Move required language extensions into pragmas for shootout.
[nofib.git] / shootout / reverse-complement / Makefile
2019-01-01  klebinger.andreas... Move required language extensions into pragmas for...
2018-12-29  Sebastian GrafCLEAN_FILES for `reverse-complement`
2018-11-14  klebinger.andreas... Adjust normal runtimes for nofib along with related...
2018-06-16  klebinger.andreas... Set -O2 via NoFibHcOpts instead of individual Makefiles.
2017-08-15  Ben GamariFix CRLF handling in NoFib
2017-06-07  Michal TerepetaSimplify some shootout Makefiles
2017-02-14  Tamar ChristinaFix nofib benchmarks on Windows.
2013-08-19  Austin SeippRemove -march=native from several shootout entries
2013-06-25  Austin SeippAlso fix reverse-compliment and k-nucleotide.
2013-02-08  Johan TibellPass -pthread when compiling revcomp-c.c
2013-02-06  Johan TibellAdd the reverse-complement shootout benchmark