Remove extensible-exceptions package
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2012-01-19  David TereiRevert "Move benchmarks into benchmark/ subdir."
2012-01-17  David TereiMove benchmarks into benchmark/ subdir.
2011-12-02  David TereiMerge branch 'master' of
2011-12-01  Simon MarlowTrack changes to Num superclasses
2009-12-30  Simon Marlowadd a hash-table benchmark
2010-11-11  Simon Marlowfix SUBDIRS
2010-11-11  Simon Marlowfix compile
2010-10-14  Simon Marlowadd two mutable store benchmarks
2010-10-14  Simon Marlowfix imports
2010-10-14  Simon Marlowremove ^M
2010-10-13  Simon Marlowremove -fglasgow-exts
2010-10-13  Simon MarlowUpdate all imports to use the Haskell 2010 hierarchical...
2010-08-01  Ian LynaghRemove ghc from the list of gc tests, as it has bitrotted
2010-07-10  Marco Túlio Gontij... gc/fibheaps/Makefile: Increase -K.
2010-06-25  Simon Marlowadd a -K
2010-05-26  Simon Marlowupdate sample output
2010-05-26  Simon MarlowFix for GHC 6.12: use explict Latin-1 encoding for...
2010-02-03  Simon MarlowUpdate Makefile rule following changes in RTS options
2008-11-07  Simon MarlowAdd the GC benchmark suite