35 hours ago  Oleg GrenrusMerge pull request #6088 from haskell/issue-6082-foldr1 master
40 hours ago  Oleg GrenrusFix #6082: Use pseudo-NonEmpty
2 days ago  Herbert Valerio... Fix breakage with base<4.8 in C.D.C.ResponseFile
5 days ago  Oleg GrenrusMerge pull request #6077 from haskell/rename-generate
5 days ago  Oleg GrenrusRename generate(s) to be greppable
7 days ago  Mikhail GlushenkovMerge pull request #6075 from codetriage-readme-bot...
7 days ago  codetriage... Add CodeTriage badge to haskell/cabal
12 days ago  Ben GamariMerge pull request #6073 from bgamari/T6068
13 days ago  Ben GamariSimple.SrcDist: Fix search for DistPref
2019-06-03  Josh MeredithMerge pull request #6063 from zw3rk/feature/response...
2019-06-02  Josh MeredithSupport recursively expanding response files, within...
2019-06-01  Oleg GrenrusMerge pull request #6065 from baig/patch-1
2019-06-01  Wasif Hasan... Update installing-packages.rst
2019-06-01  Josh MeredithRemove stderr warning message when ignoring non-existen...
2019-05-31  Josh MeredithPass `@...` as a literal argument if the response file...
2019-05-26  Erik de Castro... Merge pull request #6058 from erikd/erikd/enable-tests...
2019-05-26  Erik de Castro... Merge pull request #6057 from erikd/topic/spelling
2019-05-26  Erik de Castro... Improve error message for 'new-test' command
2019-05-26  Erik de Castro... Fix spelling error
2019-05-24  Josh MeredithMerge pull request #6055 from zw3rk/fix-datadir
2019-05-22  Josh MeredithFactor out the common paths from generated `Paths_...
2019-05-22  Josh MeredithFix the datadir path in generated `Paths_*` file to...
2019-05-17  Mikhail GlushenkovDon't expand @response-files after first '--'.
2019-05-17  Mikhail Glushenkovoutdated: Make --v2-freeze-file the preferred name.
2019-05-14  Mikhail GlushenkovFix the meta check.
2019-05-10  Mikhail GlushenkovWhitespace. [ci skip]
2019-05-10  Mikhail GlushenkovDisable all warnings in IdrisSetup.hs, we absolutely...
2019-05-10  Mikhail GlushenkovAllow network-3.1 and hashable-1.3.
2019-05-10  Mikhail GlushenkovMerge pull request #6042 from toonn/unexpected_response...
2019-05-10  Toon NoltenFix typo in "Unexpected response" message
2019-05-09  Luite StegemanFix inconsistent order of tags in file extensions in...
2019-05-08  Oleg GrenrusMerge pull request #6037 from haskell/autogen-includes
2019-05-08  Oleg GrenrusAdd autogen-includes field
2019-05-08  Oleg GrenrusMerge pull request #6040 from haskell/local-autogen...
2019-05-07  Oleg GrenrusAdd autogen include directories for inplace packages
2019-05-07  Josh MeredithMerge pull request #6025 from zw3rk/update-ghcjs
2019-05-06  Mikhail GlushenkovAdd a British spelling synonym for GeneralizedNewtypeDe...
2019-05-06  Mikhail GlushenkovMerge pull request #6020 from haskell/first-last-deprec...
2019-05-06  Josh MeredithMerge branch 'master' into update-ghcjs
2019-05-06  Mikhail GlushenkovMerge pull request #6022 from 23Skidoo/cabal-3.0-remove...
2019-05-03  Simon JakobiAdd versions of Data.Semigroup.{First,Last,Option}
2019-05-03  Mikhail GlushenkovUse tree-diff for config roundtrip tests.
2019-05-03  Mikhail GlushenkovRemove a bunch of previously deprecated stuff.
2019-05-03  Mikhail GlushenkovWhitespace.
2019-05-03  Josh MeredithMerge pull request #5996 from zw3rk/feature/response...
2019-05-03  Oleg GrenrusMerge pull request #6028 from haskell/haddock-pass...
