Have cryptarithm2 use transformers, fixes AMP errors.
[nofib.git] / fibon /
2014-09-02  Joachim BreitnerHide Word from Prelude
2014-01-10  Gabor Greiffix some typos
2013-10-05  Krzysztof GogolewskiRemove deprecated _scc_ (#8170)
2013-02-05  Johan TibellRemoved some shootout benchmarks from under fibon
2012-03-30  David TereiSmall cleans to makefile & gitignore.
2012-03-29  David TereiFix hash and clean fibon makefile.
2012-03-29  David Tereiupdate .gitignore
2012-03-29  David TereiRemove extensible-exceptions package
2012-03-29  David TereiAdd fibon makefile
2012-03-29  David TereiUpdate .gitignore
2012-03-29  David TereiFix up debrecated lib usage in nofib.
2012-03-29  David TereiRemove fibon files
2012-03-29  David TereiSome fixes to hackage benchmarks
2012-02-27  David TereiMerge branch 'master' of darcs.haskell.org/nofib
2012-02-08  David TereiMerge branch 'master' of darcs.haskell.org/nofib
2012-01-26  David TereiAdd .gitignore
2012-01-19  David TereiRevert "Move benchmarks into benchmark/ subdir."
2012-01-17  David TereiRemove Dph benchmarks as too difficult to get working
2012-01-17  David TereiMove benchmarks into benchmark/ subdir.
2012-01-17  David TereiUpdate .gitignore
2012-01-17  David TereiFixup Hackage benchmarks.
2012-01-16  David TereiFix up Fst benchmark.
2012-01-16  David TereiAdd to .gitignore
2012-01-16  David TereiFix Laplace benchmark.
2012-01-16  David TereiFix up Repa makefile
2012-01-16  David TereiAdd Repa Volume bechmark.
2012-01-16  David TereiAdd Repa Sobel benchmark
2012-01-16  David TereiAdd repa Canny benchmark
2012-01-16  David TereiFixup repa laplace & mmult
2012-01-16  David TereiUpdate FFT3d repa benchmark.
2012-01-16  David TereiRemove fibon specific files
2012-01-16  David TereiFixup Blur
2012-01-16  David TereiRemove Fibon specific files.
2012-01-16  David TereiRemove unused Fibon config files from nofib.
2012-01-16  David TereiAdd repa benchmarks to gitignore
2012-01-16  David TereiUpdate Repa libraries (fixes Blur for now)
2010-12-02  Ben Lippmeier-XPArr is now -XParallelArrays
2010-11-18  David PeixottoAdd the fibon benchmarks