2018-02-06  Alec TheriaultDon't barf on 'HsSpliceTy' (#745) master
2018-02-06  Alec TheriaultDon't warn about missing '~' (#746)
2018-02-05  Alec TheriaultHyperlink pattern synonyms and 'module' imports (#744)
2018-02-05  Herbert Valerio... Add `SPDX-License-Identifier` as alised for "license...
2018-02-03  alexbiehlQuickJump: Mitigate encoding problems on Windows
2018-01-15  Alexander BiehlQuickjump Scrollable overlay ghc-8.-4
2018-01-07  Alec TheriaultFilter RTS arguments from 'ghc-options' arguments ...
2018-01-05  Alec TheriaultFix infinite loop when specializing instance heads...
2018-01-05  Alexander BiehlAdd grid table example to cheatsheet
2017-12-26  Oleg GrenrusGrid Tables (#718)
2017-12-25  Herbert Valerio... Include secondary LICENSE file in source dist
2017-12-24  Alec TheriaultPatch flaky parser test (#720)
2017-12-20  Oleg GrenrusAdd simple framework for running parser fixtures (...
2017-12-17  alexbiehlTake until line feed
2017-12-17  alexbiehlRemove scanner, takeWhile1_ already takes care of escaping
2017-12-17  Alexander BiehlTreat escaped \] better in definition lists (#717)
2017-12-16  alexbiehlQuickjump: Matches on function names weight more than...
2017-12-14  Alec TheriaultClickable anchors for headings (#716)
2017-12-10  Alec TheriaultUse the GHC lexer for the Hyperlinker backend (#714)
2017-11-20  Moritz AngermannDeclare use of `Paths_haddock` module in other-modules...
2017-11-14  Ryan ScottFix #548 by rendering datatype kinds more carefully...
2017-10-31  alexbiehlRemote tab
2017-10-31  Carlo HamalainenMore general type for nameCacheFromGhc. (#539)
2017-10-31  alexbiehlReexported modules: Report warnings if argument cannot...
2017-10-31  alexbiehlCopy quickjump.css for nicer error messages
2017-10-31  alexbiehlCorrect missing title in changelog
2017-10-31  Edward Z. YangSupported reexported-modules via --reexport flag.
2017-10-30  alexbiehlDecrease threshold for fuzzy matching
2017-10-30  alexbiehlAdd build command to package.json
2017-10-30  Alexander BiehlPut Quickjump behind --quickjump flag (#697)
2017-10-30  Alexander BiehlAdd QuickJump version to meta.json (#696)
2017-10-24  Veronika RomashkinaFix tiny typo in docs (#693)
2017-10-10  Tim BaumannQuick Jump: Show error when loading 'doc-index.json...
2017-10-09  Tim BaumannUse <details> element for collapsibles (#690)
2017-10-04  Merijn VerstraatenInhibit output of coverage information for hidden modul...
2017-09-23  Tim BaumannAdd compile step that bundles and compresses JS files...
2017-09-01  Alexander BiehlMake trigger link configurable (#678)
2017-09-01  Alexander BiehlRename "Search" tab to "Quick Jump"
2017-09-01  Alexander BiehlAdd missing js files to data-files (#677)
2017-09-01  Alexander BiehlUse relative URL when no docBaseUrl given
2017-08-30  Alexander BiehlWrite meta.json when generating html output (#676)
2017-08-29  alexbiehlFix test fallout (again)
2017-08-29  Alexander BiehlQuickNav: Also use baseUrl for doc-index.json request
2017-08-29  Alexander BiehlQuickNav: Make docbase configurable
2017-08-29  alexbiehlInclude subordinates in content index
2017-08-29  Paolo VeronelliRemoved `nowrap` for interface method sigs (#674)
2017-08-28  alexbiehlContent search css
2017-08-28  alexbiehlAccept tests
2017-08-28  alexbiehlLoad javascript below the fold
2017-08-28  alexbiehlAdd search button to #page-menu
2017-08-28  alexbiehlFix tests for content search
2017-08-27  alexbiehlContent search for haddock html doc
2017-08-27  Florian EggenhoferGenerate an index for package content search (#662)
2017-08-22  Ben Gamarihaddock: Add Documentation.Haddock.Markup to other...
