Declare support for base-4.13
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2017-04-02  Ben GamariT9220: Only examine type roles
2017-03-31  Ben GamariFix expected output for T229 on 32-bit machines
2017-03-26  Ben GamariT229: Fix name of WORD_SIZE macro
2017-03-26  Ben GamariT229: Enable -XCPP
2017-03-25  Ben GamariT229: Rework to pass on 32-bit machines
2017-03-10  Simon Peyton JonesUpdate test output to track GHC head
2017-02-09  Ben GamariUpdate test output for T229
2016-12-15  Ben GamariData.Array.Base: Check for overflow in size calculations
2016-07-08  Bartosz NitkaUpdate a testcase before GHC change
2015-12-23  Ben GamariUpdate testsuite for frozen callstacks
2015-12-15  Ben GamariUpdate testsuite for D1617
2015-11-04  Simon MarlowUpdate output
2015-08-06  Eric Seidelupdate output for tests/T2120
2015-07-30  Thomas MiedemaTestsuite: array001 is working again
2015-07-18  Thomas MiedemaTestsuite: mark array001 expect_broken_for(#10659,...
2015-04-07  Simon Peyton JonesError message wibble following module suppression
2014-11-18  Richard EisenbergFix #9220 by adding role annotations.
2014-11-18  Richard EisenbergTest #9220 in libraries/array/tests/T9220
2014-06-26  Herbert Valerio... add testsuite-related gitignore entries
2012-06-20  Ian LynaghUpdate tests following changes in base
2012-02-26  Ian LynaghMove test array01 into the array package
2011-05-08  Ian LynaghAdd a test from testsuite/tests/h98
2009-07-19  Ian LynaghImprove the index checking for array accesses; fixes...
2007-08-01  Ian LynaghRemove the rest of base to leave an "array" package
2007-07-21  Ian LynaghAdd a test for Data.Map, for a bug on the libraries...