2019-05-02  Mikhail GlushenkovMerge pull request #6023 from sboosali/master
2019-05-02  Oleg GrenrusPass --rexport for reexported-modules to haddock
2019-05-02  Josh MeredithFix unused definitions warnings
2019-05-02  Josh MeredithFix name warnings
2019-05-02  Josh MeredithRemove unused imports
2019-05-02  Josh MeredithMerge branch 'master' into update-ghcjs
2019-05-01  Josh MeredithMerge branch 'master' into feature/response-file-support
2019-05-01  Josh MeredithChangelog
2019-05-01  Josh MeredithDocument the requirement of response file support for...
2019-05-01  Josh MeredithAdd a link to base license file
2019-05-01  Sam Boosaliscleanup (bash-completion)
2019-04-30  Josh MeredithMerge pull request #5995 from zw3rk/feature/test-wrapper
2019-04-30  Mikhail GlushenkovMerge pull request #6021 from haskell/sjakobi-patch-1
2019-04-30  Josh MeredithExpand response files in cabal-install:cabal executable
2019-04-30  Josh MeredithUse GHC.ResponseFile implementation of expandResponse...
2019-04-30  Luite Stegemanupdate ghcjs support
2019-04-30  Simon JakobiWhitespace
2019-04-30  Simon JakobiSimply use Last' instead of Last
2019-04-30  Simon JakobiPR template: Fix link to coding conventions
2019-04-30  Simon JakobiStop using Data.Monoid.{First,Last}
2019-04-29  Josh MeredithFix round trip print/parse tests
2019-04-29  Josh MeredithClarify documentation
2019-04-29  Josh MeredithFix unnecessary export/dodgy import
2019-04-28  Mikhail GlushenkovMerge pull request #6018 from 23Skidoo/fix-todo
2019-04-26  Mikhail GlushenkovMerge pull request #6015 from quasicomputational/extens...
2019-04-26  Mikhail GlushenkovFix a TODO.
2019-04-26  Mikhail GlushenkovMerge pull request #5964 from tuncer/bootstrap-fix...
2019-04-26  quasicomputationalAdd EmptyDataDeriving as an Extension constructor.
2019-04-26  Josh MeredithDocumentation and changelog
2019-04-26  Josh MeredithAdd filterTestFlags
2019-04-26  Josh MeredithFix test suite compile errors
2019-04-24  Oleg GrenrusMerge pull request #6010 from haskell/changes-2019...
2019-04-24  Josh MeredithExpose test-wrapper option through the cabal-install...
2019-04-23  Oleg GrenrusSwap arguments in Newtype class, for better DeriveAnyCl...
2019-04-23  Oleg GrenrusManually implement Binary LicenseId
2019-04-23  Oleg GrenrusAdd showFields note [ci skip]
2019-04-23  Josh MeredithFix compilation error for cabal-install package
2019-04-21  Tamar ChristinaCabal: don't use normalise for copyFile on Windows...
2019-04-16  Oleg GrenrusMerge pull request #5994 from haskell/hide-read
2019-04-15  Mikhail GlushenkovUpdate docs for write-ghc-environment-files. [ci skip]
2019-04-15  Oleg GrenrusDon't export 'read': panic explicitly
2019-04-12  Mikhail GlushenkovSplit contributing guidelines into its own file. [ci...
2019-04-12  Mikhail GlushenkovREADME: add a logo. [ci skip]
2019-04-10  Moritz AngermannMore testWrapper.
2019-04-10  Moritz AngermannUpdate ProjectPlanning.hs
2019-04-10  Moritz AngermannUpdate Setup.hs
2019-04-10  Moritz AngermannSupport @response-files
2019-04-10  Moritz AngermannAdd test-wrapper option to wrap test execution
2019-04-09  Oleg GrenrusMerge pull request #5992 from haskell/support-window-8.8
2019-04-09  Oleg GrenrusAdd commented GHC-8.8.1 job to travis
2019-04-09  Oleg GrenrusExtend support-window to accomodate GHC 8.9 and HEAD
2019-04-08  Oleg GrenrusMerge pull request #5987 from haskell/doc-snewv2
2019-04-08  Oleg GrenrusConvert all new- to v2- in docs [ci skip]
2019-04-07  Oleg GrenrusMerge pull request #5985 from mpickering/disable-ghc...