2017-08-19  Alexander BiehlHyperlinker: Avoid linear lookup in enrichToken (#669)
2017-08-16  alexbiehlRefactoring: Make doc renaming monadic
2017-08-16  alexbiehlBifoldable and Bitraversable for DocH and MetaDoc
2017-08-06  Alexander BiehlProvide --show-interface option to dump interfaces...
2017-08-06  Alexander BiehlBump haddock-library in haddock-api
2017-08-06  Alexander BiehlBump haddock-library
2017-08-06  Tim BaumannFix: Generate pattern signatures for constructors expor...
2017-08-05  Moritz DrexlFix renaming after instance signature specializing...
2017-07-31  alexbiehlPrepare haddock-library-1.4.5 release headdock-library-1.4.5
2017-07-31  alexbiehlChangelog for haddock-library
2017-07-31  Alexander BiehlFixup haddock
2017-07-31  Alexander BiehlMove `DocMarkup` from haddock-api to haddock-library...
2017-07-27  alexbiehlBump haddock to 2.18.2, haddock-library to 1.4.5
2017-07-20  Herbert Valerio... Update README ghc-8.2 v2.18
2017-07-20  Herbert Valerio... Mention new-build in README
2017-07-20  Herbert Valerio... Add cheatsheet to haddock.cabal
2017-07-20  Herbert Valerio... Import @aisamanra's Haddock cheatsheet
2017-07-20  Alexander BiehlBeef up haddock description (#658)
2017-07-20  Herbert Valerio... Drop obsolete/misleading `stability: experimental`
2017-07-20  Herbert Valerio... haddock-api: add changelog pointing to haddock's changelog
2017-07-20  Herbert Valerio... Refactor .cabal to use sub-lib for vendored lib
2017-07-20  Herbert Valerio... Avoid trivial use of LambdaCase
2017-07-20  Herbert Valerio... Tweak haddock-api.cabal for pending release
2017-07-20  Alexander BiehlPrepare 2.18.1 release (#657)
2017-07-20  Herbert Valerio... Fix compilation of lib:haddock-library w/ GHC < 8
2017-07-17  Bryn EdwardsFix #249 (#655)
2017-07-07  Alex BiehlAvoid missing home module warning (#652)
2017-07-07  Alex BiehlRemove redudant import warning (#651)
2017-07-04  Yuji YamamotoAvoid errors on non UTF-8 Windows (#566)
2017-07-03  Yuji YamamotoFix test failures on Windows (#564)
2017-07-03  Alex BiehlDocument record fields when DuplicateRecordFields is...
2017-07-02  Bartosz NitkaFix haddock: internal error: links: UnhelpfulSpan ...
2017-06-29  Alex BiehlMake per-argument docs for class methods work again...
2017-06-23  Alex BiehlDon't include names with empty subordinates in maps...
2017-06-23  Alex BiehlLookup fixities for reexports without subordinates...
2017-06-22  Doug WilsonUse new function getNameToInstancesIndex instead of...
2017-06-09  Christiaan... Haddock support for bundled pattern synonyms (#627)
2017-06-04  Alex BiehlUse NameSet for isExported check (#632)
2017-06-03  Alex BiehlAllow user defined signatures for pattern synonyms...
2017-06-01  Alex BiehlInclude `driver-test/*.hs` sdist (#630)
2017-05-30  Alex BiehlMake haddock-library and haddock-api warning free ...
2017-05-30  Alex BiehlClear fixme comment (#625)
2017-05-27  Doug WilsonImprove Syb code (#621)
2017-05-13  Alex BiehlConsequently use inClass and notInClass in haddock...
2017-05-12  Alex BiehlHaddock: Fix broken lazy IO in prologue reading (#615)
2017-05-11  Nathan CollinsImprove documenation of Haddock markup (#614)