2019-02-25  Oleg GrenrusMove DOCKER_REV to commit in master master
2019-02-25  Oleg Grenrusmostyclean dist and .ghc.environment
2019-02-25  Oleg GrenrusUpdate .gitlab-ci.yml
2019-02-18  Oleg GrenrusCheck versions in CI
2019-02-18  Oleg GrenrusBuild nofib-analyse with cabal v2-build
2019-01-26  Sebastian GrafAdd sgraf812 and bgamari as CODEOWNERS codeowners
2019-01-16  Sebastian Move `cabal install` instructions
2019-01-16  Sebastian GrafStabilise gen_regexp again
2019-01-16  Sebastian GrafMention symlink situation on Git for Windows in
2019-01-15  Sebastian GrafRe-enable cacheprof
2019-01-15  Sebastian GrafMake `git clean -nxd` silent after `make distclean`
2019-01-13  Abhiroop SarkarUpdate
2019-01-08  Sebastian GrafStabilise benchmarks wrt. GC
2019-01-01  Sebastian GrafDisable timer-based context switches
2019-01-01  klebinger.andreas... Move required language extensions into pragmas for...
2019-01-01  Sebastian GrafReplace mentions of {-# STRICT -#} with bangs in compress2
2019-01-01  Sebastian GrafCompare output of compress2 by hashing
2019-01-01  Ben GamariAdd continuous integration support
2018-12-30  GreifTypofix
2018-12-29  Sebastian GrafCLEAN_FILES for `reverse-complement`
2018-12-26  Sebastian GrafCompare results of compress by hashing
2018-12-22  Fangyi ZhouFix some broken links (#15733)
2018-12-21  Sebastian GrafFix parsing of maximum residency in runstdtest
2018-11-22  Sebastian GrafClean more generated files
2018-11-22  Sebastian GrafAdd binary artifacts to .gitignore
2018-11-20  Sebastian GrafFix `make clean` for `real/compress`
2018-11-14  klebinger.andreas... Adjust normal runtimes for nofib along with related...
2018-08-27  klebinger.andreas... Don't warn about tabs
2018-08-22  Sebastian GrafMake lambda fit for MFP
2018-06-20  Gabor GreifTypofix [ci skip]
2018-06-16  klebinger.andreas... Set -O2 via NoFibHcOpts instead of individual Makefiles.
2018-06-16  Matthew PickeringEliminate trailing whitespace
2018-06-16  Douglas WilsonSeveral fixes to work with ghc-head
2018-06-16  klebinger.andreas... Don't use binary output for real/eff.
2018-06-16  klebinger.andreas... Use /usr/bin/env to get perl path instead of using...
2018-05-04  Simon Peyton... Update Simon-nofib-notes
2018-02-08  klebinger.andreas... Recognize shells reporting as MINGW under windows.
2018-01-17  Ömer Sinan... Fix fannkuch-redux for GHC<=8.2
2017-12-28  Gabor Greifadd missing import
2017-10-23  Joachim BreitnerAdd digits-of-e2.faststdout
2017-10-23  Joachim BreitnerAdd digits-of-e1.faststdout
2017-10-22  Joachim BreitnerNotes: Link to #8611 (cacheprof nondeterministic)
2017-10-22  Joachim Breitnerfasta: Inline function needs to be static
2017-09-14  Joachim Breitnerfannkuch-redux: Implement Semigroup along with Monoid
2017-08-23  Gabor GreifCatch a few typos
2017-08-22  Simon Peyton... Note on cacheprof
2017-08-22  Simon Peyton... More additions to Simon-nofib-notes
2017-08-22  Simon Peyton... Add to notes
2017-08-15  Ben GamariFix CRLF handling in NoFib
2017-08-15  Ben GamariDon't use uname -o
2017-08-15  Matthew PickeringAdd State monad benchmarks by Andras Kovacs
2017-08-15  Ben Gamarigray: AMP compatibility
2017-06-07  Michal TerepetaSimplify some shootout Makefiles
2017-06-07  Ben GamariMerge remote-tracking branch 'michalt/fibon' into HEAD
2017-05-04  Michal TerepetaCreate runtime_files directory for some benchmarks
2017-05-04  Michal Terepetaspectral/mate: remove unnecessary HS_SRCS
2017-05-04  Michal Terepetaspectral/sphere: simplify Makefile
2017-05-04  Michal Terepetaspectral: enable exact-reals
2017-03-15  Michal Terepetareal/Makefile: remove OTHER_SUBDIRS
2017-03-15  Michal Terepetafibheaps/Makefile: remove some weird character
2017-03-15  Michal Terepetaspectral: temporarily disable secretary
2017-03-14  Michal TerepetaRemove fibon
2017-03-13  Michal Terepetaspectral: remove triangle
2017-03-13  Michal Terepetaspectral: remove compreals
2017-03-13  Michal Terepetareal: remove PolyGP
2017-03-13  Michal Terepetaspectral: fix secretary
2017-03-13  Michal Terepetaspectral: remove salishan
2017-03-13  Ben Gamarifibheaps: Ensure we link against array
2017-03-13  Michal Terepetaspectral: enable mate
2017-03-13  Michal Terepetareal: remove `rx`
2017-03-13  Michal Terepetareal: enable linear
2017-03-13  Michal Terepetareal/Makefile: remove the mention of ebnf2ps
2017-03-09  Joachim BreitnerSimon’s notes: Refer mailing list about binary-tree
2017-02-14  Michal Terepetareal: remove HMMS
2017-02-14  Michal Terepetareal: remove ebnf2ps
2017-02-14  Michal Terepetaspectral: revive lambda
2017-02-14  Michal Terepetaimaginary: re-enable digits-of-e{1,2}
2017-02-14  Michal Terepetaspectral: revive last-piece
2017-02-14  Michal Terepetanucleic2: removed unused files & simplify Makefile
2017-02-14  Tamar ChristinaFix nofib benchmarks on Windows.
2017-01-26  Matthew PickeringAdd .arcconfig file to allow patches by phabricator
2016-08-29  Ben GamariRemove DEFAULT_TMPDIR
2016-08-13  Peter TrommlerFix parsing cachegrind output.
2016-05-22  Seraphime KirkovskiFix: #12084 deprecate old profiling flags
2016-04-28  Joachim BreitnerDe-tab CmdLine.hs
2015-10-23  Joachim BreitnerAllow per module stats to be listed as columns in the...
2015-10-23  Joachim BreitnerResult class: Provide a way to sum results
2015-10-23  Joachim BreitnerIntroduce a short name for per-module stats as well
2015-10-23  Joachim Breitner--latex: Support per-module tables as well
2015-10-23  Joachim Breitner--csv: Support per-module tables as well
2015-10-05  Joachim BreitnerAdd a new GHC status line pattern
2015-10-02  Joachim BreitnerRevert "Expected output of mandel when run under valgrind"
2015-10-02  Joachim BreitnerExpected output of mandel when run under valgrind
2015-07-30  Gabor GreifTypos in comments
2015-04-24  Simon Peyton... Add exact-real-arithmetic benchmark from David Lester
2015-01-28  Simon MarlowUpdate output (random changes?)
2015-01-02  Edward Z. YangRemove HTML generation from nofib-analyse, dropping...
2014-12-30  Joachim BreitnerUnbreak cryptarithm2: Pass -package transformers
2014-09-29  Herbert Valerio... Add type-signature in spectral/para to help type-inf
2014-09-23  Herbert Valerio... Adapt `nofib` code to Foldable-generalised Prelude