  Bartosz NitkaUpdate a testcase before GHC change
2016-04-17  Herbert Valerio... Bump version to and update changelog v0.5.1.1
2016-04-17  Herbert Valerio... Migrate to @since markup syntax
2015-12-23  Ben GamariUpdate testsuite for frozen callstacks
2015-12-15  Ben GamariUpdate testsuite for D1617
2015-11-04  Simon MarlowUpdate output
2015-10-28  Herbert Valerio... Relax upper bound on `base` to allow GHC8/base-4.9
2015-10-21  Thomas MiedemaDon't needlessly call bounds in Data.Array.Base.elems...
2015-08-06  Eric Seidelupdate output for tests/T2120
2015-07-30  Thomas MiedemaTestsuite: array001 is working again
2015-07-18  Thomas MiedemaTestsuite: mark array001 expect_broken_for(#10659,...
2015-04-07  Simon Peyton... Error message wibble following module suppression
2015-03-10  Herbert Valerio... Restore compatibility with GHC 7.10 v0.5.1.0
2015-03-10  Herbert Valerio... Bump minor version to
2015-01-06  Simon Peyton... Remove unnecessary import
2015-01-06  Simon Peyton... Remove redundant constraints, discovered by -fwarn...
2014-11-18  Richard EisenbergFix #9220 by adding role annotations.
2014-11-18  Richard EisenbergTest #9220 in libraries/array/tests/T9220
2014-09-21  Herbert Valerio... More forward-compat way to accomplish f7955522c45a
2014-09-18  Herbert Valerio... Adapt to Data.List/Foldable generalisation
2014-09-09  Herbert Valerio... Bump `base` constraint and convert changelog to MD
2014-06-26  Herbert Valerio... add testsuite-related gitignore entries
2013-11-08  Herbert Valerio... Untabify changelog and bump release date for ghc-7.8 array- ghc-7.8.1-release ghc-7.8.2-release
2013-11-08  Herbert Valerio... Tweak Cabal description field and update bug-reports url
2013-11-03  Herbert Valerio... Add Travis-CI script & README
2013-10-11  Herbert Valerio... Add `dist/` to `.gitignore`
2013-10-11  Herbert Valerio... Restablish compatibility with GHC 7.4.1
2013-10-11  Herbert Valerio... Add `source-repository this` and changelog file
2013-10-11  Herbert Valerio... Finally remove deprecated unsafe exports
2013-10-11  Herbert Valerio... Add `/Since:` annotations to new modules
2013-09-22  Herbert Valerio... Clean up warnings and restore GHC 7.6 compatibility
2013-09-22  Herbert Valerio... Modernize `array` package via `{-# LANGUAGE #-}` pragmas
2013-09-17  Jan StolarekFollow changes in comparison primops (see #6135)
2013-09-17  Herbert Valerio... Constant-fold `__GLASGOW_HASKELL__` CPP conditionals
2013-09-15  Herbert Valerio... Remove Hugs98 specific code
2013-09-11  Herbert Valerio... Update Git repo URL in `.cabal` file
2013-06-13  Jan StolarekComparison primops return Int# (Fixes #6135)
2013-02-19  Ian LynaghAdd "deprecated in" comments to deprecated pragmas
2013-02-15  Ian LynaghRemove nhc98-specific files and content
2013-02-07  Jose Pedro... Implement poly-kinded Typeable
2012-11-30  Ian LynaghBump base lower version to 4.5 (the version GHC 7.4...
2012-11-30  Ian LynaghBump version number following new policy
2012-11-30  Ian LynaghAdd comment to .cabal file saying what GHC 7.6.1 shippe...
2012-10-23  Gabor Greifremove deprecated pragma (eliminating warning)
2012-07-25  Paolo CapriottiFix inline rule shadowing warnings
2012-07-10  Paolo CapriottiBump version to
2012-06-20  Ian LynaghUpdate tests following changes in base
2012-02-29  Ian LynaghFollow changes in base
2012-02-26  Ian LynaghMove test array01 into the array package
2011-08-10  David TereiRemove old darcs boring file
2011-07-22  David TereiSafe'ify array library.
2011-07-22  David TereiMake formatting consistent across modules
2011-07-06  Ian LynaghBump version number ghc-7.2 ghc-7.2.1-release ghc-7.2.2-release
2011-05-08  Ian LynaghAdd a test from testsuite/tests/h98
2011-04-24  Ian LynaghFor GHC, implement the Typeable.hs macros using standal...
2011-04-08  Ian LynaghUpdate source repo location to be the git repo in ...
2011-04-05  Max BolingbrokeUse count argument in hPutArray/hGetArray. Fixes #4827
2011-04-05  Max BolingbrokeAdd initial .gitignore
2010-11-12  simonpj@microsoft.comAdd LANGUAGE BangPatterns ghc-darcs-git-switchover
2010-11-12  simonpj@microsoft.comRoll back this change; I konw a better way
2010-11-12  Ian LynaghRemove bang patterns from Data.Array.Base
2010-09-17  Ian LynaghBump version number to
2010-04-28  Ian LynaghTighten the base dep; fixes trac #3913 Haskell_2010_report_generated
2009-11-29  Ian LynaghTweak layout to work with the alternative layout rule
2009-09-20  Ian LynaghBump version to
2009-08-27  Simon Marlowimplement hGetArray/hPutArray (#3417)
2009-08-11  Ian LynaghFix "Cabal check" warnings
2009-08-02  Ian LynaghRemove Data.Array.Diff; proposal #3370
2009-07-19  Ian LynaghImprove the index checking for array accesses; fixes...
2009-07-10  Ian LynaghFix some "warn-unused-do-bind" warnings where we want...
2009-02-02  Simon MarlowUpdate for new IO library (TEMPORARY: hGetArray/hPutArr... 2009-06-25
2009-04-24  Ian LynaghUse a bang pattern when we where/let-bind values with...
2009-01-22  Ian LynaghRequire Cabal version >= 1.6
2009-01-21  Ian LynaghAdd "bug-reports" and "source-repository" info to the...
2009-01-04  Ian LynaghAvoid using IOError internals
2008-12-12  Ian LynaghBump the version number to, to work-around...